Friday, August 7, 2009

O: 2009 Glossary


OFF-CAMERA (OC or OS) - Dialogue delivered without being on screen.

OFFERINGS – Opportunities to invest in a show.

OPEN CALL – A set time for auditions.

OPERATING BUDGET – How much it will cost to run a stage show each week.

OPERATOR - the person who runs something, usually an assistant cameraman running a camera dolly or crane. The person who runs the camera on the actual shot, after the shot has been established and set up by the Director of Photography (DP) or Camera Operator (CO).

OPTION - is a contact where the production company has the right to use an actor during a specialized period of time, or to have first right of refusal on a renewal of contract or on new projects.

OPTION AGREEMENT – Producer buys the right for a specific length of time, to produce an author’s work.

OS - is short for Off Screen in the script, indicating voice or sound occurs outside the field of vision of the camera.

OSCARS - The Academy Awards, from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

OUTGRADING- is when an actor does not appear as a principal in the final produced version of a commercial. When an actor is “out graded” they are not entitled to additional use fees or residuals.

OUT OF FRAME - An actor outside the camera range.

OUT TAKE- a scene or segment of film that is rejected for reasons of performance or technical standards. Those that are comic when viewed may be reserved as “bloopers” or “post real b-roll”

"OUT" TIME - The actual time when you are released after you have changed out of wardrobe and make-up.

OVERDUBBING - In studio singing or voice work, the process of laying one soundtrack over another.

OVERSCAN – The actual image captured on the master film or tape. This image is greater and shows more then will be seen in the “cropped” or “scanned” image in the final product.

OVER-THE-SHOULDER - A shot over the shoulder of one actor, focusing entirely on the face and upper torso of the other actor in a scene; generally shot in pairs so both actors expressions can later be edited together.

OVERTIME (OT) - Work extending beyond the contractual workday.

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