Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SAG Communications, commentary by Art Lynch

This web site on Blogger is not a Guild web site. It not funded, affiliated with or in any way a function of the Screen Actors Guild or SAG-AFTRA. It is written and distributed by myself as a service to the creative community in Nevada, nationally and for any students or community members interested in acting, film and the arts.

The following is a report I have written to help bring SAG-AFTRA members up to date on the work of and status of SAG-AFTRA Communications, the SAG-AFTRA National Communication committee, the SAG-AFTRA web site and other web based services, which as members, they are able to use and benifit from.

The official SAG-AFTRA web site and SAG-AFTRA itself use of the web is constantly changing and updating under a  plan to make the union accessible and active for our members coast to coast. I serve or have served on Regional Branch Division Executive Committee, Young Performers, Background Performers, Communication, Web sub-committee, On Line Task Force and as co-chair of New Technologies. These committees and others have been working with staff to improve use of, access to and value for SAG's communication with membership and approachability for the overall film community. There are many innovations to come. Your feedback, ideas and, if any, bug reports are appreciated and will be acted upon.

If you have not done so already, take advantage of the SAG Foundations live LifeRaft web seminars as well as archived seminars and conversations at the SAG Foundation web site.

You have seen increasingly frequent local and national updates to your e-mail form the guild. If you have not given the union your e-mail, please do so at today’s meeting. It will be used only for Guild business and to keep you informed of upcoming events or business you should be aware of.

iActor is up, running and constantly being revised and updated. If you would like for producers and casting directors to find you, it is important you get on iActor and keep your listings up to date. It is free for SAG members. It is not the high tech system that was planned, so use of private sites, which you select as part of your own marketing decisions, is encouraged. I would, however, update your union records on agents, contacts, e-mail, home address and other key information to make it possible for producers to fine you and for you to be contacted for potential work.

Costs and the recession have decreased the unions  ability to have frequent print newsletters, post cards or fliers. It is important you join the on-line community. Every library, most recreations centers, most employers and perhaps your friends or family members will help you to have access to the SAG-AFTRA web site and communications.

Finally, the e-blasts and newsletters need to meet your needs and reflect what you would like to know or be kept updated on by your union. Please feel free to see me , email me, or call me at (702) 454-1067. And of course your contributions are always welcome. We can only pass on what we are given by our members, your elected representatives and staff. 

An archive of select past SAG Nevada Newsletters is available at: There are limitations placed on us by budget and Guild policy, however it should be easy to see how you can help contribute to Nevada Branch communications.

For additional updates and information concerning the Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild go to:

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