Monday, January 20, 2014

Voice Over Basics

Preparing For A Voiceover Career

Are you interested in a career as a voice actor? There is a continuing demand for voice over talent in the acting industry, so now is the time to start building your career.
The industry is a small one, with high earners limited by the reality that a few people, including celebrities from other areas, can do many voices. It is not centralized, however the centers of the film and commercial voice industries are located in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. If well established in a smaller market, or highly established nationally, a voice artist can live anywhere in the world and produce quality work with the aid of modern technologies.
Many different types of work exist for voice talent, including film, animation, video games, television commercials and radio commercials. Animated movies and television programs are also options and can be a great start, even children can use their voice talent to get into the industry in this way, however most children's voices are done by adult professionals. In this highly technological era, you can also be an Internet voice over talent, participating in online advertisements or podcasts. Before you begin sending out your resume, though, you need to ensure you are prepared for a voice over career.

Preparing to try out for voice over opportunities is very similar to preparing to try out for any type of talent opportunity. An actor auditioning for a role will perform a sample scene to be evaluated by the show’s director. Similarly, voice actors provide a sample of their narration skills to the client that will be producing the relevant piece. So, your first preparation for a voice over career should be to record a sample that showcases your voice talent. In preparation for this, however, you might decide that the real first step is to take voice lessons.
Voiceover can be hard on your voice and consistency of presentation are essential. Each take should be the same in every way as previous takes, changing only what you are directed to change. This takes training. Voice artist take singing lessons, and specialized training on vocal techniques for voice over work.
Understanding the copy writers intent, how to sell a product, how to score your copy, how to use the microphone itself to get desired sounds and effects are tools every voice artist must learn.
When you record your sample voice over piece, you should keep a few things in mind. First, ensure that your recording is of the highest quality possible. No scratchy recordings need apply. When you are preparing for a voice over career, you will want to invest in a high-quality microphone to use with your computer, or in a separate high-quality recording system altogether. The equipment you use should record your voice while minimizing any background sounds and without adding any distortion. Soundproofing the area you are recording, understanding how to mix in additional sound effects or music, and how professional production takes place is essential.
The piece that you narrate for your voice talent sample should be chosen to show the range of emotions you can display, as well as the physical range that your voice can achieve. Ensure that you prepare and read your chosen piece as expressively as possible. If you will be using a sample script that has been sent to you, you should become as familiar as possible with the material so that you can show that you’re the best choice as the voice over talent for the project. Read up on the subject of the script and do your research just as  all professional actors do for the roles they audition for

A Voice Over Career

Voice actors can make extremely lucrative salaries and once you break into this business, you will find that you can often obtain more work than you can handle. By working diligently in preparing for a voice over career, you can open doors that will provide you with a lifetime of work. All you need is talent, quality equipment and diligence to succeed!

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