Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Past

When I was a kid I use to change costumes and return to the same house many times. We all did. A nice old man gave out full boxes of Cracker Jack, and in every few boxes there was slipped in a two dollar bill! Lots of money back then. 

The nice old man was Sam Giancanna!

Use the link and you will know why this story is not just some boring Halloween story. There is a scary aspect to it when you find out who he was.

Heath Care Costs Hit Hard

Please pressure your congressional representative and BOTH SENATORS to pass Health Care Reform with a public option. SAG is officially behind this, and for good reason. Variety reports on the declining coverage and increaseing cost of all Hollywood industry health care plans.

The largest single expense in the US military budget is health care costs. For many Americans is has reached twenty five percent or more of their budget, at the expense of house and home in many cases.

President Obama has posted the official White House stand on reform.

The New York Times has an overview of where health care reform is headed, and the current plans (more than one currently) history to date.

If you wish to do your part, the time to contact represenatatives is now!

Representative Dina Titus (D)

Representative Dean Heller (R)

Representative Shelley Berkley (D)

And other members of the US House of Representatives

Senator John Ensign (R)

Senator Harry Reid (D) 

All Us Senators 

For those who do not know, I am the current chair for Nevada for SAG Legislative Committee and serve on the national committee.

-Art Lynch

Friday, October 30, 2009

Actors Directory Links

Actors Directory part I (as of 10-31-09)

Acting Classes (shameless promotion)

Nevada Market overview

Gettimg Stared in Acting.

On Actors and Acting.

Basic Auditioning notes.

Agents and Good Practice.

A Talent Agent's Day.

Nevada SAG Franchised Talent Agents.

How to land an agent.


Casting Directors.

Nevada agents, casting and the truth about the market.

Background Extras Casting for Nevada

Las Vegas Theater Directory (partial)

New Technology: mobisodes and webisodes

Scholarships for Filmakers with Disabilities

Variety reports on scholarships for filmmakers with disabilities.

A current report from SAG shows that diveristy is still lacking in some key areas.

For information on SAG and performers with disabilities contact

Nevada SAG Council member Arttours Weeden serves on the National SAG Performers with Disabilities committee.

Product Placement

Product integration is blurring the lines between commercial and theatrical acting, an issue that the the SAG New Technology Committee, Wages and Working Conditions Committee, Negotiating Committees and the National Board have been tackling for years, and could play in the next round of contract discussions.

Backstage looks at the issue from an actors perspective.

The craft of acting page one in Thursday NY Times

A controversy in a stage company led to a page 1 feature on an imporant part of the craft of acting in Thursdays New York Times.

and the rest of the story (one bloggers view).

Happy PC Halloween

No light sabers, guns, scary masks or fake blood please.

The PCing of Halloween is a cover story in this mornings New York Times.

Actors, have a great time this weekend showing those amateurs how it is done on Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LA gets new full blown studio from Disney

Variety reports that Disney-ABC will invest heavily on land they own as a back-lot and reserve facility in Santa Clarita for full blown motion picture and televison studio location. This represents an investement in California and greater LA for new techology and future productions.

Getting into an character without being "Bored to Death"

A study of how to develop a character, at least part of the process, can be found on KCRW's The Treatment, this week with musician, actor, writer Jason Schwartzman. He talks about his character in HBO's "Bored to Death," networking in Hollywood, respecting the work other artists have put into the work you are performing and getting into the head of the character and the center of the work.

Nevada SAG Newsletter Submissions Sought ASAP

Brothers & Sisters,

      The Nevada SAG newsletter is and excellent way to communicate to fellow SAG members.  We can express concern for a particular issue, thank people for their efforts, blow off steam, etc.  The newsletter is open to all SAG members to make a contribution to their union via thoughts, feelings and ideas.  The information below is how one may submit a piece for our newsletter.

 MS Word document attachment to or to

Yours in solidarity,
Charlie Di Pinto

Additional note from the editor. Keep in mind that the issue must apply to the Nevada Branch and the letter will be reviewed by staff in Los Angeles as well as the editor and executive in Nevada. Content, including photographs, would be very welcome. SAG Nevada Branch members only, please. 


Must have Nevada Branch value
Must reinforce or support unionism
May cover any topic that meets the above
Subject to editorial decisions by editor and staff
Photos of publishble quality welcome.

Back Stage - An Actor's Publication

Back Stage West / Dramalogue is a source for information about the Los Angeles and western US markets. They provide a guide to legitimate theaters in Los Angeles, LA acting schools and coaches, along with many other resources.  Back Stage is listed in the links on the right hand side of this blog, along with Variety, Hollywood Reporter and other resources. Scan down for additional links.

Feel free to provide additional resources by responding to this post or by emailing Art Lynch.

Interactive Split

SAG Watch says while other regions accepted contract, SAG Hollywood rejected Interactive Contract. AFTRA has sent the contract to their membership who work the video game contract wtih a "do pass" recommendation.

The final national tally of the very small percentage of members who work the contract who showed up for the meeting soundly defeated the contract, and will send it back to the drawing board with management. If AFTRA members pass the agreement, then Interactive could migrate to the AFTRA coffers.

