Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feds, studios join forces against piracy

Officials seize domain names of sites offering movies

"There are thousands of these sites. This is just a first step." - 
John Morton, assistant secretary of ICE, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The battle against piracy, the theft of creative talents, images, services and rights through "file sharing" is heating up as Hollywood, including the Screen Actors Guild, has put pressure on congress and Federal Authorities. Today (Wednesday) the hatchet came down with swift and sharp action against a segment of oranized distribution of copyrighted material without permission or compensation.

The Hollywood Reporter provides this summary:

Hollywood studio and industry executives have joined with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S, Attorney for the Southern District of New York to launch Operation in our Sites, an initiative aimed at stopping Internet counterfeiting and piracy.

During a news conference Wednesday on a soundstage at Disney Studios, the feds announced that they have kicked off the effort by seizing nine Internet domain names of websites offering first-run movies, often within hours of their release.

ICE investigators and the Department of Homeland Security also have seized assets from 15 banks, PayPal and advertising accounts and moved on four residential search warrants in four states.

The seized domain names are,,,,, and

Undercover agents downloaded newly released movies from the sites to determine they were offering stolen content.

Also seized were the domain names and website content of and, which generated revenue from ads and donations.

Full Story link click here.

Musicians Hollywood Studio Contract News

From:Digital Media Lawby Johnathan HandelMusicians Play a New (Media) Tune

In the “While you were out” department, the American Federation of Musicians and the studios signed a new deal . . . four months ago. But don’t feel like we’re late to the party — the deal doesn’t seem to have been reported in the Hollywood press. Talk about sotto voce. The negotiations themselves concluded in early November of last year, as I reported at the time, but it apparently took a while to reduce the deal to writing.
There are several items of note (so to speak) in the signed agreement, which runs through February 23, 2013:
* Wage increases are small by most Hollywood union standards: 1.5% or 2% per year. However, the increases in the AFM’s previoussigned agreement also weren’t large by those standards, where 3.0%-3.5% have been the recent norm. Thus, it’s unclear if these numbers signify anything about the size of increases that the above the line unions will achieve in the upcoming (October 1 and beyond) cycle of bargaining.
* The Health Plan is being juggled around a bit. One thing that stands out apparently mirrors a provision in the IATSE health plan deal: up to 1% of the wage increases can be converted instead to an increased contribution to the health plan, if necessary for the plan’s financial reserves. That’s intriguing, because what usually happens in the above the line guilds and unions is that at most 0.5% of a wage increase goes instead to an increased P&H contribution. Depending on the needs of the above the line health plans (each union or guild has its own), we might see a 1% conversion in the upcoming negotiations.
* The New Media template adopted by the above the line unions and guilds and by IATSE has now been adopted by the Musicians as well. The AFM deal resembles the IA’s, in that there are somewhat fewer residuals than the above the line unions and guilds achieved. For instance, when a television show is streamed on ad-supported new media (such as the free version of Hulu), the above the line unions and guilds receive residuals but IATSE and AFM don’t. is a subscription based blog ($40 a year) that searches for and list jobs in conventions, for showgirls, dancers, specialty performers and other live entertainers. I am not commissioned on this but since SAGACTOR is primarily for acting, most of the jobs that are presented on are not jobs I will seek our or that would be posted on my blog, so if you are looking for the type of work they cover, I encourage you check out vegasauditions. The following is how they describe their service:

"At Vegas Auditions .com, once producers upload their audition information, it becomes immediately available to you. From spectacular revue shows, to corporate events, to , and hotel lounge shows, we've got you covered. Las Vegas entertainment jobs are available around the clock"

The site list some of the shows and producers who post jobs on the site.

Feed free to evaluate the site and let me know its value:

Hollywood Discovery Awards Auditions

Press release from Not sure of value, since industry does not work like this, but might be worth looking into.

