Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonder of the World opens Friday

    WONDER OF THE WORLD, by David Lindsay-Abaire, will be presented by Las Vegas Little Theatre in the Fischer Black Box beginning this Friday,December 4, and running through December 13. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening shows start at 8 PM, and Sunday matinees begin at 2 PM.

Remember: Black Box shows tend to sell out rather quickly, since it is a smaller house. Don't wait too long to see this play that critics have called:
“Hefty laughter. David Lindsay-Abaire's WONDER OF THE WORLD is exceedingly whimsical and playfully wicked. Winning and genial. A top-drawer production." —NY Times.
"Full frontal lunacy is on display. A most assuredly fresh and hilarious tragicomedy of marital discord run amok. Lindsay-Abaire's flair for the absurd combines nicely with an ability to pull laughs out of any situation. Absolutely hysterical." —Variety.

For more info and ticket prices,visit the website.


Rapid Changes

Lose your image of the studio run by movie makers and actors as powerful players in the marketing of single products: their films. Things have already changed and changed forever. There is no going back. More change is coming.

Late today Comcast reached a deal with Vinvendi allowing GE to buy out the Vinvendi remaining stake in the company and then allow transfer to Comcast, opeing the door to finalizing controlling interests in NBC-Universal, while MGM cleared hoops in bankruptcy that could see the company cut up into divisions and sold off in segments.

The very structure of the industry and how actors earn their livings, are seen by their audiences, and protect their images faces an accelerating curve of rapid change. The truth is no one truly knows what the future will bring. But we can study current trends and major changes on the immediate horizon.

The Wrap reports on two such moves leading to fewer companies controlling increasingly large chunks of the pie. MGM is up for grabs in its entirety or cut into smaller units. Comcast is closing in on NBC-Universal. Add the uncertainty of new media, increasingly diverse distribution methods with rapidly lowering price points, the rise of reality programming, continued production in Canada and Mexico, and AFTRA's aggressive organizing of television and we are in for a whole new model for actors livelihoods.

This morning's New York Time business section focus's on the Comcast-NBC-Universal move (where General Electric may retain 47% of the company, at the current state of negotiations) and its impact on the structure and future of the studio system.

Expect studios, at least Universal, to be less important than the three legs of distribution revenue: rental + sales, subscriptions + utilities, and advertising.

Rentals are in all forms, no matter the media of distribution.

Sales included theater tickets as well as both hard and digital copies in all media of distribution.

Subscriptions under this merger, or take over, would add any revenue through the utility permits and use that cable continues to provide.

Content will not be so much for moviegoers as entertainment and information consumers.  In fact Comcast intends to use NBC-Universal to take on Disney’s ESPN for sports and Time-Warner’s CNN for news dominance.

Theater distribution will remain in the mix, but lose its high gloss power.

Cable, satellite, DVD-Blue Ray, On Demand, Live streaming video, Internet video files, live spin off products (such as Disney's music concert stars), retail merchandising of products, current and new media advertising will all be in the revenue mix, competing with theaters and the traditional images of what Hollywood represents.

Advertising will include the decreasing impact of the industry as it currently exist, but grow with on-line, interactive television and other technologies. Of concern for actors is hat with interactive media talent may be unwillingly endorsing a product conflicting with their contracts in the traditional realm of advertising and marketing. Touch screen technology will be added, along with the ability to customize logos and products on video or film to the demographic of the end user. Other changes in the world of advertising are in development that may impact how actors make a living.

Multi-tentacle consolidated corporations have long been replacing the once very personal world of studio moguls whose focus was on the product, the film, and the television program. Today the focus is on profit margins, product integration and staying ahead on the curve of a rapidly changing marketplace.

Entertainment and information are "software" content.

What do you think the future holds?

How will it impact performers?

Is it the end of the middle class actor?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

No mistake or regrets

I have made the "mistake" of never working for money.

Sure I earned a low to modest living, as an actor, in journalism, as a broadcaster, suffering from cheep clients in markekting, and up until the governor cut the budget in January 2008, as a professor, but that isn't why I did the work. My motivation was always the craft and what it could do for others. Starting theater companies or troops, directing teens in "Godspell" when I was 22 to introducing children to theater as a Viking or a Chef with Rainbow Company, entertaining or informing with my talents and skills and always giving back to the community.

Sound self serving? It really isn't, as I sit here with millions of others suffering in this dream crushing recession.

I really did pursue acting for the craft and the relationship with the audience and society. Remember, at my age, the focus was social and political commentary with art playing a key role in reflecting and altering the overall society.

Journalism and broadcasting find their root in my desire to teach and inform, providing audiences with what they need to know, both for their own interests and to ensure civil participation and responsiblity. From the start my radio and broadcasting experience has been rooted in community service (thank you, John Wenstrom).

So it is that this and my other blog, and a web site still under construction (worlds slowest contractor but he will produce an excellent and functional site. I approach these the same way I do acting, voice work, radio, television, commercial production (part of my past but very rewarding when I did produce and direct), SAG service and now teaching. It is here, offered free of charge or hidden motive, as a service using my background in the industry, in journalism and in education. My goal is to keep them useful, current and informative.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Either as a direct comment response or by contacting me at

Casting Directors and the SAG Awards

Variety takes a look at location and Hollywood casting directors and the role they played in the Screen Actors Guild nominated film and television projects. Of note are those who cast on location, taking a risk on "local talent".