Variety's report...

SAG WATCH's take:

Player SAG Exit Game? Clicks Yes

We’re hearing that although the vote was unanimous in favor everywhere, in Hollywood, the number of members who braved the wind and power outages to attend the ratification caucus was enough to overwhelm the rest of the country, and the proposed contract has been rejected. The unofficial tally of the vote in Hollywood was 73-9 against.
In San Francisco, the branch where almost half the work is done, only two members showed up at the meeting. Both voted in favor, but the Hollywood numbers swamped the rest of the country.
AFTRA’s ratification vote will be electronic, with affected members getting their materials in the next week or so.

Note from A Voice Actor on SAG Video Game Contract

While there is little to no opportunity in Nevada to work this contract, the cutting edge of Interactive (mostly video games at this point) is a battleground, potentially between AFTRA and SAG for jurisdiction. That contract is up for a caucus vote by SAG and a "working" membership vote by AFTRA. The contracts are separate and not joint.

From a SAG members who works the Interactive Contract:

Hi, for anybody reading this who doesn't know me, my name's Phil LaMarr.  I'm a SAG/AFTRA member who does a good amount of voice work for video games. I've attended the SAG Interactive meeting in Sept. and I was on the AFTRA interactive steering committee where I voted against this proposal.  I'm not going to able to make the meeting Tuesday so I wanted to say why I changed my mind and decided to support this agreement.

At first, I opposed it because it was clear that the atmospheric voices provision was of great benefit to the producers and I questioned whether we were getting anything of value in return. After looking at the details and history of this, I'm convinced that we are getting more and giving less than many of us have been led to believe.

We get: contracts that end together and that only last 15 months.

Synchronized contracts that end in less than a year and a half may not be glamorous, but they are HUGE benefits to us. They keep the unions from continuing to be played against each other. Also, we can start to see the effect of this atmospheric voice category and address any problems in 15 months instead of 2 or 3 years.

Now, some people in both unions are floating the idea that we can make adjustments to the atmos. voice provision or vote it down then tweak it. Unfortunately, that is not true. SAG was negotiating alone and they hit a wall. At that point SAG, AFTRA and the producers decided to have a joint OFF-THE-RECORD discussion and the producers agreed that this was an all-or-nothing deal. If we vote "Yes" it becomes "on-the-record." If we say "NO" this goes away - completely. SAG goes back to the terms that were on the table when they halted their talks (including an Atmos. VO proposal asking for non-union actors and unlimited word counts) and they try to bargain up from there.

As for the plan that we vote this down then start joint SAG-AFTRA negotiations - that's a fantastic idea except the producers have to agree to negotiate these two separate contracts together. They might, but why would they? They wouldn't agree to it BEFORE we rejected the result of 5 mos. of negotiations - why would they now? They want us staggered and imbalanced, I think the only reason they agreed to joint off-the-record talks was for the chance to get the atmos. VO provision into the AFTRA contract 6 months early.

That is all pretty complex so I'll put it more simply - if we walk away from this we walk into separate negotiations with even WORSE terms.

Now, the other thing that made me consider ratifying this was taking a closer look at the Atmospheric Voice Proposal.

A lot of people are unaware of the protections included. There's seems to be some confusion about the 300 word limit. People are multiplying by 20 characters and conveniently forgetting that the character has to be able to say a maximum of 300 words WITHOUT advancing the story.  These are minor, incidental characters - the hooker in the car in GTA. If you're voicing a major character they can't tack on atmospheric ones, they have to bring you in for a separate session. And if somehow you're able to do 20 distinct characters who have 300 words each the producers still have to fit that into ONE FOUR HOUR SESSION. And if they want "unlimited" voices? STILL ONE FOUR HOUR SESSION. I think they're creating a category that they will be hard-pressed to maximize.

Some people have expressed reservations about vagueness and potential abuses - that's the same thing we deal with now. When I voice a palace guard who THEN happens to go to the village inn and get drunk and THEN gets really scared when the market is attacked, who's kidding who?  Those are effectively 3 different characters - I'm being "abused." At least now it'll be above board.

And frankly, there's nothing in this agreement with as much potential for lowering our collective earnings as the 1 hr/ 1 voice & 6 hr/ 6-10 voice clauses that have been in our current agreement for years. We managed those and I have faith that we can manage the difficulties in this new category too. Especially with this many of us active and engaged.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My aim is not that people agree with my conclusions but that they have all the facts when they come to their own.
If anyone has any questions, corrections or comments please feel free to email me at

Have fun storming the castle!

Phil LaMarr

Please feel free to forward to anyone who might have questions about the agreement.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ken Howard, There's A New Sheriff In Town (FOX Business)

Thank you Nevada SAG President Steve Dressler for unearthing this October second interview with then newly elected SAG National President Ken Howard...titled "There's a new sheriff in town."

Monday, October 26, 2009

The business, Wild Things and Community

The Business on KCRW (link in right hand column) featured changes in Hollywood, marketing for "Where the Wild Things Are" and the creation of NBC's "Community."

A summary and review are linked below, or go to the actual program and listen. It worth the time as a weekly habit for those interested in "the industry."

