Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SAG Diversity Awareness Month



Month to Feature Special Events, Release of Diversity Casting Reports

Los Angeles (September 29, 2009) — Screen Actors Guild announced today that it has declared October “Diversity Awareness Month.” For decades, SAG has been a leader in advocating diverse hiring of underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities, women, seniors, LGBT actors and performers with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

While the Guild works year round to advance issues of employment diversity, it is shining a spotlight during October on the efforts of its Affirmative Action & Diversity Department, as well as the union’s various diversity committees comprised of SAG members.

“Screen Actors Guild historically and consistently has strived for fairness and diversity both within our Guild and the industry at large,” said Interim National Executive Director David White.

“We are continuously working to make a difference toward a more representational, multicultural community,” White said. “I encourage all of our friends in the creative community to work toward a more diverse and accurate media landscape and invite them to participate in our diversity events in October and throughout the year.”

“Screen Actors Guild’s membership is made up of diverse actors,” said SAG Ethnic Employment Opportunities National Committee Chair Sumi Haru. “It is the media’s responsibility to be a reflection of its diverse audience and our members deserve a fair opportunity to be employed. While we’ve certainly seen improvements in this area over the years, SAG continues in its quest to fully make the media reflective of the American scene.”

In October, SAG will release various diversity-based reports and videos via, including the highly anticipated Casting Data Report. This analysis of hiring statistics based on ethnicity/race, age and gender is an instrumental tool used by the entertainment industry.

“Diversity issues in the workplace, such as equal employment and representation as well as prevention of harassment and discrimination, impact all employees on a daily basis,” said National Director/Senior EEO Counsel of SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity Rebecca Yee.

The month features a dozen events either sponsored by SAG or where SAG members are participating in an effort to make visible those who are invisible in media. A full list of events is available online here.

SAG kicked off its celebration on Monday, Sept. 28 with the National President’s Task Force on American Indians Membership Caucus where SAG National President Ken Howard addressed the Guild’s American Indian membership.

Additional highlights of the month include:

Sept. 30 – Reading Between the Lines: Uncovering Unconscious Bias
Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of American West, Americans for American Values, Kirwan Institute and the Equal Justice Society present a panel discussion on unconscious bias and insights that challenge and inspire new ideas in developing and producing programming that reflects the true diversity of our rapidly changing society. Opening remarks by Norman Lear. Writers Guild of America, West, 7000 West Third Street, Los Angeles, California 90048, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Oct. 7 – Out in Hollywood III: The Rise of the LGBT Actor
In celebration of National Coming Out Day, SAG National LGBT Actors Committee and GLAAD present a panel of LGBT actors, director-producers and casting professionals to explore the challenges and opportunities of being out in entertainment. Featuring Mad Men’s Bryan Batt, Oscar-winner Dan Jinks, Emmy-winner Paris Barclay, and more. SAG James Cagney Board Room, 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 10 & 11 – National Equality March in Washington, D.C.
SAG National LGBT Actors Committee leads a group of members, staff and allies marching for full federal equality for LGBT people.

Oct. 19 – 18th Annual Access Awards
Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will present an Access Award to the tri-union (SAG, AFTRA, AEA) I AM PWD campaign for its “leadership, commitment and outstanding contribution for advancing equality and access for people with disabilities.” Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens, Downtown Los Angeles

Oct. 24 – The Hollywood Disabilities Forum
The tri-union I AM PWD campaign, in partnership with WGAW Writers with Disabilities and Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts, presents an executive industry conference on accuracy, inclusion and access of people with disabilities in entertainment. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Follow SAG Communications on Twitter and Facebook! and

About SAG
Screen Actors Guild is the nation’s largest labor union representing working actors. Established in 1933, SAG has a rich history in the American labor movement, from standing up to studios to break long-term engagement contracts in the 1940s to fighting for artists’ rights amid the digital revolution sweeping the entertainment industry in the 21st century. With 20 branches nationwide, SAG represents over 120,000 actors who work in film and digital motion pictures and television programs, commercials, video games, industrials, Internet and all new media formats. The Guild exists to enhance actors’ working conditions, compensation and benefits and to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of artists’ rights. SAG is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Headquartered in Los Angeles, you can visit SAG online at

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frank Crowe comes to life October 10

Art Lynch will be performing Frank Crowe, the engineer who built the Boulder Dam, at the annual 31ers luncheon on Saturday October 10 at the College of Southern Nevada Boulder City Campus, Wyoming and Utah in Boulder City. He will also present portions of the character for elementary, middle and high school students the week prior. For tickets or information contact Patty Sullivan at Boulder City Parks and Recreation (294-0335 or 400-3254).

