Friday, August 7, 2009

L: 2009 Glossary


LA CASTING- A private company that has made great inroads in on-line casting, particularly in the national commercials category. The company holds information on all actors currently represented by LA based talent agents, including photos, which it provides free to producers, directors, ad agencies and casting directors. For fee actors are encouraged to update their own information, post video and audio and links to the talent’s own web sites. The system submits and automatically sets up casting session times for agents via –mail.

LASER- Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The basis for information transfer or transmission using light beams. Most computer based media, including CD’s, use laser technology. Yes, high intensity radiation can be used as a weapon, but there is no potential of being zapped out of existence by your CD player.

LASERDISC- a flat disc resembling a phonograph album, designed to play a pre-recorded video with a high standard of line or image resolution. While higher in resolution than DVD, the size of the disc, cost of manufacturing, lack of easy interface with laptop or portable computers, and limitations on both amount of programming per side and amount of data recorded, have relegated this format to professional storage media rather than consumer use.

LIABILITY INSURANCE- Insurance protecting the production company against negligent acts by those hired to do certain professional tasks, usually high-risk tasks. The most common application involves driving vehicles.

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) – Combines the limited liability of a corporation with the lack of formalities found in a partnership.

LIMITED MANAGEMENT- a manager, business manager or other arrangement where there may be some direct consulting concerning the investment or management of funds. Limited management agreements free of the “consultant” manager of most liability, putting legal and financial responsibility on the talent being managed.

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP – Most common way of arranging finances for a show, also can be used in financing film productions.

LINE PRODUCER – Has the task of weekly show production in television.

LINK- One of two major on-line submission services in the United States and Canada, “The Link” is the primary service used by motion picture and television production companies, and to a lesser extent commercial and theater producers, to transmit casting information to talent professionals. Run by the Breakdown Services, The Link is described on their web site as “a service provided to talent representatives in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  The Link combines various databases of actors with the Breakdowns.  It gives talent representatives the ability to submit their clients’ pictures and resumes to casting directors over the Internet for the specific roles mentioned in the Breakdowns.  In Los Angeles, the database of pictures and resumes is based on the Academy Players Directory. In New York, the database is Players’ Guide.  In Canada, the database is all union actors in the Union of British Columbia Performers. (

Casting directors can access the leading databases of actors through our website by obtaining a password from Breakdown Services.  This password will give the casting director access to the Academy Players Directory (, Players’ Guide (, and UBCP Talent On-line (

LINE PRODUCER - The producer responsible for keeping the director on time and budget; generally the most visible producer actually on the set. The Director in film is responsible for the creative vision of the product. This varies with televisions and commercials between producers, networks, clients and other interest. In Theater the creative vision may be the producers’ or directors, but is most often that of the writer.

LIP-SINC – indicates making a voice fit the movements of the on screen talents mouth, or visa versa where the actor makes their movements’ fit pre-recorded sound tracks or lines.

LLC - LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY- a form of business organization designed to offer some of the protection of a corporation while allowing the flexibility and some of the informality of a partnership. This structure is preferred by management and in many cases talent, for single project or small groups of projects.

LONG SHOT (LS) - A camera shot that captures the performer's full body.

LOOPING - An in-studio technique used to fix dialogue already performed during principal photography by matching voice to picture. See also ADR, which is often referred to as “looping” because ADR work is done on the same stage or at the same facility as looping.

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