Friday, August 9, 2013

This Blog's For You!

The idea is to do my small part to build community and be a resource for students and pre -union as well as union professionals.

I would love for you to help me build this into a resources for actors living in Nevada, and students no matter where they live, to use as a platform for information, links and review. 

I can do this with your help. 

This is a non-commercial blog. I do not accept advertising, get any "kickbacks" from listing or listing companies and am not seeking any more or less of a position in the community then I have already earned. This is simply my public service offering for you.

Please pass this blog on to anyone you think would benefit from it, may have information on links, auditions, productions or the industry that would add value to this site, and value to those who use this blog.

This blog is for students and the community with an admitted pro-union lean.

When people start to seek it out they will gain information about the craft and the industry.

I am seeking links, writers, sources and advice from other actors in the community, as well as on a national scope. To the right are links to sources that will help in keeping current on industry news and resources.

Along the way you will also find statements of what I believe in, including a strong pro union message.

For example, I believe students and SAG members should do stage. SAG members can do community or even non-union theater provided the production is not being organized by Equity, the theater union. 

To paraphrase an old Budweiser Ad (deference to Don Brakeman): "This Blogs for you!"

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