Friday, August 7, 2009

N: 2009 Glossary


NATAS – National Association of Television Arts and Sciences.

NEW MEDIA- an umbrella term for all of the new technologies which have evolved over the past ten to fifteen years (including the cable industry as we know it, the Internet, CD-ROMs and all forms of broadband transmission), often falls outside of or at the fringe of union contracts with minimal compensation for the use of talent.

ND MEAL (NON DEDUCTABLE MEAL) - A 15 minute meal break provided to actors by the production company to bring actors in sync with crew break time. It must be completed within 2 hours of performers call time.

NOTES – Critique of a performance, usually done live as part of a clean-up process.

NTSE - National Television Standards Committee. North American television standards, named for the committee that adopted it in 1948, updated for color in 1948. The standard uses 525 scanning lines, though not all of them are ‘active’ (visible) on the screen.

NIGHT PREMIUM - A surcharge for certain work performed after 8 p.m.

NOVELLA - a method of presenting novel, or novel-like stories on a continuing storyline basis over weeks or programming. The difference between a Novella and a Soap Opera, is that Novella’s, like books, have beginnings, middle s and a specific ending.

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