The business, Wild Things and Community

Help needed for fun film festival

An opportunity to meet filmmakers, learn more about the filmmaking process, lean the festival industry at a low pressure entry level, get your work known and have fun it he process.

Seeking interns interested in marketing, organization and execution of a film festival. The Dam Short Film Festival is seeking volunteers.

Contact the festival office at 702-447-4747.

Screeners needed to review films and evaluate them prior to decision on admission to festival.

Help catagorizing and filing films.

Help in publicy and dealing with the press.

Help updating industry listings.

Help with the festival screenings.

Help in the hospitality suites.

From data entry to meet and great, use the skills you have doing only what you choose to do.

Volunteers are needed now. The festival is the weekend prior to Valentines Day in Boulder City, based at Desie Arnaz  Jr.'s historic Boulder Theater and the equally historic Boulder City Hotel.

Casting bias against the disabled and other groups

Casting bias by age, gender, race, ethnicity and disability remain problems for actors. SAG and the industry are making some progress in most areas, but one are that is lagging behind is in the area of performers with disabiliites, as the SAG report linked indicates. The report includes statistics on other groups and trend data.

Nevada branch local member on the Performers With Disabilities National Committee is council member Arttours Weeden. Contact Arttours through the SAG office at

Censorship kills Facebook

Chinese Censorship of the Internet takes it toll on international favorites like Facebook. In a country of well over a billion consumers, only 14,000 subscribers remain.

Do we take freedom of speech and Internet access for granted?

Will a closed society like China be the next full superpower?

What can the US to to ensure democracy, freedom of speech and a free marketplace are maintained in the new international economy? Or should we do anything?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Screenings of Oscar and SAG Award contenders

Free screening with your Screen Actors Guild cards. Some require RSVP's. All are outside of Las Vegas, but could be a part of a planned or special trip.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SAG Awards Schedule Announced

The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will air on Turner Network Television (TNT) and the Turner Broadcast System (TBS) on Saturday, January 23, 2010. There may be a red carpet pre-awards show and possible rebroadcast added to the schedule for the broadcast.

Submissions by filmmakers will close on October 28th, 2009.

SAG members will be selected at random to judge television or film categories as pre-screeners.

The notifications will be announced on Thursday, December 17, seen live on TNT at 9 AM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will salute SAG’s previous SAG Life Time Achievement Award winners the day prior to the awards show, on Friday January 22nd.

8 PM/5 PM Pacific: “Tit for Tat” (1935) with Stan Laurel, honored in 1963.

8:30 / 5:30 PM Pacific: “The Out of Towners” (1969) with Jack Lemmon, who was honored in 1989.

10:15 / 7:15 PM Pacific: “A Raisin in the Sun” (1961) with Sidney Poitier who was honored in 1999.

12:30 /9:30 PM Pacific: “Last Train from Gun Hill” (1959) with Kirk Douglas, who was honored by SAG with a Life Time Achievement Award in 1998.

Following the nominations, all SAG members are invited to special screenings, free showings at local theaters or to simply cast their votes for the candidates of your choice.

So Long Soupy

Soupy Sales is dead at 83. A classic of the Golden Age of Television, the vaudville trained comic bridged two generations and lived into a third. Enshrined in the Museum of Television and Radio Hall of Fame, his now dated humor paid homage back to previous generations of burlesque and even Comadia del Arte.

Worth a second look

Recent posts worth a revisit

Some recent blog posting for review and response

Casting bias against the disabled and other groups

The Future of Theater? Live Theater on-line from London


Video is everywhere!


Free Screenings of Oscar and SAG Award contenders

Mary Ann Hebinck appears in "Mark Twain's Is He Dead"

SAG Awards Schedule Announced

Has cable news become The Munsters?


The information/communication age has a dark side


No Nevada Day or Tricksters for Hammargrin


Held by the Taliban


Tweet the News: Healthcare


Good Bye Boulder City News and Henderson Home News


Do Clark County schools prepare you to be in college?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Live Experimental Improv Video Saturday night Oct 24

Flicker Theatre
Saturday October 24, 2009
 Casting Call Entertainment
2290 E Flamingo in the lighthouse building.
6:30 p - 9p

Cost : . $5 dollars at the door with pizza and drinks provided

Influenced by the late, great cinema verite filmmaker and stage director John Cassavetes, this new experience should enable any type of performer the unique opportunity of working with a steady group of improv actors to provide wonderfully spontaneous examples of performers giving it their all on stage and on camera! Performers only have to sign up to voluntarily perform with any of the improv actors, the camera will focus mainly on the volunteer's work, and within two weeks time-- the video will appear on (including MySpace and Facebook for the option of adding the video to profiles) under the name of that actor/actress including contact information permitted by the volunteer. Any performer is encouraged to return to add onto their online video pages and can request any earlier videos to be taken off any of the sites. All you have to do is show up and we'll direct you to CREATE the show! Follow this link for more information about go to Flicker Theater, or call Casting Call Entertainment at 369-0400.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Call Now on Health Reform

As you may know SAG is supporting public option in health reform. It is asked that you contact your congressional delegation and demand a full coverage  public option in addition to reforms mandated for commercially available health insurance.

