Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3D or not 3D

The revolution has begun

The revolution is coming. How we watch movies. Where we watch them. What we watch. Who produces them. At what cost.

Movie theaters are furious about how movies will stream to home before the DVD release just a few weeks, or even at the same time, as in the theaters.

Foreign distribution is contingent on meaningful theatrical film distribution. How do you alter that that model to make room for change, or will resistance be futile.

3 D theaters are making money but Hollywood withdrew promised financial support for glasses and projectors, leaving the cost in the hands of the distribution theaters.

3 D TV, while not as good, will start to eat into 3 D theater before theaters have even converted.

Old School vs. innovator management and marketers at every turn with the blood bath only started.

Recession excuses while industry expands in new areas and interantionally.

Reduction of films distributed through theaters while at the same time a geometrically expanding on-line and digital distribution net spanning the world, and the universe (from TiVo to DVR, X-box to Playstation, Blue Ray Players to build in internet for televisions).

Niche markets for just about any content, or software, that can be produced.

Cross promotion of content, distribution, toys, products, books, and even food.

Cell phones and netbooks, television in moving vehicles, reporters with pen sized live video cams.

Max Headroom move over.

More at KCRW's "The Business".    9-15-12

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