The 14th annual Hollywood Film Festival®, presented by Starz, will run from October 20 to 25, 2010 at the state-of-the-art ArcLight Cinemas, in Hollywood. The Festival will be capped off by the annual prestigiousHollywood Awards Gala® on October 25, 2010 which honors both annual and career achievements of Hollywood's emerging and established talents. The Hollywood Film Festival® has become a pre-Oscarsshowcase.

If you are an aspiring actor then this is possibly one of the best opportunities in the entertainment industry to be discovered and become the next Hollywood Star. To be considered, you must submit a video acting audition that is 2-3 minutes in length, uploaded to the official site. It can be either a monologue or a two person scene, with only the contestant on camera and the other actor off camera. The material can be from a play, a film script, or an original scene.

The Hollywood Awards® Gala ceremony itself is one of the most glittering nights in the film calendar and is known for launching the awards season. The Hollywood Discovery Awards® winners will have a unique opportunity to walk the red carpet and be recognized in a full room of major Hollywood players and stars.

Hollywood Discovery Awards® Online Open Auditions

There is no experience necessary or any fees required to enter.

Do you Hulu?

Hulu has launched a $9.95 a month subsription service and pay per view options in addition to the "free"service. The official explanation, announcement and hype can be found on their web site blog:

Hulu is owned and operated by most of the major networks that employ actors, plus a few other key corporate investors. It was designed to make money, but is only now moving into revenue beyond the already "limited" commercials in most Hulu content.

If you have never used Hulu, investigate the site. Current and archived television and other video content may surprise you. Quality varies, but HD is available.

Meanwhile Google's You Tube is adding subscription services, movies on demand and more over a phased business plan model.

Most networks and major film distribution companies (Disney, MGM, etc.) also have content on their home web sites.

Most all content is available for computers, televisions and mobile distribution. Hulu's plan includes an ambitious reach into the direct to your television market and mobile phone distribution on content.

'Scavengers' an exaggerated comedy full of fun

Luigi Pirandello came up with an interesting idea for a play in 1921 called "Six Characters in Search of an Author." Wyoming playwright Jaime Cruz's "Scavengers in the Mother of Chaos," now at the Las Vegas Little Theatre Studio, could just as well be called "Four Characters in Search of a Play."
At first, we think we're watching a simple comedy about a group of young male slackers involved in one way or another with a liquor store. Neil (Will Klundt), Tommy (Jon D'acunto) and Sean (Johanzen Palomata) are dishonest clerks, while Stinky (Tommy Watanabe) is a local alchy who comes in frequently to buy the cheapest liquor he can find. The characters often talk about their unfocused lives the way the convenience store clerks and customers did in Eric Bogosian's "SubUrbia."

Just when you may think Cruz's writing stale, the characters begin commentin.

Click here to read remainder of the review on the Las Vegas Review Journal Website.

Reminder: Dance Machine Sides and Audition Info

As reported June 21, "Dance Machine" is casting nationally, with sides on line for audition (or for your to "steal" for practice). Click here for breakdowns and submission information.

"DanceMachine!" is being produced by Mark R. Harris whose credits, to name a few, include "Crash", "The Black Donnellys," and "Gods and Monsters."

Mr. Harris has developed a reputation for being a Hollywood innovator and has decided that instead of having the talent come to Hollywood, he wants Hollywood to come to the talent. "Not only will everyone have a fair and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and possibly land a role in DanceMachine!," says Mark, "but also show the rest of the entertainment community what they can do."

Casting for "DanceMachine!" is open for all acting, singing and dancing roles as well as choreographers, artists and musicians. Auditions may be submitted via the "DanceMachine!" web site,

Cast in Los Angeles and Vancouver / B.C. and Florida
Non-Union Feature Film | Starts: unknown | Loc: New Mexico, Los Angeles
Exec. Producer: Mark R. Harris
Writer: Wes Smith, Art D'Alessandro
Director: Dan Harris
Casting Director: Stanzi Stokes
Audition Dates: 6/16/2010-8/16-2010
Callback Dates: unknown
Pay Rate: !" If you are invited for a "callback" iDanceMachine will pay travel and lodging expenses to our studios in Los Angeles.
Electronic Submissions Only
818-628-0025       Email:
Submissions Due By: 08/09/10
Open Auditions: Online auditions only, Log on to post your audition. We are only accepting online auditions at this time. Please submit your audition.

