Saturday, May 10, 2014

Charlie DiPinto's commentary

By Charlie DiPinto

A number of years ago, I worked for a national moving company. Best lesson learned: if one were moving from New York to San Francisco, call the agent in San Francisco to manage the move. Why? Should a problem occur, you will be in the same city as the mover, rather then dealing with a person across the country, who has been paid.

Communicating Nevada Branch concerns to Nevada staff would work to solve problems in Las Vegas, from Las Vegas focused staff. Immediate intervention would nip problems in the bud, saving time, money and resources. The 1,000 dues-paying members of the most photographed city on earth deserves this sense of security.

The "background zone" in Nevada, should be the entire state of Nevada. Productions working outside of a background zone are another way to compensate talent for less, and it is time this practice stops. We must remember, we have brother and sister members in Reno, where respect and dignity is too often replaced by greed in the corporate world.

SAG members who are not vested should be able to purchase health insurance from a national insurance carrier. Rates would be more reasonable, with the power of our union behind those brother and sister members not covered by insurance. If this option is open to other branches in the country, SAG should work to make it available to all dues paying members.

My fellow members, Nevada has come of age.

Remember, we teach people how to treat us.

As members we pay our dues and need not ask permission to state our needs.

We must work for our future and for satisfaction in our work. See you at the popcorn stand.

-March 27, 2008 first printed in Nevada Actor

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