Lynch has done the role at various community events and for various community organizations in preparation for the event. Also being performed will be a presentation titled “first house” in honor of Patty Sullivan’s grandmother. Laura Lynch has written scripts for the event, with research, staging, and other support from a wide-ranging committee.

DVD interviews with the original 31ers (those who lived in Boulder City and worked to build the dam) are on file in the Boulder City Library Special Collections.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mitchell Whitfield seminar announcement

Learn from the pros

Alice Whitfield,  Las Vegas voice-over coach, is allowing local enteertainers to  “Take it from the Top!™ The Lecture Series,” an ongoing set of seminars open to the public, that will discuss how to transition from artistic training to actually working in the entertainment industry.

The weekend seminars will be bring top acting, dancing, singing and voice-over talent from New York and Los Angeles to Las Vegas to work with aspiring entertainers.

“If you’re trying to make it in the entertainment industry and don’t live in a major market, chances are you’re not going to have access to the top professionals in your field,” said Alice Whitfield, creator of the lecture series. “These seminars will give locals the invaluable opportunity to interact with some of the top people in the in the entertainment industry, and learn all the things they don’t teach in a classroom.”

The first seminar, “The Working Actor” will be held with veteran film and television personality, Mitchell Whitfield. Whitfield has appeared in numerous films such as My Cousin Vinny, Lost and Found, Dogfight and the upcoming Dead of Night. He’s also been seen on hit television shows such as Friends, CSI, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Whitfield is also an accomplished voice actor and can be heard in campaigns for Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald’s and American Express. In the seminar, Whitfield will discuss such topics as how to prepare for an audition, what to expect from an agent or manager, working on set, and more.

“The Working Actor” will be held at 9 a.m., and again at 1:30 p.m., October 24 at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa in Summerlin. Registration is $299.

Dr. Alice Whitfield Alice Whitfield has produced and directed some of New York and Hollywood’s biggest names.  Ten years ago, she relocated to Las Vegas, bringing her reputation and creativity to UNLV’s Continuing Education Program. In addition to conducting both her private and university classes, Alice is a well known New York producer, director, playwright and author.

For more information, or to register for “Take it from the Top! The Lecture Series,” visit

Other training alternatives in Las Vegas

In the non-profit area,  as a public service of the Screen Actors Guild, the Nevda SAG Conservatory offers guest speakers from Las Vegas, Los Angeles and elsewhere on a monthly basis for $20 a lecture. These are also open to the public and may compliment other professional resources imported to Las Vegas. Chair Barbara Grant and a strong committee of Screen Actors Guild members offer a wide range of professional seminars with casting directors, producers, voice artists, actors, on-camera coaches and other indiustry professionals. Annual membership is available for a nominal fee.

There are a range of other instuctors available in Nevada for a wide range of professional skills. It is best to network with working professionals, agents, photographers and others in the industry to gain referral to individual teachers and coaches. Contact SAG Actor author Art Lynch if you know of professionals you care to refer to others.

Also look into events though the Nevada Conservatory Theater at UNLV as well as local talent agencies, casting companies and conventions.

SAG Nevada Actor Newsletter

SAG Nevada Branch Newsletter, August, 2009

SAG Nevada Branch Newsletter, May, 2009

SAG Nevada Branch Newsletter, February, 2009

SAG Nevada Branch Newsletter, December 2008

Sunday, September 27, 2009

National SAG Committee Volunteers Sought


You must be a SAG member to serve on a committee and slots are limited on most constitutionally by apportionment. Should you not be selected, please volunteer at the local committee level.