Daily Variety and the Hollywood Reporter are both offering previews for the SAG Awards airing January 23 on TNT.

I would invite you to also see the items concerning Casting Directors located in the menu's to the right of this post.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

October SAG Board Meeting Report for Nevada Members

National Board Report from Nevada National Board Director Art Lynch

You should be receiving a printed Nevada SAG newsletter in the near future. The newsletter will also be posted on the SAG web site for Nevada. Please join me in thanking the SAG members mentioned in the print newsletter and who contributed to its content.

Strength in unity

This is the time “to find our true strength, rebuild unity, reach out and form unbreakable ties with our fellow labor partners and shift to what it is that binds us as performers,” is how Amy Aquino announced her return to the National Board and national office as our newly elected Secretary-Treasurer. She was addressing the Regional Branch Division (RBD) in Los Angeles. That two-day meeting preceded a two-day national board plenary and the national membership meeting at the Beverly Hilton in mid October.

Newly elected SAG President Ken Howard addressed the board and the national membership meeting by video from the New York SAG boardroom. President Howard promised he will work with everyone in moving forward, not just for SAG members, but for those who dream of this industry and for those who are less fortunate and in need of a union’s protection. He vowed to be hands-on president and is looking forward to meeting SAG members across the nation during his term in office.

After serving since January as the Interim National Executive Director, David White was hired as permanent National Executive Director during the weekend meetings. Over the course of the weekend he promised improvements in member to member communication and a greater transparency regarding the Branch budget process. He assured the RBD that he knows how important the Branches are in their service to the membership, and organizing in the Branches will be a high priority for SAG.

With twenty Branches, covering the United States, both union secure and “right-to-work for less”; a wide and deep pool of industry experience and contractual knowledge; and their inherent geographic differences, the Branches are in a position to the be the bellwether of changes occurring in the industry and in our society.

White stated he would focus on a strategic vision of where we are and where we want to go. In that vision we need to look and feel coherent, build momentum, communicate in a positive and effective way with our membership, achieve our current goals, and set new goals while operating in the reality of today’s economy and culture.

His approach to contract, wages, working conditions and organizing includes working with the large corporations, but also focuses on growth among local markets with individuals and companies who may grow into the new leaders of our industry and increase their capacity to employ our members. Toward this goal he is seeking open feedback and active participation by members and staff. He wants to listen to and learn from the membership.

Regarding industry relations, White notes we need to move forward with both hard and soft power – the hard power of the stars, our numbers, our profile in the labor industry, our brand identity and our reputation of being aggressive when we need to be; soft power in the need to build friendships, relationships, and membership trust, and maintain our integrity in dealing with management, other unions and the public. SAG carries a great potential to maximize both areas of strength, and we must overcome the “how to avoid dealing with SAG” mentality among producers, young filmmakers and even potential SAG members.

Concerning the polarizing in-fighting that has taken place over the last decade, White believes, “this has occurred because we have people who care.” The internal change is up to the membership and the board, but “we have an external reputation of fighting, militancy and being difficult.” White believes this image needs to also change, at least to say to the industry “you need to be working SAG, you can work with us.”

The National Executive Director would also like to see the full utilization of the web and electronic communication. He is particularly interested in the full potential of SAG-TV, with content generated for and by the Branches.

Organizing, communication and the key role of the Branches

Regional Branch Division Executive Director Linda Dowell echoed White’s focus on technology. An experiment is underway in Dallas to use staff-generated Twitter and web site announcements to keep members up to date on production, auditions, and other key market information as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

She asked the Branches to keep their radars on for production that could be done union, including low budget and student films, Internet and television pilots, commercials and industrials.

Organizing in the Branches falls to the Branch members, who need to identify qualified non-union talent and preach the benefits of being union. Over 26,000 non-union talent work SAG contracts on a regular basis, representing 52% of the work in commercial contracts alone. We need to get over the attitude of not wanting new members because new members compete for our work, and realize that qualified members competing will mean more work for all SAG members. The competition is non-union production and the non-union labor force.

New members versus limited growth

Another side of the issue of organizing is the conflict between needing new members and the cost of joining. Since initiation fees went up in 2007 the number of new joins is down, with the recession making things even more difficult. Payment plans, waivers for lower initiation fees and other incentives work, but only if you buy into a need to bring qualified non-union talent into the union.

Since political voice within the union is determined through apportioned representation, it is important for some Branches, including Nevada, to grow its qualified professional performer membership. My vote on your behalf is one vote versus 2.5 votes per board member from Hollywood, New York or the large Branches. This is based on member census.

Many key budgetary decisions are based on income generated within a Branch. Increased membership means increased income.

And of course increased membership puts a dent in the very serious problem of Taft-Hartley abuse in our Right-to-Work state. If you would like to make a difference in this area, please become an active member of the Organizing Committee.

