Friday, July 30, 2010

SAG Conservatory This Saturday

Nevada SAG Conservatory
Cast Out Those Audition Demons 
with Paul Malluk

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed at auditions and leave knowing you did not give your best? Whether it be nerves, being unfocussed or your own particular pathology, do your audition “demons” sometimes get in the way and get the better of you. “Cast Out Those Audition Demons” with Paul Malluk is a workshop designed to stimulate the actor’s imagination and allow the actor to give a relaxed, engaged and engaging performance at auditions. Developed over thirty years of teaching, Mr. Malluk utilizes simple principles and techniques to help the actor focus in the daunting process of auditioning. This is a hands on workshop. You will be up your feet doing it. You will be worked through the audition process. There will be some exercises and some cold readings. But also, actors are more than encouraged to bring in monologues. They are invaluable in honing your audition technique. And, of course, those who bring in material and are ready to work will work.

When: 1-4 p.m., Saturday, July 31, 2010
(check-in begins at 12:30 p.m.)

Eastside Senior Community Center
250 Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 229-1515

Cost for Workshop: Free for Nevada Conservatory Members or $20 per workshop.

Nevada Conservatory Cost: $40 a year for union members / $80 a year for non-union members.

You will need your SAG ID card (paid up through November 2010) to join as a member and please remember to bring your headshots and resumes.

Check the Nevada Branch Hotline for updates or SAG members should contact Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton by email if you have any questions.

Hotline: (702) 737-8818

Screen Actors Guild SAG members, improve your chance of getting noticed by utilizing digital media! Join us on Tuesday in Hollywood for a free member workshop that will make you more familiar with website and app production -- perfect for members looking to market their already-produced projects. A collaboration between Hollywood MOVE, SAG New Media and Jigsaw Global Media, experts will present case studies, demos, and practical information about how to get your feet wet with website, mobile phone, social media, and cross-platform production. SAG members register today!

Hair Show Audition

                                  Click to enlarge poster

Support an Organization that Supports the Arts...join the petition to put National Public Radio Front and Center

In Memory of Daniel Schorr: Help NPR take front and center at White House Briefings

As early as Sunday, the White House Correspondents' Association
will decide which news organization will be awarded a
recently-vacated front-row center seat in the
White House briefing room.

So we're joining our friends at CREDO Action to petition the 
Correspondents' Association to award the seat to a real, 
public news organization: NPR. 

Can you sign the petition today? Tell the Correspondents'
Association to give the best seat in the briefing room to NPR. 

The petition says, "Give Helen Thomas' former briefing
room seat to NPR, which has provided public interest
coverage for decades."

Then, please forward this email to your friends and post 
on Facebook and Twitter so we can spread the news faster. 
Already 140,000 people have signed onto this call through
 CREDO Action. Help us get up to 250,000 
before the meeting on Sunday!

Note that the link is to a left leaning organization,
Move On, but that should not discourage those who
value balanced news and the wide scope of reporting
of National Public Radio from signing to give
the seat to a long established balanced media source
that hires qualified journalist and looks in depth at issues,
not just shouting heads and headlines.

Harnish the Power of the Web Seminar at SAG LA Tuesday

Screen Actors Guild SAG members, improve your chance of getting noticed by utilizing digital media! Join us on Tuesday in Hollywood for a free member workshop that will make you more familiar with website and app production -- perfect for members looking to market their already-produced projects. A collaboration between Hollywood MOVE, SAG New Media and Jigsaw Global Media, experts will present case studies, demos, and practical information about how to get your feet wet with website, mobile phone, social media, and cross-platform production. SAG members register today!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Auditions for Godspell (and personal note)

Saturday, July 31, 2010
11:00am - 1:00pm
Vibe PAC
4061 Silvestri - Suite G3
Las Vegas, NV

Open Audition for GODSPELL

Editor's Note:  I have directed Godspell twice, once professionally and the other time an ecumenical theater production. The second was magic, with the teenagers and young adults bringing a magic to the score and story that I do not remember seeing even in Chicago theater. Of greatest memory is the rehearsal where they had trouble bringing across the crucifixion of Christ. I told them to see their brother, sister, best friend, pet and parents all in one person and then realize that that person is being tortured and put to death before their eyes. The emotion was so strong that we had to stop and cancel the rest of rehearsal. But when we resumed the next day the magic that was there remained throughout the run. One of my greatest personal theater memories. I am not involved in this production, but encourage actors and people of faith to become a part of Godspell at least once.- Art Lynch

Saturday, July 31st 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (other appointment times available upon request.

at Vibe PAC
4061 Silvestri - Suite G3

Must be strong singer, able to hold harmonies; and sing in pop and rock styles

Please prepare 16 bars of a rock, pop, or rock opera selection. Please bring either sheet music in the proper key, or cd accompaniment. Also, please have a headshot and resume on hand.