Tweet the News: Healthcare

Titter your way though the health care debate! CNN has a link sheet to some of the strongest tweets.

The links on the tweets are the value in following the trends, as they lead to primary documents and journalistic coverage of views, events and "facts".

Given students negative responses to the time spent with Twitter, I thought I would ask if content and instant news will increase Twitter use and acceptance?

Online SAG Seminars and Videos

SAG TV is a members only access service being launched by the Screen Actors Guild on the SAG website. It will include instructional videos on benefits, contracts, career, the craft, the business, survival in New York or Hollywood and local seminars from the branches. Be patient as it is under construction and growing.

LifeRaft (one word) is a program of the SAG Foundation offering live streaming and achieved seminars on many aspects of the business. The first four test seminars are now in the achieve, with additional seminars planned to begin in January.

There are many private, non-profit and other services available on the web. Please feel free to share them with this blog by e-mailing

Litttle Theater Auditions

Las Vegas Little Theater Audition Dates for the 2009-2010 season.

Now playing David Mamet's "The Shawl."

Protection of Actors Press Conference In LA

Screen Actors Guild, California Assemblyman Paul Krekorian (D-Burbank), Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Mark Lambert, with a coalition of concerned parents, child actors, businesses and law enforcement, held a news conference this morning following the passage of recently signed legislation that will better protect consumers.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 1319
, will make it illegal for third parties to charge advance fees for talent representation services to potential actors and models. The legislation also requires talent services that advertise a clientele of famous actors maintain proof that such claims are true and make that claim available to law enforcement for inspection. The legislation was authored by Assemblymember Krekorian, written by Deputy City Attorney Lambert and co-sponsored by Screen Actors Guild and the Better Business Bureau.

SAG President Ken Howard, Secretary Treasurer Amy Aquino and National Executive Director David White were also present.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Auditions for All Shook Up, stage LV

ALL SHOOK UP (the Las Vegas Premiere)
Non-Union Casting call
Signature Productions, Las Vegas, NV

Choreography by KEITH DOTSON

The music is all Elvis, the story is all new! Join us as Signature Productions presents the Las Vegas premiere of the new musical ALL SHOOK UP. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic comedy, Twelfth Night, ALL SHOOK UP is a madcap romp though the nineteen fifties featuring hit songs made famous by the King himself, Elvis Presley. A sleepy, tired town in need of excitement, star crossed lovers, mistaken identities, blue suede shoes and fresh but faithful takes on your favorite Elvis tunes propel the non-stop fun that’s bound to get you ALL SHOOK UP!

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, November 10th and Wednesday, November 11th at 7:30pm and Saturday November 14th at 1:30pm. A dance call will also be held on Saturday November 14th at 4:00pm. Please see below for a breakdown of the audition days and times. Auditions are held on a first come, first serve basis unless you have made an appointment. If you would like to make an appointment please email Steve Huntsman at

Non traditional casting will be considered. All actors, singers and dancers ages 16 & up are encouraged to audition. Please visit for a character breakdown as well as requirements for principal roles. If you are a dancer but you do not sing, you only need to come to the dance call.
If you are unable to attend the auditions or the dance call, please let us know so we can make other arrangements to see you. You may also submit your audition via video by email, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

For the audition, please prepare a 50/60’s Rock & Roll song that best displays your voice. Please be sure to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided. Tapes, CD’s or any tracks will not be accommodated in the auditions. You may be asked to sing additional material. Please bring a headshot, resume and conflicts for January through the end of April.

All auditions will be held at NEVADA BALLET THEATRE (Studio 7)
located at 1651 Inner Circle Dr. 89134
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10th - 7:30pm Audition
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th - 7:30pm Audition
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th - 1:30pm Audition 4:00pm Dance Call


Callbacks will be held on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20th & SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21st by invitation only.
Rehearsals will begin around January 1st. The show opens on MARCH 22nd and runs through APRIL 24th. We are not currently offering any equity contracts. There is no pay.

Please visit or for more information.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

David White continues as NED

David White will continue as the National Executive Director of the Screen Actors Guild, extended to January 24, 2012. The rest of the details are confidential, with details out shortly in a SAG press release.

I can tell you that the opposition was Membership First, so the release that appeared in SAG WATCH must have come from Membership First to put their spin on things (read the first few sentences).

SAG's official release came out an hour and a half after SAG Watch had posted the results, posted one hour after the actual vote.

Later in the day published their story on-line.

SAG roles and background for CSI

Wildstreak Entertainment is looking for Background talent plus two SAG roles"







Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nevada SAG members step for national committee service

Only one or two branches have more members serving on national committees of the Screen Actors Guild as member and alternates then Nevada. 

Twelve Nevada members will serve on national committees and task forces for the next year.

Earlier this year an electronic survey was sent by SAG National asking for membership to volunteer for national, regional and local committees. Those who responded were passed on to each committee chair or co-chair for consideration.

