Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is the industry clipping its own wings with high prices and poor quality?

3D Movie prices to go up, again and again!

Tickets to see a 3D film will go up another 25 to 50% as theaters seek to spend more on increasing the number of 3D screens and to make up for losses in other areas. Meanwhile, Variety reports that the quality of the 3D movies that are shown is liable to go down, as an inferrior technology is bieng used to add 3D o existing films and rerelease them, despite losing the inegrity of the origional directors and producers.

NPR asks when will you stop buying tickets. At $10, at $20, at $50. Prices could rise into those premium levels as long as audiences are willing to fork out the dollars and distributors feel they need to take advantage of 3D to recover from upgraded and and other expenses. A Variety story also questions the rise in prices, as the public is just now getting hooked and if you price them out of the market, will that simply clip the wing of the new firebird of the movie industry?

In defense of the distributors, they have seen their side of the profit margin drop radically in this recession, as licensing fees and other expenses go up at levels far above inflation. Maybe that is why the kid who makes the decision as manager still has acne.
First published 3/28/2010

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