Proposals discussed during the recent meetings included limiting the number of union vouchers allowed, setting time limits for eligible performers to join the union, invoking preference on the professionalism of background performers, and statutory obstacles that govern union organizing. The discussion and work of the various task forces responsible for these areas will continue and action plans will be developed and implemented where practical and legal. As always, the issue of membership professionalism on-set also came into play in the discussions concerning how and if membership should be encouraged to grow.

SAG Foundation

The SAG Foundation has been hit by this recession and will be cutting back on programs. They will be reducing the number of financially-supported BookPALS programs in the Branches and reducing staff in New York and Los Angeles. They have to put the needs and benefits of the membership first.

To that end the foundation will increase the “Liferaft” live video stream and on-line access to archives in the coming year. “Liferaft” offers programs on surviving the industry, the business of show business, casting, finding and keeping agents, taxes, money management, industry trends and other issues important to actors.

Rules, bylaws and governance

The bylaw standardization program remains in place, with additional revisions and fine-tuning to be done. Steve Dressler is working with Steve Fried of Arizona on Nevada’s structure.

Legislative priorities

Screen Actors Guild supports a host of federal and state legislative efforts that will help SAG membership and their families. Here in Nevada, we need to get members to actively campaign and support three key issues before the government in Nevada and Washington DC. Those interested in joining in the legislative efforts and really making a difference should contact me through our office. The time is now.

• SAG strongly and emphatically supports the Employee Free Choice Act.
• SAG favors Net Neutrality for the Internet.
• SAG supports real Health Care Reform that provides available and affordable care, but is opposed to increased taxation of existing benefits.

Loose lips sink ships

The Screen Actors Guild is a union, and thus governed by numerous federal, state, county and local statutes, including, but not limited to, the National Labor Relations Act. Because of our status as a labor union, there is much that cannot be discussed outside official channels or the privacy of the boardroom. Employers, various political factions and a growing and well-organized anti-union movement can use information to weaken our union.

There is a very real potential for loose lips to sink ships.

As board members we are held to a confidentiality agreement that can lead to charges within the union and even civil litigation. In some Branches, including Nevada, Branch officers and Council members-at-large are also elected as alternates to the national board, and are held to the same confidentiality criteria.

Much of the RBD meeting, and much of the SAG National Board Plenary were held under this umbrella of confidentiality, including financial and legal reports and actions needed by the board due to legal requirements of outside agencies. An example of these requirements can be found in the process of hiring David White for the National Executive Director, which was an entirely closed session. Staff and Branch presidents were asked to leave the room during the discussion and vote. Another example could be found during the National Right-to-Work [for less] Task Force meeting. Since much of the meeting dealt with organizing strategies and the fight against, among other things, Right-to-Work, this information must be kept from our enemies.

Guild Government

The National Board is divided into three divisions. In order of size they are Hollywood, New York and the Regional Branch Division (RBD). Nevada is part of the Regional Branch Division. The board meets in division meetings, in bicoastal video plenaries and, as we did in October, in full session as often as needed to do your business as your union.

Between regularly scheduled meetings, a National Executive Committee, selected by the elected Divisional directors, exists to handle matters for the Guild that cannot wait without incurring the expense of a full board plenary. Each division also has their own Executive committees to handle those issues specific to those Divisions. A large network of committees and task forces also meet as needed to handle the various aspects of your union. A hard working paid staff provides much of the day-to-day business support and executive functions. As a member you are free to contact any SAG staff member directly on issues of concern.

National Committees

Steve Dressler and I were very successful in lobbying for Nevada members to serve on as many of the constitutionally limited apportioned committee positions as possible. As a result, Nevada is one of the Branches with the highest number of representatives at the national level. Thank you to those members who stepped up to the plate to volunteer, both those who ended up on committees and those who were not chosen for a national committee spot.

For the first time ever, Nevada is now represented on the Regional Branch Division Executive Committee. It was my pleasure and with pride in all Nevada members that I accepted this key governmental seat.

As previously reported click this link to see which Nevada SAG members are serving on national committeed for the 2009-2010 year.

Othello Dec 4 to 20

Shakespeare's OTHELLO
Produced by the Insurgo Theater Movement
Directed by John Beane

December 4 to 20
900 E. Karen Ave #d114-d122
Las Vegas, NV
In Commercial Center.
near the Las Vegas Lounge

Remembering an actor for all media

Yes there is more to acting than being seen on prime time TV dramas. Actors work on stage, at conventions, in helping others through theropy, in teaching, in making this a better world. The actor who holds the record for playing the most roles in modern history worked across all borders and was ready to jump in on a moments notice.

The following is take directly from SAG Watch::

His Record May Never Be Broken

Jan Leighton
You’d never know it from his IMDB page, but the Guinness Book of Records says Jan Leighton played more different roles than any other actor in history.  Leighton’s career started on the stage, but he found his niche in commercials and voiceover, booking campaign after campaign.
He was known as an actor who would go anywhere to do any role, in any medium. His website noted “If you call Jan Leighton at 10 in the morning from New York City, he can show up and play the person before lunch–in full costume!”
Leighton was 87. He died in New York, after a stroke.

