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Your assistance in building and updating the list of photographers which follow this article, first written in 2003. As Always your feedback is also appreciated.
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   Perhaps the most important investment and decision an actor can make is on their headshots. Your photo is your calling card and what gets you in the door.
   This is a partial list and by no means an endorsement of any of the following Las Vegas photographers. As with agents, casting directors and other services utilized by actors, there is a transience that may mean that highly competent photographers, and those of a lesser quality may be available in town at any given time. Also these photographers may have moved or formed alliances with other businesses.

For additional information on this topic and a list of studios, click on "read more" below.

   Best advice is to use the list provided by the Nevada Motion Picture Division, and consider the use of Los Angeles area based photographers as well. Find the photographer who is best for you, who understands industry trends, who will provide an honest photo that looks like you will look when you walk into the audition and that shows the magic that is behind your eyes. There are many books available with chapters on how to select a photographer and what type of photographs to consider (including those listed in this directory). I suggest reading more than one authors advice on the subject of headshots prior to taking on one of the larges expenses any actor must invest in.
   But do not take too long. Headshots are our business cards, our way of getting in the door and getting hired. They are an essential tool.
    Take a look at the quality of the photographs, including how human they make those photographed look (particularly the eyes), how natural and if the photographer understands the “real person” aspect of the motion picture and television industry. See if they can capture the character shots and more serious personality of theatrical photos, and the upbeat images you see on television in commercials. Check on their ability to take “commercial print”, which is means to make a person seem alive and positive in a still photograph. See if they are aware of current trends in theatrical and commercial headshots in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.
   While fashion photography and glamour photography are not the same as theatrical that does not mean that photographers who work in glamour or fashion cannot take quality headshots. In Los Angeles, however, seek photographers who specialize in commercial and/or theatrical headshots. Networking with other actors works, but be aware that the actors you network with may not understand current industry standards in photographic representation of actors. I encourage avoiding digital original, stay with film. The reason is 35 and large format film captures a texture far close to the human eye, does not have the “halo” or other effects of dot matrix digital photography and often lacks a feeling of depth. I do not discourage the digital processing of photography, as long as the original has the advantage of film emulsion. I also strongly recommend a smiling and a more serious shot, plus any other emotional look that best suits the talent. Remember you should look the way you will when you walk into the casting call, preferably a character look close to who you are in your daily life. Remember also, that the look should be one you can achieve within one hour of receiving the phone call.
    For low cost, but less professionally experienced test shots, try the Community College, UNLV, local photography schools, public relation specialists and others with the equipment and ability to understand lighting, skin tones and capturing human emotions through the talent’s eyes. Remember that professional photographers who work with the industry on a daily basis will be aware of trends, styles, techniques and processing professionals to fit the film, television, modeling and entertainment industry standards.  As a rule talent in the west should seek out Los Angeles based photographers, east New York based. The advantage of hometown photography is travel and in most cases cost effectiveness. Your photo is your business card, sample, brochure, primary business tool and statement of who you are and that you are a professional performer.
    Agents usually have a list of photographers they prefer to work with. Consult with your agent first.
   All of the photographers listed can do more than the specialty assigned to them in this listing. This is a partial list as of April 2003 and does not represent an endorsement of any of the photographers, companies or services. There are many photographers and services to consider. In addition to the list below, contact the Remmington Agency, CastingCallEntertainment or Kim Flowers International for additional photographers lists.

C&E Photo Management                           Fashion, Glamour, Theatrical,
Staci Michelle Virga                           Headshots, Zed, Commercial,
702) 940-9011                           Full Service, multiple phtgs.

Jerry Metellus Photography         Fashion, Glamour, Theatrical,
(702) 384-7844                           Commercial, Headshots, Full Service
Louis C Fox Photography                  Basic Headshots
          (702) 255-1465

Kelly Garni Photography                           Commercial
          (702) 433-8873

Paul Fendon Photography                  Commercial
         (702) 621-1749

Hobo Foto: Annie Dobb                           Fashion, Commercial
         (702) 889-3033

New View Photography:
Evon Shahan                           Fashion, Glamour
         (702) 732-2349

Carlo Roncancio Photography                  Fashion, Glamour
         (702) 733-7226

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