Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lord Buckley

Lord Buckly was an entertainer and artist ahead of his time. I met his daughter Laurie Buckley here in Las Vegas in the early 80's. This afternoon KCRW ran an excellent special on the man, who pushed racial, political and cultural boundaries, inspiring later entertainers from Richard Pryor to Lenny Bruce, Johnathan Winters to the Beatles, Charlie Parker to Billie Holiday. Friends with the Rat Pack, Ed Sullivan, Charlie Parker and a wide range of entertainers, writers, and cultural leaders. A performance artists, Beat-Monologist, musician, comedian, author and highly well read man he spanned from African American to high English Gentleman in his accent. He was ahead of his time, according to Bruce and Williams.   In November 1960 he passed away at age 53, burried in a tuxedo with a joint in his pocket.

The video from during the 2008 campaign with Laurie Buckley (at is worth viewing, at least the first segment

The following is the KCRW (with photo credit for above):

Too Smart for the Room: The Lord Buckley Story

TUE DEC 29, 2009
Lord Buckley was a hipster comedian in the 1950's who influenced many of America's comedic giants. His "hip semantic" renditions of such literary classics as The Raven and The Gettysburg Address delighted audiences, but Buckley caught flack for performing them in an African-American dialect. This half-hour program includes rare archival recordings of Buckley performing, and interviews with Jonathan Winters and Larry Storch, plus sound of a Buckley appearance on Groucho Marx's quiz show.
This original documentary, produced for KCRW by Jon Kalish and Marty Goldensohn, airs from 2:30-3pm and pre-empts Politics of Culture
Credit: © Ray Avery /

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