SAG Nevada President's Report

By Nevada SAG Branch President Steve Dressler

Congratulations to Screen Actors Guild new President Ken Howard, Secretary/Treasurer Amy Aquino, and newly appointed National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, David White.

Nevada National Board member Art Lynch, Nevada Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton, and I attended the October Plenary, and the October 18th National Membership Meeting. Also present at the National Membership Meeting were some of our Nevada members: Rick Rockne, Chris Rogers, Malinda Brozowski, and Quan Yin Colton.

At the Membership Meeting we had the opportunity to hear President Howard speak to the body via videoconference. Since President Howard was not able to Chair the meeting, Amy Aquino sat in his stead and did a spectacular job. There was peace and order in the house. I look forward to the Board accomplishing much in the next two years, especially in our relationship with AFTRA. On President Howard mentioned that his first priority is to reestablish SAG’s relationship with the other unions, the DGA, WGA, and AFTRA. That in the near future he would like to reunite with AFTRA in the upcoming TV/Theatrical negotiations so that we can work as one, and eventually this should lead to the two unions merging, where all actors are under one tent. David White has also pledged to work towards improving relations with AFTRA and the other unions.

Thank you to those who attended the Nevada General Membership Meeting on September 20th. We had a nice turnout, many questions were asked. I believe that answers were attained to member’s satisfaction, especially those answers given by our Branch Executive Steve Clinton. I would like to thank Executive Clinton for his stern love of unionism. He stays true to helping our members and doing what is right. Though he is not a SAG member, he is truly our brother.

Congratulations to our 2009 newly elected Council members Charlie DiPinto, Arttours Weeden, & Scott Mirne. Charlie and Arttours are returning council members, and we welcome Scott to the Nevada Branch Council. This year there were no contested races, so the expense of an actual election has been saved.

I would like to thank Lenny Turner for sharing his time and talent the past four years as a dedicated Council member. Lenny decided not to run this time around because he wanted to give someone else the opportunity to serve. Lenny still will be available to serve the needs of the Branch, volunteering for committees or wherever needed.

Recently I asked Chris Rogers to Chair the Nevada SAG Film Society. Chris responded joyfully with a resounding “yes”. He has been working diligently and making strides to accomplish the beginning stages of this endeavor. The Council and I thank you Chris for taking on such a challenge. I am pleased that we have members that want to get involved to make this Branch successful. Such as fairly new Council member Rick Rockne, who decided to jump in the cold water headfirst. He rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He Chaired the Nominating Committee and is serving on other Committee’s: Film Society, Conservatory, Right to Work, W&W, and wherever he is needed.
National Board member Art Lynch, a true unionist, has served this Branch for 16 years wearing many hats, and presently Chairs the Legislative Committee. Charlie DiPinto, Chair - Organizing Committee. Kim Renee, Chair - Young Performers Committee. All of your Council members and Officers (past & present) are here to serve you, and I thank them all. We are all volunteers, with no pay, putting in a lot of time and effort for the good of the members. We need your help.

For those who want to serve on the Film Society Committee or any of our other Committee’s…. Legislative, Organizing, W&W, Conservatory, please notify me at

Conservatory Chair Barbara Grant (also NV Branch Vice President) has brought in some exceptional people to teach, and share their knowledge and experience with our Conservatory members over the past years. Such names as Don Lewis Barnhart (director), Donn Finn, Shari Rhodes, Bill Dance (casting directors), Paul Napier, Brian Robert Taylor, John Armond, Fawnda McMahan, Carolyne Barry, Dan Decker, Allen & Sandra Robinson, John Milton Branton, Nate Bynum, Helaine Lembeck of The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop, Marvin Kaplan, Art Lynch and Charlie DiPinto, Carolyne Barry, and many more. Folks, I don’t think some of our members realize the talent that has been presented to us. To attend classes of this caliber in LA or NY would be very expensive. But it only costs our Nevada members $40.00 a year, or $20.00 a visit. If you want to stay fresh and fit in your gifts, keep exercising. The Conservatory is a great workout gym. Thank you Barbara for your dedication. Keep up the good work.

Please check the Nevada SAG Hotline for Conservatory and Event updates, or to contact Steve Clinton, at 702-737-8818.

It’s a little early but by the time you receive this newsletter it will be appropriate.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may the New Year bring you good health and happiness.

In Solidarity,
Steve Dressler
Nevada Branch President

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

End discrimination!

The Sceen Actors Guild supports passage of health reform legislation that will end bias and discrimination based on income, pre-exiting conditions, employer, portability and keeps all Americans from having health care coverage.

Please lobby your congressional members for rapid passage of heath care reform, including the public option. Senators Ensign and Congressman Dean Heller must be convinced to vote "yes".

We cannot afford another ten, twenty or fifty years of rising costs, unnecessary deaths, lapse of coverage, families having to give up everything, seniors skipping medications...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Dress for Dinner Cast

Las Vegas Little Theatre announces the cast for DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER:

Bernard... John Ivanoff
Jacqueline... Barbara King
Robert... Tony Blosser
Suzanne... Sarah Spraker
Suzette... Gillen Brey
George... John C. Hughes
Directed by Jay Joseph

Bernard is planing a weekend with his chic Parisian mistress in a French farmhouse. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights, is packing his wife Jacqueline off to her mother's, and has even invited his best friend to provide the alibi. It's foolproof; what could possibly go wrong?

by Marc Camoletti, Adapted by Robin Hawdon, plays January 8 - 24, 2010.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Support the Rainbow Company's production of the musical “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” opening Dec. 4 and runs through Dec. 13 at the Charleston Heights Arts Center, 800 S. Brush Street.