From SAG's press release:

There are a variety of ways in which a member can serve the Union and committee service is a great way to lend your talents, experience and knowledge of the industry to benefit the Guild and its members.

If you are interested in serving your Union, you are encouraged to complete the appropriate Committee Service Request Form for your Division and return it to the Regional Branch Division Office of Administration via email, fax, mail or in person. Once the completed form is received, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate Committee Chair for consideration. You will be notified by the Guild in November if you have been selected for service.

With the exception of a few committees, all committees are reconstituted following the Guild’s annual elections in September. Therefore, if you wish to be considered for service in the 2009-2010 Committee Year, please submit the appropriate Committee Service Request Form by September 30, 2009.

On the SAG Committee’s section of the website, you will also find information on the Guild’s committee structure as well as lists of committees and descriptions. If you have any further questions, we are here to help! Please contact Lisha Brock for more information at (972) 361-8185 or by email at

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney in San Francisco

(Note, there are indications that Lucas Films may not have been involved in the project, at least directly, and that in some way Disney Studios may have been, but not as the primary developer).

The first time I set foot in Disneyland I was in my upper 20’s, yet I knew my way around the park and felt at home. I had grown up with the park, watching every new ride and every aspect of the park on the various incarnations of Walt Disney World, The Wonderful World of Disney, the Wonderful World of Color, and Disney TV. A fellow Chicagoan, who served in the military with Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds), Walt Disney held a special place for me and for millions and millions of other children around the world.

The Walt Disney family museum
opened this week in San Francisco is in a converted preserved barracks at the Presidio, a tribute to his time in the Army in that city. It is not affiliated with the Disney Corporation. The high tech museum tells of his life and his contributions to business, families and children. It is full of personal memories, home movies, his recordings of revelations never shared before, some of which Disney Corporation sought to block. His life is captured for better or worse, with a family filter. At 21 Disney’s first movie was dedicated to his daughter, with a mixture of a live Alice and animation figures, all in black and white. On a train trip with his wife two ideas were born…Mortimer Mouse (changed to Mickey at his wife’s request) and the focal point on trains, both in his own back yard and as a key part of Disneyland. He became the pied piper of the Baby Boomer generation. His grandchildren would kiss the television when he came on TV on Sunday evenings, as did many thousands of little kids around the country. He opened the world’s first theme park. He talks of how hurt he was when employees stuck, of profit margins, of brining the world to Southern California, of his own prejudice and of his passion for perfection. CBS Sunday Mornings had a very enjoyable visit to the museum, at least for this tail end of the Baby Boomer who grew up on Disney.

How much detail and expense was put into the museum. The Curator was imported from Harvard University, where he ran all of the schools museums and achieves. Technology is by Lucas Entertainment in San Francisco.

Friday, September 25, 2009

CineVegas cancels 2010 Festival

Film Festival Cancelled

The CineVegas Film Festival  has turned out the lights on its 2010 festival. The decision comes in view of an economic downturn. The festival board decided to keep other programs, including an active web site and occasional screenings in theaters, active, at least for now. They do plan on a 2011 event. The festival has been around for eleven years, in recent years based primarily at the Palms’ Brenden Theaters.

The Las Vegas Review Journal broke the story on-line early Friday afternoon, September 25, 2009.


Frank Crowe at 31ers

I have been performing and answering questions as Frank Crowe, the engineer who oversaw the construction of the Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam at the time). The link below is to a story in today's Las Vegas Sun on a portion of the 31ers project. I will be portraying Crowe at the event.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SAG 2009 Election Results: Howard-Aquino

Official Announcement from SAG:

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

The results of the 2009 SAG National Board election were announced today and the members have elected Ken Howard as President and Amy Aquino as Secretary-Treasurer.

In addition to President and Secretary-Treasurer, 22 of the 69 national board seats were open for election this year, representing Screen Actors Guild’s Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Divisions. Full election results are available at

And Hollywood Reporter Coverage:

SAG's top executive on Election Results,

The results of the 2009 SAG National Officers election were announced today. Please join me in congratulating Ken Howard who was elected President in member balloting tabulated today, and welcoming Amy Aquino on her election as Secretary-Treasurer.

