Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Actors Equity Association (AEA) Union representing stage actors. AEA- Actors' Equity Association is often called simply "Equity". Equity represents stage actors, select stage hands and live theater professionals. Equity organizes employer by employer, or by geographic area, whereas SAG and AFTRA organize by primarily by industry. 
To join Equity requires qulifying through a number of possible tracks of membership. The most common is to earn "equity points" through waiver or working in Equity productions. Internships and other avenues remain open for select areas of Equity membership.
There is no chapter in Nevada, but there is an equity organization and there is an association of Equity talent. The Nevada Equity information line is (702) 452-4200. 
Equity for Nevada  includes regional casting calls, since there is little equity work other than “guest artist” contracts in Nevada. The fixed productions on the Strip are affiliated with Equity in New York or Los Angeles, but must have local auditions according to the most common Equity contracts. In England and much of the British Commonwealth, Equity has jurisdiction over film and television as well as theater. Most foreign Equity film or TV contracts are buy-outs and do not contain the residuals or use fees found in American union contracts.

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