Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Video is everywhere!

Video is everywhere, changing where and how actors work is used and seen.

This has impacted performance in a wide range of ways. For one, the screens are smaller so camera shots are becoming more intimate. Compensation models are being redefined and renegotiated. Distribution models are obsolete before they are even put into place.

We do the job. We do it well. But how it is filmed, edited, shot, and put to use is changing quicker than an book or educational model can compensate for. The turth is we all have ideas of the future for actors, but no one has the answers.

So we study, practice, audition, work and then study some-more.

Perhaps the biggest change is that we now need to learn how to frame ourselves, be video or film makerws in our own right, sell and market our product as never before and to stay on top of trends, fashion and the direction the industry is moving.

With your input and assistance, it is my hope that this blog will help us all to keep moving, keep learning, keep sharing toward the goal of being prepared to work when called upon, create our own work is needed and continue to grow in the craft that is performance.

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