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The Business of Acting and Cold Reading Mastery (LA Workshop, free)


Most actors make very little progress year to year in their career due to having under-developed business skills. They've overdosed on extra work, theater, scene study classes, multiple agents that don't work, etc... and for many, their career has seemed to come to a halt altogether. The excitement of the "new year" has now worn off and these actors feel that they are back in the same boat they were in last year.

What is lacking in the actor's career is a "Winning Strategic Business Game Plan!"  Los Angeles is full of classes and seminars that help guide you in only one aspect of the business (script analysis, improv, scene work, movement etc.).  Most acting coaches and institutions design their programs to keep the actor "in the chairs" for as long as they possibly can. Most actors believe that all they have to do is stay in their scene study class and everything will fall into place eventually. This faulty philosophy perpetuates the high turnover rate of failed actors in the industry year after year. 

As an actor, you are the "CEO" of your own personal services corporation. You are the President of your own business. A wise, productive business owner develops and solid, winning business plan before their "grand opening." A Winning Strategic Game Plan! is imperative to thrive as an actor today. 

Offered now to the public as a free class (formerly available only to the clients of his paid courses), Booking Coach Mike Pointer of Hey, I Saw Your Commercial! has developed a Free ClassThe Business of Acting & Cold Reading Mastery.
You'll Learn:
* 2 Powerful, breakthrough On-Camera Script/Copy exercises!
* 2 Very specific things Casting Directors expect an actor to execute when reading copy from the cue card. (Learn what most veteran actors don't know!)

* The #1 marketing tool actors can use to create more castings for commercials, television and films with or without an agent. 

* How to legally break a contract with an unproductive agent before the contract term is up and identify and sign with a productive, "clout" agency.

* How to receive the extra 20% "agent/manager fee" when you book a job even if you don't have an agent. 

* 2 questions you should never ask an agent in a meeting for representation. Not knowing what they are can cause a meeting to end almost immediately and cause them not to sign you.

* The photo most actors have posted up on casting services that may be blocking you from getting more auditions. 

* 4 Big mistakes actors make on their resume. Including one that can cause an agent to throw your submission away immediately after opening it, and the other is hazardous to your personal safety!

Four Dates Only to choose from:
Saturday, September 4th, 2010 at 12 noon or
Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 11am or
Monday, September 6th, 2010 at 6pm or
Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 7pm

Choose ONE class only!

Arrive 15 minutes early for awesome door prizes!

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at, and RSVP to:
(323) 939-4612
or sign up online at:

THIS WILL BE A SOLD OUT EVENT - To guarantee your seat for this event and put your name in the drawing for the fabulous door prizes mentioned above, you may deposit a REFUNDABLE seat holding fee of $24.99 - Simply go to and send your payment of $24.99 to - and be sure to write in the comments box: BUSINESS CLASS/INFOLIST priority seating.  Your payment will be REFUNDED IN FULL when you show up to class.  Those who do not guarantee their seat may attend the class on a space available basis - you must still RSVP in advance by calling the studio line immediately at (323) 939-4612).

*The $24.99 seat holding fee is NOT MANDATORY - it only guarantees that you will actually show up to the event and have a front row seat saved for you.

Get ready for one of the most powerful, career transforming classes you've ever taken.

Be sure to mention when you register, and get 15% OFF on all of Mike's other classes!  Inquire at (323) 939-4612 for details!

Class to be held at:
Hey, I Saw Your Commercial! Studios
1017 South La Brea Avenue #B
(1 Blk. South of Olympic Blvd.)
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Bonnie Springs Halloween Auditions

Southern Nevada’s only real haunted attraction!!!


For Holloween Presentation

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
9am to 3pm
Bonnie Springs ranch
1 gunfighter lane, blue diamond, nevada 89004
5 miles north of Blue diamond Road on Route 159 (Charleston)

First posted 8/17/20

Talent Needed for Short Film

From Craig's list. Please use caution and bring some support to any audition that is not at a franchised agency or established casting facility. As always, working only on projects with a SAG contract is recommended. There are easy low STUDENT, low budget and even no-budget contracts to protect talent if producers are willing to just ask. Contact Steve Clinton at SAG for additional information.