Project Notes: Online Auditions are now being accepted for all ages and areas including dancers, actors, musicians, and artists. Potential cast members are encouraged to submit auditions and samples of their talent for consideration for the 3D movie, "DanceMachine!" All auditions will be reviewed and evaluated by a member of the "DanceMachine! Production staff. Many participants will be "called back" to appear in person before the Producers of "DanceMachine!" If you are invited for a "callback" iDanceMachine will pay travel and lodging expenses to our studios in Los Angeles.

SIDES CAN BE FOUND AT IDANCEMACHINE.COM and clicking onDANCEMACHINE! Breakdown in the right Navigation menu.

Note: SAG members may submit but cannot work this production without a full SAG Contract. For this film go through the SAG LA office for clearance.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Avoid the Gang mentality for Nevada SAG

At a recent SAG meeting a newer council member told me that "we all came to this meeting with a list of people for the nominating committee and an agenda." When the four members who had been on the council the longest were polled, none had any list or agenda other than a fair process.

We have operated in an open and member-driven environment. We were use to the trust and open communication that has always been a driving force in our successful efforts as a branch: bringing qualified staff and an office to Nevada, local work, fighting Right-to-Work and other legislative limitations on potential work for our membership....Yet such open communication has given way to decisions made in advance.

Today I perceive backroom dealing, including the stated belief that "the members want change."

My view is let the members have a choice and vote.

Put the cards on the table and let the members decide, do not shut down debate before it starts after making decisions prior to meetings or prior to an election.

It is within the Rules of Procdure to have nominated two candidates for office, yet that did not happen. Instead the incumbent was shut our and a less experienced person was placed on the ballot.

This type of backroom planning and deal making is seeping into Nevada SAG politics, where it has not existed for decades.

Why be afraid of running on petition, or on the voice of the membership in an open election?

I now hear of phone number, e-mail and even address lists being positioned for use, outside of the official SAG list (closely guarded by staff and for only official use through the observed use by staff). I hope this is not true, for reasons of balanced, fair an ethical union elections through an open democratic vote of the membership. Such electioneering in a branch as small as ours shows a lack of trust in the membership.

I have no list of members or inside track on jobs, in fact the opposite is true. I am open about my wish to see Steve Dressler reelected as the Nevada Branch president, and my support of the remaining RBD board members and presidents in seeking reelection. But I have no backroom hidden agenda or political "machine".

With this in mind I am reproducing the following from SAGWATCH, to show how those who do have backroom plans assume everyone else does, even at the national level:


Over on Actors Access a frequently wrong poster put up a comment that says “Even Sagwatch has a email list of SAG members that they can use, give to someone else or sell.” Well, he’s been wrong before, and he’s wrong again.

We don’t maintain a list of any kind. Although some people send us e-mail, and that gives us their return addresses, we don’t keep them, and we don’t send out any mail or sell anything to anyone.
Not ever.

Curiously, this incorrect claim comes in an attempt to justify the Gang of Four lawsuit and the hundreds of thousands of dollars (now well over $300,000) the suit by Alan Rosenberg, Anne Marie Johnson, Kent McCord and Diane ...Ladd cost the members of SAG. The “justification” is that SAG spent about the same amount in 2004 suing someone who allegedly stole an e-mail list and used it to fight merger of SAG and AFTRA.