On behalf of the Guild, I also want to extend my gratitude to Alan Rosenberg and Connie Stevens for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the Guild.

In addition to President and Secretary-Treasurer, 22 of the 69 national board seats were open for election this year, representing Screen Actors Guild’s Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Divisions. Those results are available online at:

In unity and looking forward,

David White
Interim National Executive Director
Screen Actors Guild

The SAG Reporter:


Hollywood Reporter:

KCRW the Business and other programs.
LA Times Blog

LA Times calls election: Ken Howard new SAG president

Membership First lost the top two offices of the Guild, and lost their ground on their total number of board seats on the Hollywood Division Board.

Moderates increase their majority and control four of the five  chair positions (President, Secretary Treasurer, 2nd VP in NY, and 3rd VP in the branches). Early reports are that one of the leaders of Unite for Strength did not make it back onto the board, however another Unite for Strength candiate took his place.

The announcement came first from KCRW public radio, Los Angeles shortly before seven during "All Things Considered:and was followed by coverage on "Which Way LA".

The LA Times reports that Ken Howard of Unite for Strengh has defeated Ann Marie Johnson for President.

Additional coverage:

Membership First defeated in Both outside Hollywood Divisions

In SAG politics: 

Membership First, the party of Alan Rosenberg and Ann Marie Johnson, have failed to gain any National Board seats in the branches or New York. Results for Hollywood are expected between 3 and 6 PM this afternoon, Pacific Time.

Mike Hodge, whom I had the pleasure of talking with following a long national board meeting in July, is the new president of the New York Division (second Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild).

On Facebook he posted the following message that speaks volumes between the difference between his groups victory in New York and Membership First which opposed them in "branch" elections:

"I am thrilled. We absolutley have a mandate to work and builld for our members. Many people speak about fighting for us. Fighting suggests a willingness to destroy. I like talking about building, working hard to build the Screen Actors Guild into as stong an organization as it can possibly be."

SAG Watch predicts this will mean a minimum one seat gain on the National Board for those who do not affiliate with Membership First.

While there are no political "parties" in most of the branches and organized slates take several different names in the branches and New York, Membership First out of Hollywood were seeking a national political presence with this election. Unite for Strength is a much smaller Los Angeles only "party" which is part of the coalition of Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Division members who took the majority action of changing National Executive Directors, moving contract negotiations forward (all contracts have now been ratified by the membership and are in effect) and building bridges with other unions, including AFTRA.

There is no second party, only a coalition of individuals and smaller groups who have opposing visions and views to those held by Membership First's leadership.

Results of the presidential and Secretary Treasurer races are also expected to be announced this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rate My Professor

My Rate My Professor ratings.

As classes get bigger it seems students get tougher.

But at least the ratings agree that I am a good teacher...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Las Vegas Film Festivals

For the small town atmosphere popular with filmmakers. only a half hour from downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, try historic "clean, green" Boulder City (population 14,000), overlooking the Hoover Dam. Short films from around the world and local filmmakers are showcased in the equally historic Boulder City Theater, owned by Desi Arnez Jr  and his wife.

Dam Short Film Festival

Main stream and foreign films earning awards at other festivals are showcase annually at the Palms Hotel as CineVegas. Las Vegas glitz and excitement plus guest speakers and all the trappings of a major film festival.

CineVegas Film Festival

Newer and in many ways more independent is the Las Vegas Film Festival.

Las Vegas Film Festival

Please provide updates and information on any other festivals planned within the state of Nevada. Your input is appreciated.

Rosenberg's last days as SAG President

The following link is to a copyrighted feature on soon to be former SAG president Alan Rosenberg:

RBD holds off Membership First, two incumbents "retired"

Attempts by the internal SAG political faction Membership First to gain board positions and officer positions in the branches have been twarted. No gains in the Regional Branch Division by Membership First.

In Seattle the vote is not final, but it looks as if incumbent Rick Deskin may have lost to a challenger, but that challenger is a local and not affiliated with Membership First. More details or an update of this posting as details become clear

That said, we did lose a long time and dedicated branch president in Arizona's Lucky Hayes. She was defeated by another member of her branch who was not affiliated with the group known as MF. Her dedication to the branches, to Nevada,and to Arizona is appreciated. To the best of my knowledge Lucky will remain active as the editor of Arizona's newsletter and both within her branch and as a volunteer on the national level. I have always considered Lucky a good friend, both for myself, and for the Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild.