Stray Dog Films needs actors and actresses for short film. The script is a comedic short about the escort business in las vegas. It is pg-13. We need slender actresses with at least 3 principal roles in theater or film productions. We need actors with the same credentials. Auditions are the 8th and 9th of September at the UNLV. We are looking for the best acting talent available to produce a very memorable and funny piece that you will be proud to have your name on. We have a small pool of actors and actresses auditioning, some have done t.v., film, and national commercials for Nike, Wendy's, etc.
Matt Halvorson is directing the short. He has produced 3 award winning shorts to date. Serious actors and actresses only please. We're bringing our A-game and expect the same from everyone involved. Contact me for a script. Please send resume and headshots.


Craft service provided during shooting days. 

Toy Story III hits Billion Dollar Mark!

Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 3" is the gift that just keeps on giving at the boxoffice.

The animated sequel, which ranks seventh among all-time worldwide grossers, is expected to cross the $1 billion mark Friday, according to the studio, making Disney the first company to field two $1 billion blockbusters in the same year.

Earlier this year, Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," also crossed that line and currently stands in fifth place in the all-time worldwide rankings with $1.024 billion.

Disney has one other previous movie in the $1 billion club: 2006's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," which ranks fourth with $1.066 billion.

Internet Television, the Next Generation eyes film, TV service

E-tailer plans Web subscriptions for catalogue content


YouTube eyes pay-per-view films

Move would put it in more direct competition with Apple

Netscape dominates the Internet TV market, with Hulu and other services competing for attention and acces in an age where more and more new televisions and DVD players are Internet ready...

Google's YouTube video service is in talks with Hollywood studios to launch a streaming pay-per-view movie service by year's end.

The Financial Times reported that the service is expected to launch in the U.S. and then get rolled out globally. The move would put YouTube into more direct competition with Apple and others, such as Hulu and Netflix, as players try to become the preferred destination for distribution of content in the digital age.

Hollywood seems intrigued by the idea of YouTube's big reach, according to the FT report.
It said newer film titles would cost about $5 on the planned on-demand streaming service.

The news of the planned YouTube film service launch comes after Google top executives wooed studios and guildsduring a chat with reporters on the sidelines of Herb Allen's annual Sun Valley media mogul gathering in July.

Children in Film Free Web Seminar on Friday


Friday (sept 3) we're offering a FREE webinar to all...
parents can get their entertainment questions answered live.

It starts at 8 PM Pacific..

Here is the link to join

Children in Film is a commercial web site with plenty of advice, information and ideas offered free of charge. Also see SAG's free and open to the entire community Young Performer site at:

They are also offering a Hollywood From Home webinar with Casting Director, Fern Champion, (discovered Cameron Diaz among other credits) on Wednesday at 4:30pm pst - but that requires enhanced membership ($16.99/mo cancel any time).

SAG P&H Tightening Its Belt

Note that P&H is handled jointly by producers and union trustees and not the Screen Actors Guild National Board or membership. The following is from's Dave McNary.

In a sign of a bleaker outlook for Screen Actors Guild members, the SAG health plan is tightening eligibility levels by 3% for next year -- and will probably continue to do so in subsequent years.

Reasons for the changes in earnings thresholds, posted this week on the health plan website, were not disclosed and reps for the plan didn't respond to a request for comment. But the tightened requirements aren't a surprise in light of two negative trends that the SAG plan disclosed a year ago -- a 10% decline in employer contributions generated from employment-based earnings; and a 9% hike in healthcare costs.

Click " Read More" below to click here to go to Subscription is recommended by this blog.

MF says Fight Merger as Internal SAG Politics in Hollywood Heats Up!

Valerie Harper was among the attendees at the Membership First fund-raiser co-hosted by Nancy Sinatra, right, at the home of Alan Rosenberg. (John M. Heller/Getty Images)

After losing control of the Screen Actors Guild to self-styled moderates two years ago, the Membership First faction is trying to reverse its momentum.
At a fundraiser Saturday at the Westside home of former SAG prexy Alan Rosenberg, Membership First leaders portrayed themselves as scrappy underdogs more in tune with the interests of rank-and-file SAG members.
The group's facing off against the Unite for Strength faction, which has made merger with the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists its signature issue,and has singled singling out Rosenberg and Membership First for allegedly bungling the last round of negotiations.

