Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nevada SAG members on National Union Committees

For the first time ever, Nevada is now
represented on the Regional Branch
Division Executive Committee. It is with
pride in Nevada and the membership that
I accepted election to this key division
steering position.

Thirteen Nevada members (including
Steve Dressler and myself) will serve on
national committees and task forces for
the next year.

Nevada Branch Secretary Adrienne
Garcia Mann has rejoined the National
Conservatory Committee as an alternate.

Nevada Branch Treasurer Kim Renee
continues her long time service as a
voting member of the Young Performers
Committee. Kim is also an alternate on the
National Legislative Committee.

Council member Charlie DiPinto is an
alternate on the National Comedians and
Background Actors committees.

Council member Rick Rockne is an
alternate on the Commercial Performers
Committee and the Right to Work Task

Council member Arttours Weeden is
a voting member of Performers With
Disabilities Committee and an alternate
on the Financial Core Task Force.

Former Nevada Council member
Lollo Siebert is joined by member Ted
Lewinski as alternates on the New
Technologies Committee.

Member Cipriana is an alternate on the
National Conservatory Committee.

Member Dan Owens is an alternate
on the SAGIndie Committee.

Former Nevada Council member Leonard
Turner and his wife SAG member Mae
Turner are alternates on the National
Background Actors Committee and Seniors

I serve, in one capacity or another, on 12 national
committees or task forces.

I was appointed co-chair of the
National New Technologies Committee
and vice chair of the National
Conservatory Committee.

I am a voting member of the Right-to-Work,
Casting On-line, Background, Communication
and Honors and Tributes

I serve on the National Legislative Committee,
the Performance Capture Committee and
New Media Task Force.

I serve as an alternate on the
National Organizing, Voice
Over and Young Performers committees.

It is important to note that I was
appointed to most of these posts by the
recommendation of the national president
and/or approval of the Regional Branch
Division Board.

What we learn from working on the committees will be used
for the benefit of the Nevada membership.

Branch President Steve Dressler serves
as a voting member of the Branch
President’s Caucus and the Division
Rules of Procedure Committee. He is also
an alternate on the Guild Government
Review Committee and the Agent
Relations Committee.

All Nevada Branch members serving
on regional or national committees are
automatically on the local equivalent
committee, where one exists. If you
wish to serve on or create a committee
at the local level, please contact Nevada
Branch President Steve Dressler at, or contact
Nevada SAG Executive Director Steve
Clinton at

Thank you;

Art Lynch

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