SAG National Committees and Task Forces are populated using a strict proportional representation by division of the branch. The number of committee members is limited with specific numbers selected based on a formula set by the number of SAG members living in each of the tree divisions. There are limits placed on both voting and alternate positions.The size of each committe may vary, so some committees are larger with deep alternate pool while othere may have much smaller numbers with a fixed small number of alternates.

The National Chair is selected by the president of the union from the three co-chairs, one from each of the three divisions (Hollywood, The Regional Branches and New York). These co-chairs are most often the elected chairs for the related division committee, where those committees are created. The co-chair may appoint a vice chair for each division. Committee divisional co-chairs are elected by their division and are entrusted with populating their own committees. The list is then ratified by that division board and the later by the National Board of Directors.

All Task Force members are appointed and named by the national president, with recommendations from the national chairs, also selected by the presidents.

As the elected member of the national board, my position involved actively working within the Guild Government structure and networking on a national basis for Nevada, the branches and the national membership. I serve, in once capacity of another, on 12 committees or task forces.

I have been elected to the Regional Branch Division Executive Committee.

I was appointed co chair of the national new technologies committee, and selected as vice chair of the National Conservatory committee.

I am a voting member of the Right To Work, Casting On Line, Background, Communication and Honors and Tributes committees. I serve as an alternate on the National Organizing, Legislative, Voice Over and Young Performers committees.

It is important to note that I was drafted for most of these posts by the national president and/or the Regional Branch Division Board for most of these positions. What I learn from working on the committees will be used for the benefit of Nevada membership.

Branch President Steve Dressler serves as a voting member of the president’s caucus and the Division Rulers of Procedure committee. He is an alternate on the Guild Government Review committee and the National Conservatory.

Nevada Branch Secretary Adrienne Garcia Mann has rejoined the National Conservatory Committee as an alternate.

Nevada SAG Treasurer Kim Renee continues her long time service as a voting member of the Young Performers and Stunt and Safety committees. She is also an alternate on the National Legislative Committee.

Council member Charlie DiPinto is an alternate on the National Comedians Caucus.

Council member Rick Rockne is an alternate on commercial performers, the SAG-AFTRA Relations, Right to Work and Commercial Performers ommittees or task forces.

Council member Scott Mirne has joined the Right to Work Task Force as an alternate.

Council member Arttours Weeden is a voting member of Performers With Disabilities and an alternate on the Financial Core Task Force.

Former council member Lollo Siebert is joined by member Ted Lewinski as alternates on the New Technologies Committee.

 Member Cipriana is an alternate on the National Conservatory Committee.

Member Don Owens is an alternate on the AFTRA-SAG Relations Committee and the SAG Indy Committee.

All branch members serving on regional or national committees are automatically on the local equivalent committee, where on exists. If you wish to serve on or creative a committee at the local level, please contact Nevada Branch President Steve Dressler at, or contact Nevada SAG Executive Steve Clinton at

Thank you;

Art Lynch

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBQ Governor Campaign Kick Off

May Ann Hebinck passed along the above is worth a free feed.

SAG members be sure to bring your SAG legislagtive agenda "hats".

Monday, October 12, 2009

Las Vegas Theater


Theater Companies and Cultural Centers
(a partial listing)

Any theater companies, auditions, notes or suggestions are appreciated.

Charleston Heights Arts Center
800 South Brush, Las Vegas, NV, 89107  (702) 229-6383.
375-seat theatre with a 30’x35’ proscenium stage, a 60’x150’ ballroom, a conference room and a 20’x30’ art gallery.

Clark County (Flamingo) Library

1401 E. Flamingo, Las Vegas  NV  89154  (702) 607-3400
Main and Jewel Box Theaters

Clark County Government Center Amphitheater
500 South Grand, Las Vegas  NV  89106  458-8300

Community College of Southern Nevada Performing Arts Center
3200 East Cheyenne Avenue, Phone: 702-651-5483
Horn Theater and Little Theater

East Las Vegas Community/Senior Center
250 North Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89101, (702) 229-1515
Ballroom; multipurpose room; pottery, recording and dance studios; computer resource lab; aerobics room; class and conference rooms; and commercial kitchen. Geared to surrounding Latino neighborhoods.

Jade Productions
(702) 263-6385  Est. 1999, various venues

Nevada Dance Theatre / Nevada Ballet Theater
1555 East Flamingo Road  (702) 732-3838

Nevada Opera Theater

4080 Paradise Rd # 15
Las Vegas, NV 89169-4836
(702) 238-0986

Off Broadway Theater 
900 Karen Avenue  (702) 737-0611
Acting classes available also.

Las Vegas Little Theater
3850 Schiff Drive  (702) 362-7996
Est. 1978. Acting classes available also.

Rainbow Company Children’s Theater
The Rainbow Company
821 Las Vegas Blvd., North
Las Vegas, NV 89101
tel (702) 229-6553 - fax (702) 382-5199
Reed Whipple Box Office:  (702) 229-6211
Charleston heights Box Office:  (702) 229-6383

Reed Whipple Cultural Center (Home of Rainbow Children’s Theater Company) 821 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Las Vegas, NV  89101 
(702) 229-6211.
300-seat multi-purpose theatre with lighting and sound and a 45’x24’ proscenium stage; 80-seat studio theatre; a 40’x60’ dance meeting rooms, conference rooms, arts and crafts room, pottery studio and an  art gallery.