I have done shows with Rainbow Company and can tell you the talent and energy levels are very high and that as an adult working with them is an eye opening and wonderful experience.

I wss surprised to find myself in the Rainbow Company highlight reel, both as the Viking Weland in "Weland's Sword" and as the Clumsy Chef in "Cinderella."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The root of good acting by Backstage West

Backstage West offers a series of stories on "the root of good acting."

I recommend a subscription to Back Stage for any actor who is looking at relocating to LA and to every relative newcomer or beginner. The interviews and articles would cost big change if you were to pay for seminars by the people presented. The advice is the same, the only difference is you do not meet them in person, thus you are not seen.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the other room opens on Broadway

The Vibrator Play

"The Vibrator Play"was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, investigating a practice that was more common in the late 19th century than anyone previously thought. Medicine became enamored with electricity and machines, fininding them to be cure alls. The play is currently on Broadway and is a comedy about the times, relationships, being a woman and the women's movement. The sound clips from the play are intersting.

Box Office Record falls to sequal

Daily Variety reports that teenage romance and vampires are the new way to guarentee an audience and break records.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon” tore up the box office record for best opening day, grabbing the title away from Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight,” and earning a spectacular $72.7 million yesterday at 4,024 theaters."

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Past

For those that wonder how I looked way back when, this is from Christmas 1972, with then girlfriend and still life long friend Wendy Mybeck Stickney.

Happy Holidays to one and all...


Pamm Fair to leave SAG at the end of the year

SAG senior executive and Deputy NED Executive Director Pamm Fair will be leaving the Guild. Her publicly stated reasons include her family, a strong desire to work on a campaigns and issues important to Labor and the state of California, and to "consult on several initiatives and campaigns I find important, including the fight against tuition increases in California colleges and some key candidates I am truly excited about using my experience in new ways."

Below is the official Screen Actors Guild release on the impending staff change.

Screen Actors Guild today released the following statement:

Los Angeles, (November 20, 2009) -- Pamm Fair, who joined the Screen Actors Guild staff in 2002 and served as a deputy national executive director, is resigning from the organization effective December 31, 2009.  No immediate replacement will be named to her position and Fair remains on staff through the end of the year to transition responsibilities. 

Screen Actors Guild National President Ken Howard said, “On behalf of the Guild, I want to thank Pamm for her contributions and service to SAG members and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

National Executive Director David White said, “During her time with the Guild Pamm directed key efforts ranging from communications to high profile outreach. Over the last several years she has been engaged in redefining the Guild’s new media initiatives, organizing efforts and legislative advocacy on key Guild issues. Her contributions to the Guild have been varied and significant and I thank her for her dedicated service. I know I speak for all of us in wishing her continued success in this next phase of her journey.”

"Sorry Wrong Chimney" Auditions


On Sunday, November 22 at 5:00 PM the Stage Door Theatre in Town Square Las Vegas will be holding additional open auditions for its stage production of “Sorry Wrong Chimney”. This holiday themed comedy is tentatively scheduled to run December 11-26 and will have an intense rehearsal schedule between November 23 and December 10. Callbacks will be on a date yet to be determined.

The cast calls for 4 Men and 3 Women in their Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s as follows:

Samantha: Attractive Newlywed Housewife in her Mid -20’s

Natalie: Attractive Woman in her late 20’s / early 30’s with a sharp sense of humor

David: Ambitious but Struggling Young Executive, Newly Married to Samantha

William: Slightly unkempt Psychologist in his late 20’s early 30’s, married to Natalie.

Kris Kriegel: Male Burglar in his 20’s or 30’s wearing a Santa Costume.

Sheila: Female Burglar in her 20’s or 30’s. Kris’ Devoted Fiance

Policeman: Cop in his 20’s or 30’s. A Determined Disciple of Law & Order

All individuals wishing to be considered should prepare 1 comedic and 1 dramatic monologue totaling no more than 3 minutes. Sides will be distributed on the day of the audition. Please be prepared to improvise at callbacks. All those wishing to audition should also bring a resume summarizing their acting experience, their availability through the end of the year, and a headshot if available.


For more information email us at

URL: The Stage Door Theatre at Town Square

Roses Tonight! Support Barbara Grant's Passion!


A restless, middle-aged Shakespeare shares an intense, emotional meditation on his life in "Shakespeare's Roses."
Michael Hartnett presents an intense emotional portrait of the greatest writer of all time using the Sonnets to find his way into the mind of the very human man behind the genius. Presented as a staged reading tonight Friday, November 20, 2009 @ 8 p.m. at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living, 6711 W Alexander, Las Vegas NV 89108 

For tickets • 702-255-6412   or 702-240-6551
Tickets are $15.