If you are unable to attend, please email to set up an appointment. Video reels may also be submitted.

GODSPELL will be performed as a one-night rock concert in the Ovation Showroom at Green Valley Ranch as a charity benefit for Olive Crest on Thursday, September 30th.

First posted 7-14-10

For more information, please email, or find us on Facebook.

Open Audition for GODSPELL

URL:RagTag Entertainment
First posted 6/15/2010

Remembering Casting Director/Actor Irene Cagen Forrest

Forrest, Irene Cagen
December 15, 1944 - July 25, 2010

Irene Cagen Forrest, casting director and actress who often portrayed quirky, 
high-strung characters, died July 25 in Providence, R.I., of brain tumor. She was 65.

Among her roles were as a compulsively talkative lover in Henry Jaglom's film 
"Sitting Ducks," and an incompetent secretary in NBC's "LA Law."

Other bigscreen work include performances in George Lucas' 1971 sci-fier
 "THX1138," as well as "Communion" (1989), "Playing by Heart" and "Babyfever."

On stage Forrest was featured in productions of the New York Shakespeare Festival 
and plays in Los Angeles that included "Lovers and Other Strangers," 
"Poor Little Match Girl" and "House of Blue Leaves."

Her TV credits include "Fame," "Dead by Sunset," plus the telepics 
"Alien Nation: Millennium" and "Midnight Run for Your Life."

In the late 1980s she began a second career as a casting director, 
working at Liberman/Hirschfeld Casting as Irene Cagen.
 Her credits included Bob Dylan-toplined "Masked and Anonymous,"
 the minis "Kingdom Hospital" and "A Wrinkle in Time"; 
plus CBS series "Medium" and USA Network's "The 4400." 
Her independent casting credits include Starz's "Crash," 
and feature "Light and the Sufferer," on which she was also executive producer.

She also taught acting.

A memorial service will take place on October 2, 2010 at 10:00AM 
at the Los Angeles Friendship Center, 5899 Venice Blvd, 
Los Angeles, CA 90019. Donations may be made to the 
no-kill animal rescue Sante D'Or Foundation and the Stray Cat Alliance.

Read more:
Visit to become a Variety subscriber. 

Acting interrupts singing in otherwise brilliant 'Jekyll'

If RagTag Entertainment's "Jekyll & Hyde," 
now at the Onyx Theatre, were a concert 
version of the Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricusse score, 
I'd spend this review trying to come up 
with ways to say "brilliant," 
"must-see," "real, real, good."

But alas, director/choreographer Giulio Scatola's 
production is a full-scale one, and at some point, 
one has to discuss the acting.

The Need for Local SAG leadership

Nevada SAG 
by Lollo Sievert
former Vice President of the Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild and proud member.

Nevada's membership is growing in numbers and spirit. I encourage all members to become active in reading about the industry, in paying attention to the actions of agents, managers and casting directors and to keep in touch with staff concerning any questions about their actions or contract implementation.

As your Vice President I have attended National Board and Regional Branch Division functions as an alternate to National Board Member Art Lynch. As a long time member of the New Technologies committee I have participated in the development of SAG's web presence and the advancing technologies that affect not only how the films and programs we work on are distributed, but also how they are produced.

The world is changing rapidly and as members we need to stay ahead of the curve. Computers are the Guild's primary way of communicating with all of us and are fast becoming the way we will see our product distributed and used by consumers.

The deliberate and well-financed battle against organized labor is real and growing quickly at the federal, state and local levels. It is important, if you wish to continue to be paid well for your work and to have the edge that is union professionalism work in your favor, that you become informed on what you can do to help SAG grow and remain strong as we enter new technological and business waters.

For these reasons I advise you all to read about the industry, to pay attention to more than which casting director or agent is most likely to call you for a single days work, and to work to retain and grow the amount of work you and all of your fellow SAG members can earn and benefit from in the future.

Become active in local SAG committees. Read. Watch. Learn. And when you are working, represent SAG well in a professional and proud manner, while enjoying the process of working in this wonderful entertainment industry.

I will end by quoting Art Lynch: "Without unions we stand alone. Without solidarity and camaraderie we are at the whim and call of management and are dispensable, easily replaced by non-professional wanna-be's who work for pennies just to be seen on film."

We are the professionals, stand up for your union.

Senator Kerry will not head MPAA, Hollywood Reporter says

Former senator Bob Kerrey will not lead the MPAA.