This is the way SAG described those e-mails:
The unsolicited emails were designed to appear as if they were official SAG emails or sanctioned by the Guild. While the deceptive emails were inappropriately distributed to large segments of the Guild’s membership, the most controversial email was sent to Guild employees. Designed to resemble a memorandum from SAG’s Human Resources Department, it falsely claimed that workers’ future employment would be jeopardized if the unions consolidated.
We’re not sure how one has anything to do with the other – in fact we’re sure one has nothing to do with the other. But it reminds us of the kind of stuff you hear from a six year old when asked about not cleaning up their room. “But Mom, Bobby went outside when you told him not to …”

Improv Audition for MCBM

Auditions for MCBM will be Wednesday July 7 at 9 pm in Don B's Steakhouse at the Fitzgerald's Casino. Improv and stay loose for audition, no monologue required.

-Thank you to the VIPs for this notice.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just for fun (not directly acting related)

If you remember all of these you are a Baby Boomer.

 45 spindle              Green Stamps              Metal Ice cube trays

New Jersey ends film incentives

For those interested in Nevada legislation, film incentives and production incentives please contact the Nevada SAG Legislative Chair at or Nevada SAG Executive Director Steven Clinton ( 
The big news of the week comes from New Jersey.  ”The Garden State” has joined a growing list of states around the country who are suspending or cutting back their film incentive programs in an effort to balance their budgets - much to the dismay of the people and businesses earning their livelihood from local film and TV production.  The new state budget, due July 1, ends the state’s 20% Film Industry tax credit.  According to the MPAA, an industry trade group (and the folks behind that G-PG-NC17-R rating system),  this move by the state’s governor and legislature is going to cost the state a lot of jobs and income:
… more than $500 million in wages were paid in 2008 — the latest year available — to nearly 7,000 production workers in New Jersey. More than 3,000 small businesses who supplied major studios also received a total of $508 million…” (
Yesterday Law and Order: Special Victims Unitthe state’s highest-profile production, closed up shop in North Bergen, NJ as a result of the incentive program’s end.  The show is expected to move production to New York, which recently increased its film incentive fund.

Disaster Emergency Drill Needs Actors: Help Your Community

The Las Vegas and North Las Vegas Fire Detartments are having a major "Mass Casualty Drill" with the city Fire Dept. It's July 6, 7, 8, 12, 21 & 22 from 830pm to midnight each night.

The city is looking for ACTORS, ages 18+ (people who will "emote" and help fulfill the demands of the drill) who would be willing to portray VICTIMS in the drill.

This really helps benefit the Fire Dept. in case of a real disaster.

If you are interested, or if you would like more information on how you can volunteer for this project, please contact:

CHIEF TAYLOR at (Office 633-2250), (Cell 325-7685), email:


CAPTAIN WARD at (Office 633-1120), (Cell 237-1830), email:

PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFO to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for the consideration and the City of Las Vegas thanks you as well.

Chicago knows how to package a SAG-AFTRA membership Meeting

Renaissance of Film and TV in Chicago
Hear from Industry Insiders!
Opportunities for Actors: What it means for you.

5:30 p.m.  Social Hour
Meet Chicago’s new Executive Director Eric Chaudron and new Director of Television
and Theatrical Contracts Kathy Byrne

6:30 p.m.  Renaissance of Film and Television in Chicago
Betsy Steinberg – Managing Director, Illinois Film Office
Richard Moskal – Director, Chicago Film Office
Dan Moore – Midwestern Executive Director, Directors Guild of America
Sally Fletcher – Fletcher Camera and IL Production Alliance
and other special guests.

Business Meeting
SAG: Select members-at-large to serve on the Nominating and Election Procedures committees.
AFTRA: Vote on the ratification of a one-year extension to the AFTRA Network Television Code (more information about the Netcode extension will be available shortly); select members-at-large to serve on the Nominating Committee.

The membership meeting is only open to paid-up AFTRA or SAG members in good standing. Unfortunately, no guests allowed. Parents/guardians of younger performers under 18 years old are welcome. No RSVP necessaryPLEASE BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR ADMITTANCE.