A Presentation of
Las Vegas Shakespeare Company
Dan Decker, Artistic Director

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New tax law may impact residuals

AFTRA has an advisory out to members concerning changes in the IRS code that could negatively impact actors. The following is the text of the AFTRA statement directly from the AFTRA website:


2009 Tax Informational Advisory Notice to AFTRA Members

Posted November 18, 2009
12:00 PM PST
As we approach the end of the tax year, AFTRA members should be aware of a federal tax provision that may significantly affect certain compensation arrangements commonly found in personal services contracts or agreements covering professional performers.
In 2004, Congress enacted Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code. While this provision was intended to prevent corporate executive abuse of their deferred compensation agreements, for AFTRA members, there may be certain unintended consequences as a result of the broad definition of “deferred compensation” contained in the statute.
Personal services contracts providing for contingent compensation and profit participation rights, such as royalties, residuals, bonuses, and advances, and even severance pay, may inadvertently be covered by Section 409A. Moreover, Section 409A may penalize an acceleration of deferred compensation. Penalties and interest for compensation arrangements that are not in compliance with Section 409A may be substantial.
Although Section 409A was passed in 2004, the final IRS regulations took effect this year. The IRS has issued a notice permitting certain corrections until Dec. 31, 2009, to contracts containing deferred compensation arrangements to make sure they comply with Section 409A requirements. 
AFTRA is working towards a legislative solution to this problem. In the meantime, AFTRA strongly urges its members to consult with their tax professionals to determine whether Section 409A applies to their individual situation."

SAG Magazine

Your Screen Actor Magazine should be hitting your mailbox. SAG members should take the time to read the publication. As of this evening only the previous edition is available on-line in pdf format. You need to page through the old technology of our glossy mag to read the current issue.

The publication includes material on the 25th National President in our proud history as a union, and with Secretary Treasurer Amy Aquino. First Vice President Ann Marie Johnson in LA thanks our previsous president, while New York President (2nd National Vice President) Mike Hodge observes the Guild is experiencing "a new year, a new dawn, an new day." Our Regional Branch Division chair, National Third Vice President David Haretley-Margolin (DHM to all RBD members) tells why a merger with AFTRA remains a long way off.

Background Actors are featured as the national committee co-chairs share their views, along with a few others in key background zones. I was not asked to contribute, no were any of our local background artists, due to space considerations.

Two years of previous print national newsletters are archieved as pdf's on the SAG website.

Content for our local Nevada Actor was turned in to staff on November 11, along with a requested e-blast from myself as the National Board Director representing Nevada. At this time it remains under staff review. Previous Nevada Actor e-newsletters and print PDF's may be accessed at

Nevada SAG members feel free to pass your feedback through myself or through our SAG Executive Steve Clinton I serve on the National Communication Committee and am a past chair. I will pass your comments and observation on to the Editorial subcommittee, and if necessary SAG national staff.

Theater Wrap This Weekend for Las Vegas

A restless, middle-aged Shakespeare shares an intense, emotional meditation on his life in "Shakespeare's Roses." Michael Hartnett presents an intense emotional portrait of the greatest writer of all time using the Sonnets to find his way into the mind of the very human man behind the genius. Presented by Dan Decker and the Las Vegas Shakespear company ( as a staged reading tonight Friday, November 20, 2009 @ 8 p.m. at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living, 6711 W Alexander, Las Vegas NV 89108  For tickets • 702-255-6412 or 702-240-6551. Tickets are $15.

Truly Dually is a great musical about vets, homelessness and the people who help them. Funny and heart warming. Brought to you by U.S. Vets. Please come out and support our veterans and this great cause. Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 3pm at the West Las Vegas Library Theater at 951 W. Lake Mead Boulevard. Tickets available at the door or by calling Alex at 366-0456

"King and I? final stretch from Signature

It takes 68 people to make this show happen during each performance and they have made magic happen everytime. “The King and I” closes this weekend, the latest family full cast musical from Signature Productions.

"The Madwoman of Chaillot" closes its run this weekend, November 20, 21 at 7:30 and November 22 at 2 PM. Tickets are only $12 for adults, $10 for students and children. Performances are at the CSN Performing Arts Center, CSN Cheyenne Campus,  3200 E Cheyenne, North Las Vegas. Call 651-LIVE (651-5483) for tickets or information.

Mark Twain's Is He Dead" closes this weekend at the Little Theatre, with a featured performance by SAG's own Mary Ann Hebinck. For Show details contact the Little Theater.

Improv as audition prep. I have long been an advocate and teacher of improvisation, with the late Avery Screiber as a mentor and teacher. Backstage West features an article on using improv to prepare for any audition.

Since I mentioned Avery, I may as well also point out that prior to his death he honored us with several Conservatory sessions in Nevada over the course of a decade. I first met him in Chicago, or to my students on a planet far far away in the distant future...

A reminder that this weekend there will be auditions for a local improv comedy troop at Town Square.
Great American Theatricals announces upcoming auditions for company members of FREE BEER! The Improv Show at Town Square Las Vegas. Actors with improvisational theater experience are encouraged to audition. Familiarity with FREE BEER!’s format and style is helpful and recommended. Show information appears below if you would lie to check out the show prior to the auditions.