The current president of New York's New School has decided against taking the job of MPAA head, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Hollywood and DC insiders have for weeks hoped for a final decision on whether the political veteran will lead the entertainment industry lobby.

Above from the Hollywood Reporter. Subscription recomended to access additional information.


Event in LA, not on the web. Tuesday Evening...

Ready to take your webseries to the next level?

Interested in building a website or an app to market your project?

Want to learn how website production works?

Then come to Jigsaw Global Media's Introduction to Digital Media Production presented by Hollywood MOVE and the SAG New Media Department. This seminar will help you gain serious marketing power by giving you the tools to understand the process involved in building interactive new media sites and apps. Whether you are a new producer looking to market your projects to a wider audience, or a seasoned veteran hoping to harness the power of new media, this seminar is for you.

Who should attend: SAG members looking to become more familiar with website and app production, members who have produced or are producing low budget or new media projects, members looking to market their already-produced projects.

DATE: Tuesday, August 3
LOCATION: James Cagney Board Room, SAG National Headquarters, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

This free seminar is open to the first 25 participants.  Due to limited seating, you must RSVP by e-mail and receive a confirmation.

RSVP to:
Light refreshments will be served

Historic Looney Toons Censored to be PC

Is is right to censor creative material to meet the 
politically correct terms of the current audiences?

Do we censor and rewrite history on a regular basis?

How much is lost when and if we do?

Banned Bugs Bunny "Racist" Scene

Southern Fried Rabbit 1953 Warner Bros. Bugs pretends to be slave 
and begs Yosemite Sam not to beat him. Censorship: On Cartoon Network, 
WB!, ABC, and the FOX version of "The Merrie Melodies Show", 
the entire scene is cut where Bugs impersonates a black slave to get 
past the Mason-Dixon line, blows his cover by playing "Yankee Doodle", 
places a whip in Yosemite Sam's hand and begs Sam not to beat him, 
then comes in as Abraham Lincoln reprimanding Sam for what he 
supposedly done. While ABC, Cartoon Network, and WB showings 
deleted the entire part, fox's "The Merrie Melodies Show"
 showed Bugs crossing the Mason-Dixon line as a slave and 
singing Yankee Doodle before Sam catches him, but cut the part 
where Bugs places a whip in Sam's hand, begs Sam not to beat him, 
then comes in as Abraham Lincoln to reprimand him. 
The Cartoon Network version also cuts the brief shot of Yosemite Sam 
coming out of a trench with a Confederate flag waving above it 
and yelling, "Charge!". EDIT// I had this on another account and 
it received over a million and a half views before youtube 
suspended the account.
-Author and Source:

Basic Cable Wages and Working Condition Meetings.

When: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

W&W Caucus 1: 2–5 p.m.
W&W Caucus 2: 6–9 p.m.
Where: Screen Actors Guild
James Cagney Board Room, ground floor
5757 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90036

*Parking will be validated
Performers who work this agreement and who are not located in Los Angeles and yet happen to find themselves in Los Angeles on the day of the caucuses are invited to attend.

Basic Cable is a SAG only contract.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sister Strikes Again, Late Night Stand Up Catechism Comedy

This is a fundraiser show for Christ the King Catholic Community. Christ the King is very active in the local community, especially in providing food and monetary support to the needy on a daily basis. Like everyone else, our ability to help others has decreased due to the current economic climate. Please consider attending this show, so that we may continue our good works in the community.

Sister's Back, and that is very, very good!
Declare the critics about Sister Strikes Again!: Late Nite Catechism 2

Where: Christ the King Catholic Community
When: Friday,August 27,2010 - 7:30pm
Tickets: $25 at office, gift shop, or 871-1904

The Los Angeles Times declares Sister Strikes Again!: Late Nite Catechism 2 is funnier than the original! This time around Sister tackles sin and is the undisputed conqueror! Armed with banners, filmstrips, mimeographed handouts, historical facts and hysterical insights, she conducts her class into convulsions of laughter. Picking up where she left off in the original, Sister begins with an affectionate look at women's religious orders which leads to her own confession about the goal of every nun to get herself into heaven first and then bring along as many of the faithful as possible, thereby securing her own wings and possibly the salvation of countless others.

Now, in Sister Strikes Again!: Late Nite Catechism 2, it's up to Sister to save the souls of those assembled, AKA the audience! Beginning with an overview of heaven and hell as a Catholic version of Chutes and Ladders, she is soon offering her own suggestions for celebrities who might end up sharing digs with the devil, as well as a list of new sins for the new millennium. (Needless to say bobble head dolls of the holy family is right near the top). Maripat Donovan's Sister Strikes Again!: Late Nite Catechism 2 is blessed with all the wit, wisdom and wackiness that made the original an international hit. Who knew damnation could be so much fun!?! (LA Times). Join the flock; see Sister Strikes Again!: Late Nite Catechism 2.
URL:Christ the King Catholic Church


Now casting NATIONWIDE for real women in their 30's who are a great catch and looking for love. The Producers behind "Ugly Betty" and "The Biggest Loser" are teaming up with a major network for an exciting new dating pilot!