Allerton Hotel, Buckingham Room
701 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60611
Corner of Michigan & Huron

SAG Foundation On-line Seminar Wednesday June 30





SAG Foundation LifeRaft LiveStream Presents
“Crush It! Using Your Other 8 Hours 

to Monetize Your Art”
Featuring Bestselling Authors 

Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Pagliarini

Join lauded online marketing trailblazer
Gary Vaynerchuk (via Skype) and
acclaimed creator/wealth builder Robert Pagliarini
as they explore effective, structured strategies
 to create new wealth in the new media space.
 Kristyn Burtt will serve as moderator.

When: 6-8 p.m. (PST), June 30, 2010

Cost: Free

Where: Watch live online at

During the event,
participants may email questions to

or tweet to #LRLS

Twitter: SAGFoundation

If "Filmmaking" is your middle name, then the 48 Hour Film Project should be your game!

Press Release:

You should know by now that The 48 Hour Film Project, the oldest and biggest timed filmmaking competition, is returning to Las Vegas next month!  I'm assuming you'll be participating this year. In a wild, sleepless weekend, you and a team will make a movie: write, shoot, edit and score it. From scratch. In 48 hours.

All that will start at a "Kick-Off" on Friday, July 23, at 7:00 PM, when you'll get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre to include in your movie.  By the "Drop-Off" at 7:00 PM on Sunday, July 25, the movie must be completed and handed in. Each completed film handed in by 7:00 PM on Sunday, July 25, is guaranteed a screening at Century 16 Suncoast in Summerlin on the following Wednesday or Thursday evenings (films will be assigned times).

Also, mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 14, at 7:00 PM and Tuesday, July 20, at 7:00 PM for Meet & Greet networking mixers where teams can be built, services offered and questions answered. The location for all activities is posted at:

To start a team for the 48HFP, "Register" online at:
Registration costs $155 per team, unless you register by end of day on June 28, in which case it's $135.  Space is limited, so register now!

If you don't register a team but want to make yourself available for cast or crew on teams, be sure to "Sign-up" at:

For more information, contact Marko Sakren, Las Vegas Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project, at

Spread the word!

This message was sent by Marko Sakren ( from Nevada Film Alliance.

Yellow Rose July Classes forming

Yellow Rose
July Acting Classes!
Click read more below...

Terri Lynn Hicks
(702) 547-3668
Yellow Rose Talent

 This blog does does not endorse any teacher, agency, acting space, "school", or business over any other. In open disclosure I am pro-union, while  Yellow Rose is the non-union agency of my union agent, David Brown and Remington, and a business he is affiliated with. I teach at Casting Call Entertainment, CSN, the Boulder City Park District. Jacki Baskow was very supportive of my work in the past.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fall Sections at CSN 2010

The CSN sections I will be teaching this fall (labeled as staff). All are COM 101:

HN 114
9:30 to 10:50 A
Tuesday and Thursday

HN 116
11A to 12:20 P
Tuesday and Thursday
B 213

BC 108
Boulder City Campus
Tuesday evenings only
6 to 8:50 PM

The Boulder City class is best for those who like smaller classes and greater opportunities to meet people and make frieds. It is less intimidating for beginning speakers.

To register or learn more CSN home page is at

My home page is at

This fall I will also be teaching at Everest College, Casting Call Entertainment and for the Boulder City Parks and Recreation. Subjects range from Communication to Acting, Voice Over to Business.

Snapshot from other blog: William Shallert

William_Schallert.jpgA former SAG National President and active member of the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild.

From: Geoff Fox, (March 15, 2009), I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, but I’m sometimes on the sofa while Helaine is watching.
Nicolette Sheridan walked into an office and an older, white haired gentlemen walked to the counter to serve her. It was only a brief glimpse, but I knew who it was instantly–William Schallert.
Well, I thought it was William Schallert.
I turned to Helaine. “Is that William Schallert?”
Too late. He turned full face to the camera and there he was.
OK–maybe you don’t know who he is. William Schallert might be the most cast TV character actor of the 50s-60s-70s-80s. He has 340 credits in IMDB (and multiple episodes of the same show only count once)!
To many people my age he is best known as Martin Lane, Brooklyn Heights newspaper editor and father/uncle to Patty Duke on the Patty Duke Show.
Anyway he looked great and sounded great. He will be 87 this summer. It’s good to see he’s working.

