Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Actors in Nevada!

The conventional wisdom is that there are no actors in Nevada

There is no talent in Las Vegas

For years casting directors have complained that there are no actors in Nevada.

Are there qualified professionals (the legal term) willing 
to work in Nevada?

How can we reverse the views of casting directors?

“There is talent in Nevada, the problem is that all too 
often those who come in to cast to not see it, or it is 
buried in massive cattle calls of people with little or 
no training, models and glamour seekers”  
             - Casting Director Bill Dance.

Actors continually study, practice and pursue their craft.

There are many dedicated teachers in Nevada 
(including yours truely), however if you listen to 
Hollywood actors who come here to profit on 
"wanna-be" talent here with expensive seminars 
and agency connections, this is a graveyard where 
no one, except possibly the university (and they 
are "theater") offers what an actor needs to learn. 
they make it seem as if you need to pay big bucks 
if you are serious.

The truth is a short seminar does not an actor make. 
Find a workshop and work out. Do local theater (SAG 
talent may work community or low pay theater as long 
as Equity is not organizing the production). 
Do local films, regardless of the quality of 
the final product (look for 
the union label, as SAG projects will protect your image 
an your professionalism). 

The industry does not look highly on local agents, 
managers or schools. That does not mean you should 
not be loyal and take what you can where you can and 
when you can. Just be aware of the national standard 
and what it takes to begin to earn a living with your 
talents and skills.

You must be ready when the time comes, and serious 
enough to roll the dice.

Being judged as a professional qualified performer.

Are we professionals? Are you a professional worth 
professional pay and the respect of being a professional?  
Talent in Las Vegas has a low reputation 
amid the national industry. 

When auditions are held here, producers often do 
not see the professionally trained and 
experienced talent, 
and instead are shown “wanna-be” 
actors or “real people”. 

Historically this is a reflection of the agents 
need to market non-acting talent in acting roles. 
Also, the nature of the 
work here means that most of the work is 
work that can 
be done by relative beginners and newcomers, 
who may 
not have the skills or experience of the 
talent pool in 
Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, 
San Francisco or Florida. 

Nevada, the truth about the market

This is a national and increasingly international 
work market, where producers and directors interview 
in multiple cities and have data banks or actors they 
can call on, particularly to come work on projects filming 
in resort cities like Las Vegas, Reno or Lake Tahoe. 
They are your immediate competition. These 
“working actors” represent the level of talent, 
craftsmanship, achievement and business skills 
you need to aspire to and exceed.

“The more prepared you are for this business, the greater your chance of success when someone discovers you.” - Alan Berman, TV Director

So, how would your defend Nevada talent?

What is your take on actors in Nevada?

What can be done to raise our profile, and thus 
the amount of paid work we earn?

The floor is yours...

By Art Lynch
June 12, 2010 

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