Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Screen Actors Guild History and MA Thesis by Art Lynch c) 2000

My Masters of Communication Thesis was on the "Performers Alliance and the Screen Actors Guild." It was written a dozen years ago (2000), but much of the information remains current. It includes  the history of unionism and the Guild, and its part in the new SAG-AFTRA union. 

    There are other interpretations of our proud history. What I wrote was based on academic sources and on the direct recollections of others and the interpretations of SAG's archivist. 

    Please note that in writing for academia there are restrictions and rewrites done to meet format and the suggestions and needs of the committee that confers the degree. The report, while informational, is the result of a committee. 
    While some deny direct lineage between the Performers Alliance and Membership First, my observation has been with a shift of internal power the two groups really are of the same root andf founding motivation. The process I observed went from the formation of the union to its evolution into the most democratic union in the world, a cry for help from middle class commercial actors as our nations pay levels failed to keep up with the actual cost of living, the political movement that resulted and eventually a morphed into today's Membership First political party within SAG, based primarily in Los Angeles.

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