SAG faction draws battle lines

Membership First bashes plan to merge with AFTRA

From Read more:

Visit to become a Variety subscriber.

RJ Pans "Solome"

There is a legitimate argument that in a city the size of Las Vegas, where struggling artist are fighting to increase the profile of the arts and grow audiences, there is little value in strong negative reviews and  attack. That said such reviews are seldom and far between. Apparently Anthony DelValle felt that this time it was warranted. Remember it is one person's view, and Insurgo requires you to develop a taste for their take on theater.


What: "Salome"

When: 8 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays (through Sept 18); 10:30 p.m. Sept. 13

Where: Erotic Heritage Museum, 3275 Industrial Road

Tickets: $25 (771-7331;

Grade: F

The Review Journal has a less than favorable review of Insugo's "Solome", with a personal attack against the groups founder.
Click here to read the review.

Extra for ESPN Shoot Wednesday Afternoon

Does not appear to union work but...inquire with Rochelle.








Best wishes,

Rochelle Perles
Account Executive
Talent Division

Monday, August 30, 2010

Smith Center for the Performing Arts Now Hiring

From Kim Russell:

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts has opened its employment doors and hiring has now begun.   If you haven’t taken a look at the world class performing arts center under construction in downtown Las Vegas, please;

To explore employment opportunities, please visit:

SAG Nevada Membership Meeting September 19

Nevada SAG President Steve Dressler has invited a nationally elected SAG Officer and acomplished actor to join the membership at our September 19 membership meeting. Welcome Join Special Guest, SAG Secretary Treasurer Amy Aquino.

*** NOTICE ***
SAG Nevada Branch Fall Membership Meeting

SAG Nevada Branch has called for the Nevada Branch Semi-Annual Membership Meeting. The Branch Council is most pleased that National Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino has accepted an invitation to address the membership at this meeting.

The Branch Council has also arranged to provide complete barbeque meals.

Please note below that our venue has changed.

When: Sunday, September 19, 2010

1-2 p.m.  Mixer (lunch distribution will begin at 1:30 p.m.)
2-5 p.m.  Membership Meeting

Where: Teamsters Local 631 Hall
700 North Lamb Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89110-2307

Any questions or issues should be directed to Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton at or (800) 724-0767, option 3, option 7.

The membership meeting is only open to paid-up SAG members in good standing. Unfortunately, no guests allowed. Parents/guardians of younger performers under 18 years old are welcome. PLEASE BRING YOUR SAG MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR ADMITTANCE (paid thru October 31, 2010). No RSVP necessary.

Hollywood Banter: Ratings and other news

Large studios are shedding themselves of independent production and distribution arms, concentrating on their "core" business. In the current economy, filming and distribution of quality product has become increasingly difficult, if you use the industry standard for production and distribution.

Hollywood did not do well this summer. Revenue was up three percent but attendance down. Only 3-D saved income. There were fewer hits, but the hits were very successful. Last year there were 15 movies released in summer that grossed more than 100 million over the summer. This year only 11.

Attendance was at the lowest numbers in five years. Actual income levels hit an all time high, due in a good part to 3-D films like "Avatar" and "Toy Story III", earning more per person and per screen.

Independent films and art house films are having trouble getting on screens or finding an audience. Great reviews and even stars did not ensure even small revenue for Hollywood.

If films are not attended, and do not bring in at least cost plus marketing, then future films will not be financed. The business requires that you make money, Even large studios, who "eat" the loss of films that do not make it, making it up from blockbuster profits.

The Digital Revolution is impacting the industry, causing income to risk going down, attendance to drop, and decision making to lead to only "safe" films, which in the long run will cause more harm than good, and add to the "dumbing down" of America.

To continue please click "read more" below.

Get Ready for Pilot Season (Free LA Seminar)

Tuesday, September 7th, 6pm - 7pm
Learn how to push yourself to the next level as an artist and as a business person. Discover the best way to get representation that really works for you - so that you can truly be effective this Episodic Season!
Jeffery Brooks will re-ignite your passion for the craft of acting and empower you to take control of your career!
CEO of RedRock Entertainment Development and dialogue coach from Friends, Jeffery is working on several feature films and his management company is booming.