FREE BEER! Is a short-form improvisational comedy show that performs Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30pm at Town Square Las Vegas. Tickets are $20 and include your first drink. All performers are paid.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009, at 7:00pm at The Stage Door Theatre at Town Square Las Vegas. Please bring a headshot/resume and be prepared to have fun and improvise with other auditionees and current troupe members. Experience with improvised comedy is not required.

The Stage Door Theatre
6587 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite 174
Las Vegas, NV 89119

And of course I also offer improv classes, with special group rates possible. Contact me at

Do you have a play waiting to be produced? Do you know you have the next smash hit on your hands? Wait no longer.

Las Vegas Little Theatre is proud to announce it is accepting entries for it's Second Annual New Works Competition.

The Grand Prize winner will have their play produced and performed in May as part of LVLT's blackbox season.

All details are available on the LVLT website.

The contest is not limited to residents of Nevada.

Dam Short Film Festival

Films, volunteers, interns and sponsors needed.

Submissions and donations sought for small but large short film festival by Hoover Dam!
Submissions due December 1.

Festival February 11, 12 and 13, 2010.

Screenings are at the Historic Boulder Theater, courtesy of Desi Arnez Jr. and his wife. The Festival office, events and hospitality are located in the even more historic Boulder Dam Hotel.

Help keep a small but great short film festival alive!

I sit on the board and screening committees for a fun little short film festival, with international exposure and a high rate of films going on to success in other festivals.

Consider much appreciated sponsorships.

Businesses, attourneys, actors, writers, patrons of the arts will get exposure in ways larger festivals may not offer. Go to the web site or call to see how you can get your name out there...

We need volunteers to reach out to the film communities here, in LA and world wide.

Volunteer applications are being accepted for the festival dates.

There are for credit internships available through the College of Southern Nevada and the Art Institute.

Its also a great place to float your films...

Films go on to earn awards and distribution from other festivals or distributors.

It's a great place to show young (and even older) film makers the difference SAG talent makes.

And a fun excuse to visit Las Vegas (the Strip is 30 minutes away in a different valley in a world far far away from quiet Boulder City).

The amount we need and the cost of the festival will surprise you in how little will help us!

Looking for sponsors to keep small town world wide festival alive!

Dam Short Film Festival needs support to go into 7th season.

$75 to $30,000 great exposure for clients and fun.

The farm for top end!

Packages range from tickets, to booths, to on screen logo and exposure pre and post film, between films, to video and print advertising, packages, and so on....

No commissions.

No large salaries.

Volunteer festival international in scope.

The Dam Short Film Society

806 Buchanan Blvd, Ste 115-181
Boulder City, NV 89005
Fax 702-293-2164
2010 (at) damshortfilm (dot) org

Charlene Brewer, Executive Director:

Feel free to search the archieve of this blog and its sister blogs for more on the festival.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Public Radio's General Manager Ruth Seymore is retiring from KCRW at Santa Monica College, one of the most successful public radio stations in the country. Variety published a tribute.

I recommend the station to actors and performers for its coverage of the industry, and to everyone else for its music programming and on-line networks. The theme for the "Soprano's" and many other major movie and TV soundtrack hits were "discovered" on the station.

Weekly industry programs, available by podcast, include The Business and the Treatment.

Despite being a Los Angeles broadcast station, Internet listenership is so strong that KCRW shows up in the New York radio market ratings.

Early childhood arts program through Wolf Trap and Las Vegas arts center

From a press release, a new asset beings programs for Las Vegas and Nevada


After a successful first session, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is pleased to introduce The Southern Nevada Wolf Trap Early Learning Through The Arts education program to five new preschools. The internationally respected program provides innovative arts-based teaching strategies and services to early childhood educators, parents and children up to five years old through the disciplines of drama, music and movement.

The Southern Nevada Wolf Trap Early Learning Through The Arts is one of 16 regional programs of Wolf Trap and is in partnership with United Way of Southern Nevada Success By 6 and Citi in Nevada.

The Smith Center launched the program by establishing classroom residencies in ten local preschools and plans to work with a total of 20 classrooms. The residencies span seven consecutive weeks, pairing five local teaching artists with early childhood educators. Together they will develop, refine and evaluate new performing arts teaching strategies.

“We have seen a tremendous response from the students and teachers who participated in the first Wolf Trap program,” says Candy Schneider, director of education and outreach for The Smith Center. “The children are more engaged and excited about learning and we are thrilled to introduce this outstanding program to new students.”

Each teaching artist will visit their classroom twice a week in 30-minute sessions. The Smith Center selected the teaching artists earlier this year and each completed Wolf Trap residency training. All of the teaching artists are accomplished in their respective fields, which range from choreographer, dancer and author to violinist, actress and vocalist.

“Early learning programs can have a tremendously positive effect on children, families and the broader community,” says Myron Martin, president and chief executive officer of The Smith Center. “The Southern Nevada Wolf Trap program is just one of many programs that The Smith Center will offer to the community. Education is at the heart of our mission.”

The Smith Center will develop The Southern Nevada Wolf Trap Early Learning Through The Arts resident program to reach additional preschools through classroom residencies and offer professional development workshops for local teachers.