* Have you had your heartbroken?
* Have you been left at the alter?
* Are you a runaway bride?
* Are you a divorcé?
* Is there someone from your past that belongs in your future?

Every girl has her story - we want to hear yours!

If you are a 30-something-year-old woman who is a great catch and you ask yourself, "how am I still single?" this is the opportunity for you!

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration, and email ALL the info requested below ASAP to:
Be sure to include:
1. Full name
2. Age
3. City/state where you currently live
4. Phone number
5. Occupation
6. 3-5 recent photos (jpg format please)
7. Why are you single? Why are you a great catch? Tell us your story.
8. Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration!

Jeffrey R. Gund

Tutor Will Have Miramax by Day's End

Ronald Tutor will have his prized Miramax by the end of business on Wednesday, according to a knowledgeable individual.
The real-estate titan is close to wrapping up negotiations to buy Miramax from the Walt Disney Company, the individual said.
In addition to Tutor, the consortium of investors includes Morgan Creek and Colony Capital. The controversial film financier David Bergstein has been advising the group and was the architect of the deal.
For a sale price of $675 million, Tutor and his partners will get the premiere film library in Hollywood -- 700 films including such contemporary classics as Oscar-winning "Pulp Fiction," "Shakespeare in Love," "My Left Foot" and "Good Will Hunting."

Google Me rival for Facebook?

"Google Inc. is in talks with several makers of popular online games as it seeks to develop a broader social-networking service that could compete with Facebook Inc. Google has been in discussions with top developers to offer their games on a new service it is building, these people said. Those developers include Playdom Inc., Electronic Arts Inc.'s Playfish and Zynga Game Network Inc.—a company in which Google recently took a financial stake." -Wall Street Journal

Working Actor Mike Pniewski Endorses Steve Dressler for Nevada SAG President

In all the years I’ve served SAG members, I’ve seen Steve Dressler work passionately on behalf of all Nevada SAG members.  He is a man of integrity and vision whose diligence has improved the working lives of members all across the country. Steve Dressler is a leader for all members and his knowledge and experience are invaluable during these changing times in our industry.   I urge Nevada members to support him for another term as their council President.

Mike Pniewski
Georgia SAG Council President, 2004-09
Current Co-Chair SAG TV/Theatrical Standing Committee

LVLT "Greater Tuna" cast

Las Vegas Little Theatre announces the cast of its first Main Stage show of the 2010-2011 Season, GREATER TUNA!

John Ivanoff
Troy Tinker

GREATER TUNA, by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard, is being directed by Sean Critchfield, and runs September 10-26, 2010.
URL:Las Vegas Little Theater

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Neal Simon Festival through August 14th in Cedar City. Live professional theater, away from most of the heat!

2010 Season - July 15 - August 14

The Neil Simon Festival is the world's first and only 
professional theatre company dedicated to honoring 
and preserving the works of America's most popular 
playwright of all time — Neil Simon.

Professional actors, designers, directors, and artisans 
gather each summer in the Red Rock Color Country of 
Southwestern Utah to create a new season of laughter 
that always includes some of Neil Simon's plays and 
occasionally other great comedies.

Come and join us for a healthy dose of life's best medicine—laughter!

July 15-August 14
California Suite
Steel Magnolias
Broadway Bound

Auditions for New Dating Show to shoot in Amsterdam

Casting Press Release for new ABC reality show...this is not the Dating Game auditioning for Los Angeles...

Fremantle Media North America, the producers behind American Idol and America's Got Talent, are casting for the hottest new relationship show ever for the ABC Television Network!

We are currently casting for outgoing SINGLE women and men that are looking to have the time of their lives!

Here's info on a new show for ABC coming up that is looking for outgoing single women and men for a new dating show – you'll get paid to appear on the show, and get all-expense paid travel to Amsterdam for the shoot!


Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration, and email ALL the information requested below ASAP to:
Be sure to include:
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Age
3.  Contact phone number
4.  Recent photos of you looking your best (jpg format please)
5.  A brief paragraph about why you'd be great for this show
6.  Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration

Good luck, have a great day, and don't forget to dream big!


Jeffrey R. Gund
Jeffrey R. Gund Music & Sound Design
Jeffrey R. Gund on IMDb

Landing a Hollywood Agent

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