Jeffery works with actors to blend the business of the industry with the creativity of acting. In addition to helping actors learn how to book jobs, Jeffery also coaches actors on character development and how to obtain representation. Rather than concentrating on one technique, Jeffery teaches students to utilize all disciplines and tools at their disposal to become the actors they want to be.

Actors Creative Workshop | 2703 W. Olive Ave. | Burbank | CA | 91505

Shakespeare's "Titus" auditions at Insurgo


Tuesday August 31 at 6:00pm - Wednesday at 10:00pm

Location900 E. Karen Ave # D114

Created By

More Info

Tues, August 31st 6-9pm and Wed, September 1st 7-10pm with callbacks as needed on Thurs, September 2nd.
Times subject to change, so keep an eye out for the official notice.

Prepare a classical monologue under 2 minutes and within your acting range. Please choose monologues that reflect your strengths. Perfectly fine for gender switching in monologue choice within reason (i.e. a young woman who wants to work with Hamlet. NOT Lear). Know the play that you are taking the monologue from intimately so that acting choices can be strong and evocative. Keep in mind that thinking/problem-solving and actively fighting for something that you need = sexy and alive onstage. Also note that I can see most of what I need in under 1 minute's worth of text, so don't make it long just because.
Sides will be read from the script.

Be prepared to move and work in bare feet. Dress appropriately. Bring water. Women-- please wear minimal or no makeup.

Shakespeare's bloodiest (and most likely his earliest play). A veritable feast of horrors. Murder, cannibalism, dismemberment, and rape...

Questions may be fielded to

Click "read more" for additional information and a breakdown.

Borders Bears

Borders is the second largest bookseller in the country. It has lost revenue nine quarters in a year and faces heavy competition from Barnes and Nobel and So you have large stores without the dollars in sales per square foot. Borders decision: sell Teddy Bears (along the lines of Build A Bear) and other collectables. Borders stores already sells CD's, DVD's and Blue Ray Discs, office supplies and cards in addition to books.

Acting Coach, Workshops, Classes

Feel free to submit other ongoing courses, special events and opportunities to

September Acting Classes At Yellow Rose

Adult Classes

Professor Michael Tylo
TUESDAY afternoons from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.
WEDNESDAY evenings from 7:00 – 10:00 pm.
$35 per class, or Four Classes for $120

Paul Campanella
TUESDAY morning from 9:45 a.m.-1 p.m.
$35 per class, or Four Classes for $120

Doug Pritchard
  THURSDAY evenings from 7:00 – 10:00 pm.
$30 per class, or Five Classes for $125

Children’s Classes

Corinna Jones
SATURDAY afternoons from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
$30 per class, or Four Classes for $100

Call Yellow Rose Academy at (702) 547-3668 or
and indicate the day and time you would like to attend!

Note: the operation of  Yellow Rose at the SAG Franchised Remington Agency site may not be considered good practice by the Screen Actor Guild due to the advantage it gives over other schools and instructors in town.

For additional information, click "read more" below or contact Yellow Rose.

Tri-Union I AM PWD Campaign Goes Global

LOS ANGELES AND NEW YORK (July 20, 2010) — Actors’ Equity Association, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild today announced that the International Federation of Actors, also known as FIA (Fédération Internationale des Acteurs), has endorsed the unions’ global I AM PWD campaign.
The tri-union Inclusion in the Arts & Media of People with Disabilities (I AM PWD) campaign is a global outreach and human rights initiative led by people with disabilities to give a voice in entertainment and media to performers and journalists with disabilities who often go unseen and unheard. The resolution achieved the support of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) as the first international co-sponsor of the campaign, and was approved by the full FIA Executive Meeting at its June 26-27 session in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Click "read more" below for rest of release.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

62nd Annual Primetime Emmys winners list

ABC's rookie sitcom 'Modern Family' took home three Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Review: 62nd Annual Emmys | Live from the Emmys | Photos: Red Carpet Read more:  Visit to become a Variety subscriber. 