Signature Theater
(content information pending)

Summerlin Library & Performing Arts Center
1771 Inner Circle  Las Vegas  NV  89134  (702)256-5111

Super Summer Theater
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
PO Box 81947
Las Vegas, NV, 81980-1947

Theatre in the Valley
812 San Gabriel Avenue, Henderson NV 702-558-7275

University of Nevada Performing Arts Center
For College Theater / Music / Dance programs students and community patronage.
4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas (702) 895-3535
Artemus W. Ham, opened 1976.  1870 seating capacity, lobby, green room, dressing room, production offices, no rigging.
Judy Baley Theater, opened 1972.  500 seating, proscenium stage, green room, dressing rooms, rigging system.
Black Box Theater, small flexible venue, movable tiered seating for various stage configurations such as theater in the round.

West Las Vegas Arts Center
947 West Lake Mead Boulevard., Las Vegas, NV, 89106  (702) 229-4800.
Dance and music studios, an arts and crafts room, community gallery and conference room, offers a variety of classes and programs, emphasis on African American culture and heritage.

Winchester Community Center Theater
3130 S. McLeod  Las Vegas  NV  89121 (702)458-7340

Writers Plight on KCRW's The Business

The digital revolution and the recession have changed the economic model from top to bottom and bottom to top. It is impacting everyone.

The Business on KCRW looked at how many changes are occurring at the top of the industry. Top executives who were highly successful a year ago are now gone, with shifting priorities, a short fuse and little patience leading decisions that may or may not be entirely rational.

The follwoing are my thoughts, added to notes taken during the program.

NBC Universal has had its share of losses in film, made decisions on NBC and in their cable networks that have resulted in ratings and numbers loss, are facing loss in advertising revenue and are losing some brand management value. Disney is refusing on brand and less on volume of product.

The rule seems to be bottom line and retrench for the future rather than take the gambles and progressive action that historically has earned rewards in the long run.

Disney is closing Mirimax, or at least slashing it to death, so the adult market and the risky award winning element of Disney is now less important than brand identity and merchandising.

Studios are confronting and fighting Red-box, Video on Demand, and other segments that have yet to show their profitability and future (growth, but little revenue).

Studios are moving away from relationships with filmmakers and creatives in favor of money people with lawyers, investors, government and corporate entities.

It's the death of the SHOWMAN ERA. Not really but it does mean that the power has shifted.

The business is cyclical, and in time the purse strings will open up again and the experimentation and investigation will return... then it will disappear again or shrink.

Writers in film and television are losing work, losing ground, being allowed to be producers less and falling to the cost shifting ax. Writers Guild earnings declines 18% last year, and an estimated 30% this year (if the trend continues). They say the quality of the work has been given less priority over volume and lower costs. Plus writing, just as everything else, is being outsourced overseas or to Canada and Mexico.

Studios are not buying pilots, are making fewer shows and are owning whatever they can across platforms rather than letting independent producers in on the opportunity.

Staff writers are also on the decline, as fewer writers are being pressured to write more.

There are 150 series on the air today, about the same as the golden ages of the late 80's, but many are cable only and on a much lower budget.

Comedy and serious dramas, those with larger tickets, are on the decline.

The amount of episodes per series are down.

Cable programs make 13 as opposed to network 22 episodes a year, as opposed to 36 in 1990.

Movies are shifting to tent-pole proven genre's.

Spec script sales are no longer a hot commodity. The concept for Lethal Weapon sold for over a quarter a million dollars. Today most concept or spec script that sell, from established authors, earn under $50,000.

As with actors, established writers with awards are bidding on simple middle level and even what would have been entry level jobs (the equivalent of day-player positions). Top level people are taking mid level jobs and mid level people are taking any work they can take.

Creativity is now something you do out of passion, with little or no expectation of it being used, and if it is you celebrate!

Meanwhile management wants to be 'creative about the deal', meaning one step at a time at a price well below what you would normally make. They know you have a creative attachment and they take full advantage of it.

Competition is higher than ever before as a generation who aspired to be screen or television writers and learned their skills during the boom are now entering the field in earnest. That means writers who are hungry to work and will do for "food". The studios still want young and to appeal to young audiences.

The pressure level is high and the cheese is getting smaller. So stress, depression, even suicides are up. Bankruptcy is now a given for most writers and their families, eventually and more than once.

Writer's Guild is growing increasingly millitent due to how writers are being treated.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Film Festival Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers are needed to work with the Dam Short Film Festival. While the notice below is crafted for College of Southern Nevada Students, anyone interested in gaining experience and resume value by working with a kicked back yet fun film festival should contact myself or the festival office with their intersts:

Tell your friends, internships available

The following represents internships working with a film festival. The resume credit, networking, industry exposure and fun of being a part of the festival are the only compensation, but it will be worth your while. Various internships represent minimal work of a few hours total to working four days (the festival is three days).


