Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I: 2009 Glossary



IATSE - International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees; the union that represents most off-camera crewmembers.

 ICM – International Creative Management. A major entertainment packaging company for talent in all areas of media and entertainment. Launched as an alternative to traditional and often restrictive agencies, ICM provides a full package of services to its clients, including investment and production financing.

IMPROVISATION- The presentation of unscripted material. This technique is becoming increasingly common for auditions and in performance due to changes made possible by the new technologies and a shift in the industry from writer driven to camera driven production decisions. Improvisation does not have to be comedic or follow any of the “theater game” formats. Its value lies in creating believable characters, situations, environments and conflicts in a natural fashion.

INDUSTRIAL - Non-broadcast film or video, usually of an educational nature. Industrial may also apply to a fixed continuous loop presentation used to inform or advertise services in the context of a hotel or other property. Employee training or orientation presentations are also examples of industrial videos or films.

INFO-TAINMENT- is a term coined to refer to entertainment product that is used primarily to promote a commercial event, property or product. The first infotainment on a large network scale may have been a television adventure crafted to promote the opening of a Las Vegas Strip Hotel Resort, the Treasure Island. The event, produced by hotel owner Steve Wynn, had major creative talent behind it, name actors, a plot and full television film adventure production values. It was, however, primarily a vehicle to make audiences aware of the new hotel-resort and draw audiences to Las Vegas. By being a full-scale film, the two-hour NBC-TV Sunday night event was able to get around prohibitions on advertising gambling in many states. Today “infotainment” has been expanded to include a wide range of exercise, diet, get-rich-quick late night paid programming. Actors are compensated for their work, but beware the nonunion work as it can result in heavy exposure with no additional compensation, and actually get in the way of future work opportunities.

INSERTS - Shots, usually close-ups of hands or close business, inserted into previously shot footage.

INT. (Interior) - A scene shot indoors. Also see Exterior.

"IN" TIME - The actual call time or start time; also, return time from a break.

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