Auditioning for Camera starts July 6


Adult “The video Audition” Classes, taught by Paul Campanella will be held, beginning July 6th, on
TUESDAY mornings at from 9:45 am
TUESDAY evenings at 7:15 pm.

How to compete with actors who are auditioning "in the room".
They have the advantage so how do you compete?
Take the class and find out!

Terri Lynn Hicks
(702) 547-3668
Yellow Rose Talent

This blog does does not endorse any teacher, agency, acting space, "school", or business over any other. In open disclosure I am pro-union, while  Yellow Rose is the non-union agency of my union agent, David Brown and Remington, and a business he is affiliated with. I teach at Casting Call Entertainment, CSN, the Boulder City Park District. Jacki Baskow was very supportive of my work in the past.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Greater Tuna Auditions Monday and Tuesday

Open Auditions for
"Greater Tuna"

June 28 and 29 - 7pm - 10pm

Las Vegas Little Theatre

3920 Schiff Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89103

“An organization of, by and for actors alone!” The Screen Actors Guild.

- Eddie Cantor, October, 1933 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Part in W&W's

SAG Members who have ideas about what should be in the new Theatrical (film) and Television conats should contact Nevada SAG Executive Steve Clinton to find out about the upcoming Nevada W&W meeting. Your suggestions should be e-mailed to the chair, Nevada President Steve Dressler. Read more to find out about the New York W&W and other branches:

General W&W:

Chicago and the midwest:

Other Branch and Regional W&W:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Movie Companies use House Bill Rider to stop Movie Future's Trading

      Below is from The Wrap,  a daily on-line Hollywood Entertainment Newspaper:
    House Adds Movie-Futures Trading Ban to Financial Reform
    By Ira Teinowitz
    Published: June 24, 2010
    Big movie studios early won their fight early Friday morning to include a ban on movie box-office futures trading in the final version of financial reform legislation.
    The move could end up leaving to the courts the question of the trading’s final fate.
    A House-Senate Conference Committee decided to adopt language that was in the Senate’s version of the financial reform bill banning the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from approving futures contracts based on box office revenues.
    The House’s version of the financial reform bill had no similar language
    The House and Senate are expected to vote on the final package by next week, with President Obama expected to get and sign the legislation before the Fourth of July.
    The CFTC already has approved Media Derivatives' plan to trade the futures, and on Monday is likely to approve a second plan to trade the futures, that one from Cantor Fitzgerald.
    The Motion Picture Association of America has said the legislation will supersede the commission approval and prevent the trading of box office futures.
    Media Derivatives chairman-CEO Robert S. Swagger has disagreed with that interpretation. He contends the legislation isn’t retroactive, and any trading already approved by the commission when the legislation becomes law is “grandfathered in.”
    He insisted Media Derivatives intends to move forward with the trading, which will likely force a court challenge either by MPAA or a government agency.
    The congressional vote culminates a battle inspired by concerns from MPAA and some Hollywood unions that futures trading would harm the movie industry.
    They have contented that box office futures aren’t commodities and resemble gambling much more closely than futures trading, and that the underlying measure for box office revenues could be ripe for manipulation, for instance by changing advertising and number of screens on which films are shown.
    They also have argued the futures would be ill-suited to hedge investments.
    Media Derivatives and Cantor have responded that the futures would dramatically boost investments in movies by allowing investors to hedge possible losses. They have offered letters of support from investment advisers. Lionsgate has also supported the trading.
    The CFTC, in approving the trading on a 3-to-2 vote, rejected the movie industry’s contentions that the numbers weren’t commodities, were subject to manipulation and couldn’t be used as hedges.