"Breaking Bad" (AMC)
"Dexter" (Showtime)
"The Good Wife" (CBS)
"Lost" (ABC)
WINNER: "Mad Men" (AMC) 
"True Blood" (HBO)

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (HBO)
"Glee" (Fox)
WINNER: "Modern Family" (ABC)
"Nurse Jackie" (Showtime)
"The Office" (NBC)
"30 Rock" (NBC)

For a list of all winners click "read more" below or to, Hollywood Reporter, USA Today.comthe Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and other media sources.

Corporate Industrial Video Audition

Note: Corporate Videos fall under the SAG and AFTRA Industrials Contract. Union talent must insist on a union contract. Also note that Red Agency is not a SAG Franchised agency. Union talent must work through franchised agents and may not commission agencies that are not franchised by the Guild.

Need: Male 30-50, for Send Out Cards Corporate Video, actor must be mature with some gray hair, smart, confident and well dressed actor to host a corporate video production.  This part will carry the continuity of the 8 minute video introducing concepts and other video testimonials.

Audition: Monday August 30th between 4pm-7pm

Shoot: Will be end of the week or the following week Sept. TBD

Rate: Will be $600-$1200/day TBD

Email: 1 professional full length shot and resume to forward to the client and if selected details will be provided for the audition.

I never said that...what web site?

Nevada Republican candidate or US Senate Sharon Angle is no the only candidate to pull down a previous web site and deny its content ever existed. Now SAG political faction Membership First is denying what is or was on their official web site as well. Variety has more (go to, subscription may be required,or see a version of the story at SAGWATCH).

Disney to earn a billion bucks

Disney will become the first studio to earn one billion dollars as a corporation in one year, according to projections by the industry as reported in Variety. Disney is a giant corporation owning or with a hand in movies, television, the music industry, live events, theme parks, technology development and much more.

One billion is bound to be a number kept in mind as SAG and AFTRA enter negotiations this fall.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The State of the Industry

This from SAGWATCH with our thanks...:

Worth Two Clicks

New York Times on the state of the theatrical industry as viewed by Joel Silver..

The Wrap on ticket prices, declining attendance and the industry in general.

SAGWATCH, and The Wrap are good sources to remain on top of, with SAGWATCH  focusing mainly on Hollywood and NYC SAG politics and The Wrap as a daily on-line industry newsletter (updated as needed).

See full media list in the right hand column for other ideas on links to keep up on....

Attendance down, prices up at theaters

Movie theater operators have gotten away with the biggest year-over-year price increases ever in 2010 as attendance has stayed pretty much unchanged compared to 2009. reported that average admission costs are up more than 40 cents, or 5%, this year. The National Association of Theater Owners said attendance is down less than 1% from 2009.

The question facing industry executives is whether consumers will revolt sooner or later.
TheWrap argued that high 3D prices had at least some role in the disappointing performance of recent boxoffice fare, such as "Piranha 3D."

BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield in a research note on Thursday argued that "consumer 3D fatigue is already starting to show given the abusive ticket prices that exhibitors are charging for poor 3D content." And he criticized studios for a lack of quality product. "Hollywood is putting out bad 3D movie after bad 3D movie," he said, citing that the recent "Cats and Dogs" sequel in 3D was priced $3-$5 above "Inception."

Greenfield is particularly concerned about family films in 3D "as we have witnessed numerous five-year-olds spending more time playing with their 3D glasses than watching the movie."

The above is from the Hollywood Reporter. To find our more or read the Hollywood click here. Subscription may be required and is highly recommended by this blog. Students may wish to access using school computers where fees pay for services.

Also see: Box Office

Box Office Record

Industry Downturn

It's Not Your Mama's Movie Theater

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SAG Conservatory August 28: Making the Most of Your Audition


 Nevada SAG Conservatory
Make the Most of Your Auditions with Fawnda McMahan

& Casting Director Laurie Records

SATURDAY 8/28/10 we will be at Eastside Senior Community Center (see address below).  Our Teacher will be Fawnda McMahan. Most of you will remember her. Well she’s back and she will be bringing a Casting Director with her.  This means one thing….  DO NOT MISS THIS CLASS! GET THERE ON TIME PLEASE. Fawnda is well liked and respected, so this class will  fill quickly. Get there early!  Bring Water and a snack for break.  BRING YOUR OWN PENS AND PENCILS PLEASE.  Bring your headshots and resumes. 

