Tuesday, May 11, 2010


From the Screen Actors Guild:

Rule 18 reads:

No member shall perform services as an Extra performing for any production without coverage of the applicable Guild agreement in the specific zones, as to minimum pay, benefits and working conditions.

How this applies to our Branch is if the production is shooting in our zone the member may not accept non-union employment even for a union production within the zone.  The member may accept non-union employment in a union production if outside the zone.  In this particular example, The Odds is shooting on the strip in a casino.  This is in the zone.  The first twenty-one union background roles are filled by union members, and union members may not work in the remaining non-union background roles.  The Defenders, though, shot out at the dam, which is outside the zone.  Union members may accept employment in the non-union slots if they don’t mind working at the reduced non-union rate.

Editors Note: Whenever you accept less than a union contract you are offering your professional services without union protection, benefits and at a rate that is usually below the base wage for which union performers work. The zone is a background zone and does not apply to other work under SAG's juridiction of film, television and commercial work. 

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