Saturday, May 12, 2012


The following will not appear as written in the official SAG newsletter. This is the version as written and submitted. I have approved the version that will appear in the May e-newsletter:

"Domestic Run-away-production" is an issue for SAG actors in Hollywood. Most define run-a-way any anything that does not shoot in Hollywood. 

A kinder gentler definition is production that does not take place within a SAG studio or background zone, or is done non-union in Right-to-Work states.

So what is the definition of "Run-a-way Production?"

It depend on your prism from where you live, what contracts you work under and if you are strongly union or less committed to earning a true living under union contracts.

Officially SAG views as production that leaves the country to film across the boarder or overseas. That is the view as a union body, not of individual members. 

As the economy tightens and the business models of the industry shift, every job is looked upon by SAG members as a job that should have been shot in their local jurisdiction.

Best advice: be ready to travel and seek out work wherever you can afford to travel to earn money under contract, while keeping all of your local connections and feelers active.

As an example, a group of Nevada SAG members recently traveled to Hawaii to work on “Pirates of the Caribbean” and other projects. Nevada members have also traveled to New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and California seeking SAG work and SAG connections.

Work your craft and work it to the best of your financial and personal abilities.

First published May 7, 2010 

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