When: 1-5 p.m., Saturday, August 28, 2010
(check-in begins at 12:30 p.m.)

Where: Eastside Senior Community Center
250 Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 229-1515

S.A.G. Members you must have your SAG Cards with you. 

$20 at the door for Non Members.

Clock "read more" below for additional information.

Actor Ned Vaughn on merger, SAG politics and uniting for strength

It’s a simple fact that a majority of Membership First board members voted against joint bargaining with AFTRA for the TV/Film contract talks that start in September. Considering the negative effects of separate negotiations in the last round of talks, voting against joint negotiations this time is remarkable – and telling. It’s also a fact that as a group, Membership First has a long history of attacking AFTRA.

In light of those facts, Membership First is a poor choice for those who want actors in one union, since the best way to achieve that is to unite SAG and AFTRA. UFS has strengthened SAG’s relationship with AFTRA and taken real steps toward forming one union. Membership First has done exactly the opposite.

That said, I think your advice to look at MF’s positions is well taken, because I think it makes it even clearer that UFS is the group that will lead the way to a single union. Would it include AFTRA’s broadcasters and recording artists, who are the focus of so much concern from Membership First? Yes – but it would also be the ONLY union representing actors in film, television, radio, new media, and future delivery systems we haven’t dreamed of. That would obviously make actors stronger and would be a huge win for stunt performers, dancers, singers, voice artists, and every other type of performer whose work is now divided.

As for broadcasters and recording artists, I believe MF’s fears are misplaced. In a merged union, broadcasters and recording artists would represent less than 10% of the membership. How exactly are they supposed to dominate? Moreover, the previous merger plans called for actors, broadcasters, and recording artists to vote separately from one another on contracts or strikes. Yet Membership First continues to suggest that a tiny minority of “non-actors” could somehow take control over actors’ contracts. It just doesn’t hold water.

But for any career differences you or I may have from broadcasters or recording artists, we have one very important thing in common: we’re all employed by the same tightly aligned media conglomerates that control the entertainment industry. Those conglomerates focus on only one thing: the bottom line. They don’t care whether their profits come from traditional scripted shows – or from the news magazines, talk shows, and reality programs that increasingly fill their schedules. Doesn’t it make sense to align just as tightly on our side of the bargaining table?

The priority of Unite for Strength is making actors stronger; it’s why the group was formed in the first place. Protecting the future for actors is absolutely essential and one thing is crystal clear: we can’t do it if we’re divided in two unions. Actors are facing transformational changes in the way our work is created and consumed. Taking on these enormous challenges with competing strategies just won’t work.

We must be unified and the best way to ensure that is for SAG and AFTRA to become a single union.
It seems nearly everyone recognizes that actors need to be in one union. Now it’s up to SAG members to decide who has the credibility – and more important, the track record – to make it happen. On both counts, I believe Unite for Strength is the right choice.

Ned Vaughn

The above represents the views of the author and its part of the political temperatures involving performance unions. Ned Vaughn is a leader of the Hollywood Unite for Strength faction within the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors.

Jerry Lewis Telethon staffing audience TODAY!

"I will book on a first response basis.  Seating is limited this year.

If you want to include a family member or a friend, please include their name, number & shift/shifts too.

Please, registered actors e-mail me, Julie Goldman,
Those who are not registered with me please register today and then contact me via e-mail.

"Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA Telethon”  2010

Audience Members
 * SAG Members CAN WORK.  Per SAG, you can work due to the fact that you are yourself & not playing a role or character.

$9.00 an hour Paid in CASH at end of your shift(s).
There is No Overtime if you work multiple shifts. Straight time only.

Beverages & a small breakfast will be served during one of your breaks.

You may work one or more shifts

Shift 1 – (8 hours)  10:00 P.M. – 6:00 A.M.  Sunday September 5th  EVENING  into Monday September 6th MORNING
Shift 2 – (5 hours)  6:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.  Monday September 6th Morning
Shift 3 – (1 hour)  11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. (noon)  Monday September 6th Morning

You are not considered Booked until I reply with “Booked”.  You will be given complete instructions at time of your booking.

If you do not already have a photo/snapshot on file with us, please email me one.

Thank you.

