Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Actor Links provide valuable links to union sites, SAG news sites, useful actors sites and my own links (including LinkedIn).

Variety and the Hollywood Reporter are the primary news media covering SAG and the industry. They are five day a week news publications with 24/7 on-line updates and coverage. Subscription may be required.

SAG Reporter and Links is a blog featuring hard news on SAG and related events, with links and an archive by subject or name.

SAG Watch is a political based SAG and industry news blog, or watchdog.

Vegas Talk in Broadway links is a stage based chat site with current auditions, industry news, community discussion and opinions.

The Wrap is an overall industry blog.

About Me is a bio for first time users, in other words Ethos for this site.

Within this Blog are links to key material for actors contained in the blog itself. It is best used for access to educational material and background. Information on agents, background work, industry terms and educational links or materials.
Las Vegas Links contains key links to industry related Nevada sites.

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