She was among the loudest protesters against censorship and attempts at information control by SAG senior staff over the past half dozen years. It is my hope she will continue to join me in pushing for open Guild communications with the membership.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Access to Industry News?

Pay for view for entertainment industry hard core news?

Variety is going behind a paid wall where you need to be a subscriber and the Hollywood Reporter may be preparing to go on-line only.  Hollywood Reporter will continue to offer some free content, but has always offered subscriber only services and subscription for more detailed reporting and features. Variety has offered production information and some data services on subscription only.

According to "The Business" on KCRW, these changes may occur after the first of the year, to allow plenty of time for subscription promotion.

Today's program also features a discussion of the Emmy's as an award event: is it relevant? And it contains a vintage interview with Larry Gelbart, creator of TV's "M*A*S*H." on how technology has changes the way we live, communicate and even procreate. He as asked how he would like to be remembered.

He remembered William S Paley saying "television is the best cigarette machine ever invented."

Ken Howard wins Emmy Award

SAG National Presidential candidate Ken Howard's acceptance speech for his Emmy Award (9/20/2009).


WINNER: Ken Howard - "Grey Gardens" (HBO)

SAG Membership Meeting Call for Action

Once again proof that the Nevada Branch has one of the most active memberships in the country!

The membership meeting on Sunday, September 20 was well attended with active members who stayed through three hours of business meeting, with no guest speakers or razzle dazzle special effects presentations.

Informative and inspiring insights shared by Barbara Grant, Charlie DiPinto, Rick Rocknee and others provided motivation for the membership in attendance to stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow actors and talent, fellow unions and workers to fight for wages, working conditions and increased work opportunities for Nevadans.

Nevada President Steve Dressler, Executive Steve Clinton and myself (as elected National Board Director) gave detailed business reports.

Members asked questions and vetted concerns.

Now is the time to jump in and take part in committees, two of which were literally formed with chairs named at the meeting itself.

Organizing, supporting our fellow unions on informational pickets or in strikes, taking informational actions where SAG needs to raise its head, informing our fellow members of the vital importance of Rule One, supporting our staff in their essential work for membership, sharing the value of membership in a Right-to-work desert, and working toward serious legislative change were key issues discussed, plus several important issues and updates which were confidential to a closed union meeting open only to Nevada Branch members of the Screen Actors Guild. Joining SAG or transferring to the Nevada Branch are key to remaining informed and involved in the highest profile labor union in the world!

To volunteer for joining us in supporting other unions on picket lines, member outreach or other organizing activities contact or  If you would like to appear on this blog or if you have material for the official SAG Newsletter contact All material is subject to review and approval by this editor or by staff of the Screen Actors Guild prior to posting or publication.

Another highlight of the meeting was an official "thank you" to outgoing council member Lennie Turner, who shared his "Robert DeNiro" story.

If you are a SAG member, consider becoming a Nevada Branch member and helping us make a positive difference for all talent in Nevada. For any information concerning the benefits of the Nevada Branch, the Screen Actors Guild, contracts or other union issues contact Nevada Branch Executive Steve Clinton at

Another note from the meeting: While I cannot share contact without their permission, there were several other teachers, coaches or experienced people at the meeting who teach or coach acting, dance, comedy, circus arts and in other key performance areas. If you are one of those or are interested in sharing your opportunities, please contact me at (web site still in development) or

I also recommend taking courses through the College of Southern Nevada or UNLV.  My own selection is Bob Dunkerly, who teaches at the West Charleston campus of CSN. He founded and was artistic director for several long running theater companies here in Las Vegas and elsewhere, including New West.