Julie Goldman
Goldman & Associates

A return to Monday tradition for this famed statue?

The Oscars may return to Monday night's, where ratings were higher and audiences more Oscar friendly, according to the Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap.

The truth is the Academy Awards were on Mondays because they are a traditional dark theater night (meaning legitimate stage theater night) and easier for actors and to book a theater. Today venues are more common and the link between film and stage less obvious.

The reason they may switch from Sunday' to Mondays is an interesting one. Football. The NFL is considering changes in number of games and season effective in 2012. This could make a move to Mondays starting in 2013 (part of the NFL 2012-2013 season).

Reality TV looking for ugly home landscape and diverse actors [Errors when replying to ads?]

JayTV Comes to Las Vegas for DIY’s Desperate Landscapes

DIY Network’s hit series, “Desperate Landscapes” is coming to Las Vegas and is looking to take tragic houses from worst on the block... to first.

Host Jason Cameron (who US Weekly calls one of “TV’s hottest home improvement hosts”) is bringing his construction and landscape team to Las Vegas in early February.

In just 8 hours, the DL army transforms an entire front landscape from the eyesore of the neighborhood to an amazing lush green front yard.

The producers are looking for homeowners who: 

- have the worst front landscape in their neighborhood

- are fun, funky, personable and would love being on TV!

- are surrounded by neighbors who love them...but hate their landscape.

- Have an interesting job in Las Vegas

The Desperate Landscapes team is especially interested in those working in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas.

Homeowners need to send a picture of themselves and their landscapes by going to and filling out an application. The deadline is August 31st. 

Note this is a Craigslist posting and should be approached with the caution Craigslist recommends.

In tough times, local theaters mostly play it safe

Bread and Circuses

David McKee of CityLife looks ahead at the mixed bag ahead on the local theatre scene, noting that in th recession local companies (mostly) focus on what they know will keep the tills full and customers happy, instead of taking risks.

McKee looks ahead at the planned seasons of various community and educational theaters.


To read the article please click here.

Photo: Getty Images/New York Daily News

Mixed MacBeth

Geo Nikols as Macbeth

Great Scots

Insurgo's Macbeth is nasty, brutish and splendid

"Alchemical atrocity" is how Insurgo Theater Movement characterizes its new production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Alchemy, yes -- but "atrocity"? As King Lear would reply, "Detested kite, thou liest!" Insurgo's chemistry experiments sometimes detonate in its face, but this time, it has yielded gold.
For the full review from City Life click here.

Plenty of reasons to praise season's educational theater

Some of the top moments and performances in educational theater were remembered by the RJ's theater reviewer.

Parents may note that most are from the semi-pro Nevada Conservatory Theatre at UNLV, and that fine performances at high schools and even middle schools around the valley were not included, beyond the magnet Las Vegas Academy Theatre at the original site of award winning Las Vegas High School downtown.

"Plenty of reasons to praise season's educational theater"

Sexy Dancer-Actress for Reality TV project [Errors when replying to ads?]

Major Entertainment Company looking for Sexy Exotic Female Actresses/Models/Dancers for a new Reality Tv Show being shot in Las Vegas, Girls must be 18 to 30 must be able to act and Dance, singing a plus and be very sexy. This show is based on a Major Star's Life and will open the door to so many other wonderful opportunities. When filming begins with the Network this will be a paying gig.... Please enclose pic's and a contact number again please enclose pic's ( More than 1 ) face and body and a contact number...To set up an interview....Thank You 

This is from Craigslist (link to the right under media) and should be taken with their disclaimer in mind. Always best to audition for union projects. Bring someone with you and if you feel you need to, check out company and producer prior to going to an audition.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

logo.jpgIn 1976 Star Wars was the first movie presented at Comic-Con. Now the four-day event, with about 125,000 attendees, is a huge marketing bonanza -- not just for comic-book movies, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and animation but practically any movie or TV show loosely connected to this fan base. We hear what the people at this year's Comic-Con think about Hollywood. Then Jeff Walker, long-time "genre consultant" to Hollywood studios. He  presented Blade Runner at Comic-Con in 1979 and ever since he's lived the geek dream, working for and with the studios on publicity campaigns for movies like all the Batman films, The Matrix trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Inception and many, many others.