Friday, August 7, 2009

M: 2009 glossary


MANAGER- see Personal Manager, Business Manager and Total Management.

MARK - The exact position(s) given to an actor on a set to insure that he/she is in the proper light and camera angle; generally marked on the ground with tape or chalk.

MARKER  - A verbal cue that the take has been identified on camera both verbally and with the slate board.

MASTER SHOT - A camera shot that includes the principal actors and relevant background activity; generally used as a reference shot to record the scene from beginning to end before shooting close-ups, over-the-shoulders, etc.

MATCHING ACTIONS - The requirement that the actor match the same physical movements in a scene from take to take-in order to preserve the visual continuity. A MATCH SHOT is when the actions in two shots are matched so as, when edited, the action appears to be natural and part of one continuous flow.

MEAL PENALTY - A fee paid by the producer for the failure to provide meals or meal breaks as specified by the contract.

META-THEATER - “Meta-theatre” is generally agreed to be a device whereby a play comments on itself, drawing attention to the literal circumstances of its own production, such as the presence of the audience or the fact that the actors are actors, and/or the making explicit of the literary artifice behind the production. An example would be the character of “Don Quixote”, who looks for situations he wants to be a part of, not waiting for life, but replacing reality with imagination when the world is lacking in his desires. A character is aware of his own theatricality.

MINI-DISC - a 2.5-inch optical disc encased in a sleeve for use in portable audio players and recorders. Used in file d audio work, however MP3 and other formats are making the disc less popular.

MINISERIES - a “long form” dramatic presentation that airs in multiple parts, usually in the same calendar week.

MIXER - Chief of the sound crew; responsible for the quality of the sound recording on a shoot.

MOBISODE- a video or computer generated product produced or adapted for use on cellular phones, video phones, iPods, MPEG and other portable digital electronic viewing devices. The first commercial mobisode drama was a spin off of ABC TV’s “Lost”. Music videos, segments or excerpts from film and television products proceeded product produced specifically for new digital media.

MODIFICATION CLAUSE - A protective clause in an agreement or contract stating that once the document is signed, any alteration must also be signed by all parties responsible. Artist and management both use this to protect the creative, financial and intellectual property of a project, business or artistic work.

MONEY LINE - The advertisers slogan or the key line in a theatrical script, upon which actors’ interpretation is not only key but also said to influence the casting decisions of the advertiser, producer, director or decision maker. The way a specific key line in any script is interpreted and presented to best communicate the intended message in a memorable fashion.

MOS (Mitt Out Sound/Motion Only Shot/ With Out Sound) - Any shot without dialogue or sound recording.  “Mitt” is German for “with”. When the predominantly German and/or Yiddish-speaking immigrants who helped launch the motion picture industry gave commands, the word remained. Many spoke fluent English, but still used that word in place of with in every day conversation.

M.O.W. - Movie of the week often extended to include “long form” or  “miniseries” formats as well.

MP3 - M-Peg 3 is a computer based digital audio storage program and format. Other formats including M-Peg 4 are in use or development on an ongoing basis. His format allows for the transmission over long distances of high quality audio, including but not limited to the recording of professional audio for music, video and film applications.

MS - is short for MEDIUM SHOT, or a shot where most of the talent body can be seen. This can also mean the shot between a long shot and a close up of any object, or a shot where only portions of the bodies of a group of people are seen.

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