Information about my courses can be found at the link to the left.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nevda Background Casting Agencies (as of 9/21/09)

From the Nevada SAG Web Site :

"The casting agencies listed below offer Background casting services within the Nevada Background Zone to Producers who have signed the SAG agreement. This list is provided only as an accommodation to the Professional Background performer. These agencies are not franchised nor sanctioned by SAG, and SAG makes no representations regarding the quality of services provided by such agencies. These agencies are not allowed to charge SAG members any fees to register with them. They may charge a small one-time set-up fee for non-members ($20-25). These agencies should never require you to take classes from them as a condition of being cast."

Baskow & Associates

2948 E. Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 733-7818

Casting Entertainment

4350 S. Arville St., Bldg E Suite A4027
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 207-4447

Goldman and Associates

701 N. Green Valley Parkway, Suite #200
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 990-3210 phone
(702) 837-3418 fax

Lear & Associates

41 N. Mojave Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 438-9111

On Location Casting

1306 W. Craig Road, Suite E, #315
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 917-5501

The Red Agency

7860 West Sahara Ave., Suite #110
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 242-1770

2980 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite #210E
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 866-5924

Wild Streak Talent

3355 W. Spring Mtn. Rd., #264
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 252-8382

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casting Call Introduces Art Lynch

Casting Call Introduces Art Lynch (SAG)

Art Lynch brings to Casting Call Entertainment his considerable and varied background in theater, film, television, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, journalism and education. Art is on the faculty of the College of Southern Nevada. He can be heard on Nevada Public Radio as the host of Weekend Edition Sundays. With a BA in Theater, Speech and Mass Communications from the University of Illinois Chicago, with MFA studies in theater at UNLV. Mr. Lynch offers students a Chicago Theater perspective, along with an in depth understanding of the industries that hire talent and what is required to be hired. Lynch is on the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, is past president of the Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild and of the Professional Audio Visual Communications Association. He has an MA in Communications from and is currently pursuing PhD postgraduate studies in theater and education. Lynch spent over a decade as lead faculty in the Elite program at a Las Vegas based acting academy, coaching students in auditioning, cold reading, monologues, improvisations, speech, public speaking, and specialized techniques for situation comedy, soap opera, television, film, live theater and commercial acting.

Art's classes are on Friday's from 4-6pm.
Ages 16+

Coming Soon Nevada Member Web Site.

Coming soon a site for Nevada SAG members to share information, ideas and work together outside of official Guild communication channels. The link above leads to the site, which is member driven and member administered.

SAG Nevada Actor Newsletter

Nevada Branch Screen Actors Guild August, 2009 Newsletter:

Includes Nevada SAG Franchised Agents, background casting companies, interviews, a tribute to an outgoing SAG council member, executive director report, president's report, national board report and a personal note on organizing from council member Charlie DiPinto.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vounteer to help kids: BookPALS

At present there are approximately 140 BookPALS volunteers in Clark County, of which approximately 60 read weekly.  BookPALS has received high praise from teachers who have stated that BookPALS volunteers have made a positive impact on the students, and BookPALS chair Barb Bidell believes that BookPALS played a part in Clark County’s “at-risk” schools meeting AYP requirements under the “No Child Left Behind” Act.  One teacher at Diskin Elementary told BookPALS that the volunteer “used her great voice to model fluency and expression” to great effect, while another teacher stated her reader introduced her students to “new words and books leading some of the children to checking out books afterwards.”  There are many more accolades, but more importantly Las Vegas BookPALS read to over 5000 students in Clark County through its various programs.  Nevada BookPALS hopes to exceed this benchmark in the coming school year.

-Barbara Bidell, NV BookPals Coordinator

(702) 806-2824 or via e-mail at

Steve Clinton - Screen Actors Guild
Branch Executive Director - Nevada & San Diego
(702) 513-1520/fax (702) 933-9118

Nevada SAG Membership Meeting

The Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild will hold its membership meeting this Sunday, September 20 at the Tropicanna Hotel and Casino in the Caribbean Room 3 of the Convention center. SAG members of the Nevada Branch and the parent of members who are under 18 may attend. Bring an ID and your current SAG card. The mixer begins at 1:30 with the meeting beginning at 2.  If you have questions or need directions please contact Steve Clinton, Nevada Executive Director at or call him at (702) 737-8818 / (800) 724-0767 extension 7.