I wanted to let you know that your internship opportunity for students has been posted on the department's website.  There is a blurb about it on the department's homepage.  It is also listed in the "Other Internships" link on the department's internship page.

To view both of these do the following:

Go to the department homepage at  To see the homepage blurb, you may have to scroll down the page.

Then, click on "Internships" under the heading Student Resources on the right side of the screen.  When the new page loads, look to the left side of the screen, in the yellow box, and click Other Internships.  When the new page opens, your internship is the only one listed as of now.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Rick Marks
Professor, Department of Communication
College of Southern Nevada - Charleston Campus
Office E-228, Mail Stop W-20-E
Phone (702) 651-7556
Fax (702) 651-5938
**Check out the NEW and IMPROVED Department of Communication WEBSITE at**

Bring it On!

The views and opinions...

This blog is public and open to all input, students and public, from anywhere in the world. Past students, current students, students of life, and those who simply surf blogs, are encouraged to participate.

It has come to my attention that some of my students may be holding back or even intimidated by this blog, launched due to large section student head counts and a need to connect sections outside of Angel, because they fear that their opinions may impact their grades, or that I am liable to get angry.

Neither is true.

Actors and entertainment/information industry professionals and hobbyist need to be open in communication, observations and to stay on top of current news, events and updates.

Your views and opinions are as valid as anyone else. The differences is the culture, background, life experience, demographics and psychographics of perspective.

Listing skills include in thought, as well as with your ears or other senses. Be open to other views, respond to them, explore and make suggestions.

I am looking forward to your responses to this or any other posting, your own suggested posts and your participation.

-Art Lynch

How smart are actors?

Are actors smart? Ask Ashley Judd.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mission Successful

My portrayal of Frank Crowe passed the acid tests, those who were alive in Boulder City in 1931 and their families. Little kids and other audiences also accepted me as Crowe, the man who "built" the Boulder Dam. Four days of performances, customized by age group and audience all went well. "Crowe" is available for groups or staging upon request. It was done as part of Patty Sullivan's "31ers Project" to preserve the history of Boulder City.

The little girlm hand washing clothing with water hauled up from the river in 120 degree weather was at the 31ers luncheon on Saturday conclusion of 31ers historic project activities.

FYI, a major discussion after the event led to the discovery that those who were her or grew up here are resentful of any reference to the "Hoover Dam" as the dam was constructed under the Boulder title, and Hoover was the president that enforced the denial of benefits and jobs for veterans after World War I. The dam made Nevada the state with the highest percentage of vets in the country. Nevada's senators helped introduce and push through what became the "GI Bill" guaranteeing vets their jobs, health and education benefits.

OTHELLO stage auditons Oct 13 Insurgo Theater

Auditions for Shakespeare's OTHELLO
Produced by the Insurgo Theater Movement
Directed by John Beane

October 13th, Tuesday, at 7PM at the new Insurgo Space.
900 E. Karen Ave #d114-d122
Las Vegas, NV
In Commercial Center.
near the Las Vegas Lounge

We will be reading from the script. No headshots, resumes needed. We may ask you to give us a monologue, if you dont have one thats fine - spend the time looking at the characters you are interested in in the script, not learning a monologue.

We will definitely consider non-traditional casting.

For more information, check out the website.

More info

Casting Director Bill Dance Workshop only $20

Thank you to Nevada SAG Conservatory Chair Barbara Grant and the Conservatory Committee for the following release.

Nevada SAG Conservatory

“Auditioning for the Camera” with Bill Dance

When: Saturday, October 24, 2009
Check-in: 11:30 p.m.
Conservatory: noon–4:30 p.m.

Where: Teamsters Union Hall, Local 14
1250 Burnham Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

(two blocks south of E. Charleston Blvd. between S. Eastern Ave. and S. Maryland Parkway – ample free parking on premises)

Click here for map

Cost for Workshop: Free for Nevada Conservatory Members or $20 per workshop

Nevada Conservatory Cost: $40 a year for union members / $80 a year for non-union members

You will need your SAG ID card to join as a member, and please remember to bring your headshots and resumes. Check the Nevada Branch Hotline for updates or SAG members should contact Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton by email if you have any questions.

Hotline: (702) 737-8818

About Bill Dance and the Workshop:

Bill Dance has hosted previous Nevada SAG Conservatories with great success. His stories, technique and actor friendly style make it easy to prepare for auditions and advance your career as profesisonal talent, or your interests in acting as an activity.

An actor since 1975, Bill Dance has spent much of his time of late involved with the casting of films such as the highly anticipated Alice in Wonderland and 2012, and you seen some of his work in recent movies like Angels & Demons, Frost/Nixon, and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. On TV, Mr. Dance has done Principal Casting for Beyond the DaVinci Code, Jesse James, and The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

If you’ve watched TV or gone to the movies during the last couple of decades then you watched actors Bill Dance has cast.

As a casting director and actor, Bill Dance will use this seminar to demonstrate to Nevada actors what is involved in the auditioning process and what it takes to have a successful audition.

Participants will learn how to breathe life into their characters in a way that today’s casting directors are looking for when they are casting projects. Students will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and be critiqued by one of the premiere casting directors working in Los Angeles today.