About The Smith Center

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is a public/private partnership that will become the centerpiece of cultural life in Las Vegas offering a blend of performances by resident companies as well as first-run touring attractions. The 4.75-acre cultural complex will feature inviting lobbies with beautiful balconies, refined acoustics and a tastefully landscaped plaza linking surrounding hotels, restaurants, shops and offices in downtown’s 61-acre urban development, Symphony Park. Home to the 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall and the Boman Education Building, The Smith Center will be a living room for Las Vegas; a place that will educate, entertain and excite the citizens of our great community. The Smith Center broke ground in May of 2009 and is projected to open in 2012. For more information about The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, please visit

Fun web site...just for fun..and be patient

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands .

Take a look at HEMA's product page (catalog) - just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens.  Watch it to the end. DON't click on any of the items in the picture; just wait.

This company has a sense of humor and a great computer programmer, who has too much time on his hands.

Madwoman at CSN Cheyenne Campus

"The Madwoman of Chaillot" closes its run this weekend, November 20, 21 at 7:30 and November 22 at 2 PM. Tickets are only $12 for adults, $10 for students and children. Performances are at the CSN Performing Arts Center, CSN Cheyenne Campus,  3200 E Cheyenne, North Las Vegas.

Call 651-LIVE (651-5483) for tickets or information.

Las Vegas Theaters (partial list and contact links)

Theater Companies and Cultural Centers
(a partial listing)

Any theater companies, auditions, notes 
or suggestions are appreciated.

Atlas Theater Ensemble
Town Square Theater

Charleston Heights Arts Center
800 South Brush, Las Vegas, NV, 89107  (702) 229-6383.
375-seat theatre with a 30’x35’ proscenium stage, 
a 60’x150’ ballroom, a conference room and a 20’x30’ art gallery.

Clark County (Flamingo) Library

1401 E. Flamingo, Las Vegas  NV  89154  (702) 607-3400
Main and Jewel Box Theaters

Clark County Government Center Amphitheater
500 South Grand, Las Vegas  NV  89106  458-8300

Community College of Southern Nevada Performing Arts Center
3200 East Cheyenne Avenue, Phone: 702-651-5483
Horn Theater and Little Theater

East Las Vegas Community/Senior Center
250 North Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89101, (702) 229-1515
Ballroom; multipurpose room; pottery, recording and dance studios; 
computer resource lab; aerobics room; class and conference rooms; 
and commercial kitchen. Geared to surrounding Latino neighborhoods.

Jade Productions
(702) 263-6385  Est. 1999, various venues

Las Vegas Little Theater
3850 Schiff Drive  (702) 362-7996
Est. 1978. Acting classes available also.

Las Vegas Shakespeare Theatre (LVShakes)

Nevada Dance Theatre / Nevada Ballet Theater
1555 East Flamingo Road  (702) 732-3838

Nevada Opera Theater
4080 Paradise Rd # 15
Las Vegas, NV 89169-4836
(702) 238-0986

Off Broadway Theater 
900 Karen Avenue  (702) 737-0611
Acting classes available also.

Rainbow Company Children’s Theater
The Rainbow Company
821 Las Vegas Blvd., North
Las Vegas, NV 89101
tel (702) 229-6553 - fax (702) 382-5199
Reed Whipple Box Office:  (702) 229-6211
Charleston heights Box Office:  (702) 229-6383

Reed Whipple Cultural Center 
(Home of Rainbow Children’s Theater Company) 
821 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Las Vegas, NV  89101 
(702) 229-6211.
300-seat multi-purpose theatre with lighting and sound 
and a 45’x24’ proscenium stage; 80-seat studio theatre; 
a 40’x60’ dance meeting rooms, conference rooms, 
arts and crafts room, pottery studio and an  art gallery.

Signature Theater
(content information pending)

Stagedoor Theatre
Town Square
6587 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(7020 949-6123 ex. 1

Summerlin Library & Performing Arts Center
1771 Inner Circle  Las Vegas  NV  89134  (702)256-5111

Super Summer Theater
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
PO Box 81947
Las Vegas, NV, 81980-1947

Theatre in the Valley
812 San Gabriel Avenue, Henderson NV 702-558-7275

University of Nevada Performing Arts Center
For College Theater / Music / Dance programs 
students and community patronage.
4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas (702) 895-3535
Artemus W. Ham, opened 1976.  
1870 seating capacity, lobby, green room, 
dressing room, production offices, no rigging.
Judy Baley Theater, opened 1972.  500 seating, 
proscenium stage, green room, dressing rooms, rigging system.
Black Box Theater, small flexible venue, 
movable tiered seating for various stage configurations 
such as theater in the round.

West Las Vegas Arts Center
947 West Lake Mead Boulevard., 
Las Vegas, NV, 89106  (702) 229-4800.
Dance and music studios, an arts and crafts room, 
community gallery and conference room, 
offers a variety of classes and programs, 
emphasis on African American culture and heritage.

Winchester Community Center Theater
3130 S. McLeod  Las Vegas  NV  89121 (702)458-7340

Judgement Day

Some thoughts on how we judge others....