Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SAG Franchised Talent Agents in Nevada

Talent Agencies

Baskow, J &Associates
Full Service (All Ages)

2948 E. Russell Rd.
Las Vegas, NV  89120
(702) 733-7818

Lenz Agency
Full Service (All Ages)

1591 East Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV  89109
(702) 733-6888

Remington Agency
Full Service (All Ages)

123 Heather Dr., Henderson, NV 89002

(702) 547-3620

eNVy Model & Talent Agency
Full Service (All Ages)

101 Convention Center Dr.
Las Vegas, NV  89109
(702) 878-7368

Best Agency
Full Service (All Ages)
5565 South Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 889-2900

Should you have any agency-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact SAG’s National Agency Department in Los Angeles at (323) 549-6745, or Nevada Executive Director Steve Clinton at (702) 737-8818 or 800-SAG-0767, x7.

SAG actors are required to either work direct with producers or use a SAG Franchised Agency. No other agent should be commissoned or compensated for the services of SAG talent.  Use of an agent is recommended due to the bonding and other protections required by the Guild. Non-union talent are not protected under SAG Franchise agreements, but by virture or good practice should list only with SAG agents in Nevada.

Baskow is the oldest continuously owned and operated agency in Nevada. Lenz is the longest operating agency in the state and has been under current management for over a quarter of a century. Both are full service agencies.

Remington is the new kid on the block. The focus on motion picture, television and commercial talent. Affiliated agency representation also offered in Hollywood and elsewhere.

eNVy, Best and other agencies in Nevada focus primarily on modeling and convention work. These area of work are not under the jurisdiction or protection of SAG, AFTRA or Equity. They do represent SAG talent for film and television as well.

Talent Agencies are covered by full employment agency licenses in Nevada. Managers are not. SAG has no jurisdiction over talent managers, nor any ability to track, recommend or protect talent involved in a management contract.

While agents can negotiate a split fee among each other, jurisdiction is state liscenced. For that reason it is best to find SAG Franchised agents in each state in which you work at talent.

Agents are not to recommend specific instructors, schools, photographers, video services or providers of retail opportunities. They may provide you with a list of services they know will do the job for you, but not specific. Nor should they host, own or operate any related industry business. Agents work for you. They earn their money when they find actors work.

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