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Live Up to a Standard: Ray Favero Casting


Live Up to a Standard


   “I am an actor” is how Ray Favero feels every member of SAG should introduce themselves, and mean it. Favero is a member of Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA and Equity. He is a Las Vegan whose training includes former Lee Strassburg Studio New York and Hollywood Studio Director, fellow Las Vegan Joseph Bernard. Favero has turned down casting projects in favor of stage or film acting roles, and in turn turned down other roles because of commitments to casting projects.

  “The term ‘actor’ is frightening to a casting director, whose primary goal is to find talent who will look on camera as if they are real people and not actors” freelance casting director Ray Favero told a SAG Conservatory session.

    “They are looking for reality, not the stage.”
    “With the technology of the camera, microphones, video studio and computers audiences do not buy acting. They buy reality.”

     Favero assisted Marilee Lear and Ellen Lewis (casting director for 1994 Best Picture “Forrest Gump”) in the casting process for the movie “Casino”. He learned that the words of the famous Stella Adler ring true, when she said, “you do not have a profession today. When anybody on the street can do it...there are no standards.”
    Favero says that she goes on to preach that we, as actors, have to take the time and have the pride to have standards, despite the system.

    “We have to base ourselves in a standard” believes Favero. "It is a profession we have to work at to prove to them that they can trust us with more than one line.”

   He told of actors flown in first class from LA or NYC to deliver five and under roles “because the director knew they could do the job”.

    Favero advises even the most experienced actors to continually perform, study and to take the time to observe “real people” to see how they act, what they do.

    “The people who get the work in this town are people who study their craft, their art form, who are reliable, who are relaxed and confident at an audition and who know how to be known.”

FIRST Published 2/9/2008 on this blog

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