Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nevada Casting Companies

Casting Companies Active in Nevada

Nevada companies that may cast roles or play host to production company casting directors include:

(702) 938-2665

Casting Entertainment
(702) 207-4447 

Goldman and Associates
(702) 990-3210 phone

Lear Entertainment
(702) 438-9111

On Location Casting
(702) 917-5501

Red Agency
(702) 242-1770
(702) 866-5924

Wild Streak Talent
(702) 252-8382

Central Casting has entered the market on a per-production basis. When they return details will be posted on and

This list is constantly changing. Please provide additional companies and links as you become aware of them. Your help is appreciated. Note that casting companies are hired by and represent production companies / management. They are not agents or talent managers. Their job is to find the right people for the job, make sure they do the job and save the production company money when possible. This list does no endorse or guarantee any of the companies listed above. Be a smart consumer and check with your fellow performers/

Listed as of 6/16/2011

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