Points to be covered in the seminar: “Will my audition create that certain life-like quality on the screen that will draw the director to pick me.” Mr. Dance will also cover what casting directors are looking for in personal interviews. Sides will be provided for those actors who wish to do a cold reading, or you may bring your own short monologue to perform.

Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton has a male and a female monologue approved by Mr. Dance for those of you who would like to use new material to prepare for the class. You may obtain these sides by sending an email to and requesting the Bill Dance Conservatory sides.

Remember to bring your headshots and bios.

Health Care Reform: My two cents

I am with SAG and other unions in advocating a health care reform bill with single payer option.

The end of the Beckett Festival

From Thater All That Chat and Broadway Links:
Why there is no longer a Beckett Festival in Las Vegas

I can't go on.

I've learned a lot from former President GW Bush. You won't hear many people say that, which is a shame because he made enough mistakes to educate everyone on how to avoid causing multiple disasters. The main disaster that comes to mind is the multi-trillion dollar cluster-fuck we've come to know and love as the Iraq War. Completely high on the idea of American righteousness, he refused to listen to the U.N. Inspectors and instead took the warhawk advice from Dick "The Penguin" Cheney, and invaded the nation with enough shock and awe to give the U.S. complete access to the sleeping scorpion. Weeks into the invasion it was clear that the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" didn't exist and the hundreds of lives and billions of dollars were a waste.

Now, at this point, Former (I love saying that) President G.W.Bush could have stepped back a few feet from the situation, realized that he was lied to about the supposed "smoking gun", turned to the American people, and simply stated "there is no point in going any further, we were wrong" and, like Catholic birth control, pulled out. He would have saved 5000+ U.S. soldiers' lives, 100,000+ Iraqi civilians' lives, and trillions of dollars (which, by the way, would have paid for Single Payer Health Care for the next 30 years). Instead of shedding his own ego, taking the political blows, and dealing with the very real situation that there would be no end in sight, he arrogantly trudged the nation deeper and deeper into an ever-expanding problem that he agitated with each passing minute. At the end of the day, even the chest-thumping Glen Beck fans have to wonder if it was all worth it.

It is no coincidence that active battle is refered to as "theater" in the military.

The Annual Samuel Beckett Festival started out as a challenge between two friends who were bored to death of producing comedy...or, more accurately, it was a demonstration of skill to keep both of us (Test Market is a two person opperation) from being cemented into the "comedy" category. It was a one-night only performance stunt in a junk yard (aka The KGPA) witnessed by a total of 30 random strangers. The lighting "system" consisted of two par cans tied (literally) to 2X4s, and the "stage" was the concrete slab that happened to be in front of a trailer on the property. 6 years later we found ourselves in a 20k square foot warehouse, producing multiple shows over a period of four weeks and operating at an average loss of 10k per year. Prior to Holland Hemmings' arrival into this world we (Test Market) chalked up the losses as "collateral damage" and, like former President Bush, trudged forward, even when all signs pointed to "crazy".

Is it still worth it? Should I double down on stupid? Spending 2 months away from my family is equivilent to abondoning them (I am amazed that single mothers don't go complete batshit). To what nitwit purpose will all this serve in the end aside from expanding the entertainment options in this town by one? As I begin to re-learn Endgame and make frantic phone calls to fill roles in this and other plays, I'm kept awake at night asking myself these questions over and over.

No. It's not.

The beginning is at the end? Quite possibly. In any case it seems that I would be able to contribute more to the art community by buying art than producing the 7th installment of the Iraq War. So this is me pulling the plug. This is me admitting that there are no weapons of mass destruction and making my troops go back home. A non-traditionalist creating a tradition seems absurd enough on its own, but moving forward for the sake of ego is (as the Weatherman/Negativland would say) totally stupid.

So this is the end. We appreciate your support of this enormous effort, but we have to close the doors and narrow our vision. I'm sure you can understand.

Kind Regards,

Ernest Hemmings

Friday, October 9, 2009

SAG National Membership Meeting

 Join your fellow SAG actors at the 2009 National Membership Meeting, Saturday, October 18
You must be a dues current paid up member of the Screen Actors Guild to attend.

Come be heard at the 2009 National Membership Meeting.

When: Saturday, October 18, 2009
2-3 p.m. – Mixer with national board, staff and members, visit Committee tables, sign-up for speakers list for an opportunity to speak at the microphone during the open forum section of meeting
3-6 p.m. – Meeting/Q&A

Where: Beverly Hills Ballroom at The Beverly Hilton
9876 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA  90210

Parking: Parking will be validated. Please read all posted signage. Guild is not responsible for illegally parked vehicles.


·         Reports by President Ken Howard, Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino and Interim National Executive Director David White
·         Find out about SAG member events and activities
·         Purchase merchandise
·         Register for SAG 24/7 and iActor®

No RSVP necessary. For more information call (323) 549-6447 or email

The membership meeting is only open to paid-up SAG members in good standing. Unfortunately, no guest allowed. Parents/guardians of young performers under 18 years-old are welcome. PLEASE BRING YOUR SAG MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR ADMITTANCE (paid thru October 31, 2009).