Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nevada SAG Newsletter now published

The Winter Nevada SAG Actor Newsletter has been published. A pdf. version is available at The frequency of two print newsletters a year, and only four electronic newsletters (fewer than 50% of the Nevada SAG membership have e-mail contact with their union) a year is down from four and six scheduled only a year ago. The reasons given include budget cuts, the need to "supervise" information for "accuracy" (translate that into censorship) by centralized LA staff. Along with the SAG council, I have been working to restore some of the print communcation. In the meantime there are alteratives for SAG members, including a closed off-campus site  (Nevada SAG members only) and various twitter, facebook and e-mail chains maintained by private individuals.

I invite your comments, suggestions, questions or reports on any news that impacts SAG's membership in Nevada. Please send your comments or news items to

Thank you.

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