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Nevada SAG Conservatory: 20 years of continuous service.... History Pt II

For part II of the report on the history of the Conservatory, I went back to the Fall, 2008 Special 75th Anniversary Issue of Nevada Actors, and a report authored by thenVice President Lollo Sievert. 

By Lollo Sievert

Looking back, Karen LaVonne and I were founding members (I was the Secretary) of the Nevada SAG Conservatory in 1993. 

I have the official minutes from the first official Conservatory Committee, October 28, 1993, and I would like for these to be in the record and will turn these over to the Guild to preserve.

In attendance on that day: Dean Casper presided as the Branch president, Vito DiBarone as conservatory chair, myself Lollo Sievert as secretary for both the Nevada Branch and the conservatory, Dyanne Thorne as National Board representative to the conservatory, Karen LaVonne and Kim Renee as members.

This was the official start.
I arranged for and donated the fee for the first official conservatory seminar that was held at Reed Whipple Cultural Art Center on October 31, 1993.

Lev Mailer, national chair of the SAG Conservatory was in attendance and helped in the success of our first official conservatory seminar. It was a great success with a full house. Dyanne Thorne and Kim Renee spent many hours planning. Karen LaVonne brought her large coffee urn and served coffee at this and many of the
following seminars.

Vito De Barone did not stay with the conservatory for long and in 1994, Art Lynch stepped in as chair.

 Under Art's leadership the conservatory prospered, and I feel that Art Lynch actually made the conservatory what is today.

Adrienne Mann continued in Art’s footsteps and kept building on the Conservatory. Then, Barbara Grant stepped in and is continuing to take good care of our growing program.

It is with some sadness that I look back on the life of this Branch, from working to finally getting a brick and mortar office, which saw a great increase in local contracts and also new memberships, to back again to being a Branch without an office. Working and walking picket lines as strike captain, chairing and attending committees and meeting both in Las Vegas and Hollywood will always bring back memories of
good camaraderie and willingness of the members to participate and help.

-Lollo Sievert

Editors Note:  In the late 1980's up to 1993 there were other Conservatory events, but they were few and far between. 

Joseph Bernard and others volunteered their time and talents for the fellow performers back when Jerre Hookey was the Regional Branch Executive out of Denver.  Lollo addresses the official start of an organized conservatory in 1993. 

I am grateful for her acknowledgement of my role in the development and growth of the Conservatory. It was fun, worthwhile and done with a real passion for actors, the Guild and the Nevada Branch. 

I could not have done it without strong support from Lollo, Karen, Rebecca, Michael, Steve Dressler, the Nevada Council, the Conservatory Committee and a dedicated membership. It does take a village! 

I served with Lollo from the early 1990's until she left the local council. Conservatory chair Barbara Grant ran and defeated Lollo in her bid to continue her service to the Guild, becoming vice president. Two years later current Conservatory Chair Barbara Grant ran for and won the office of President of the Nevada Branch. The Guild is wealthy with the years of work and service Lollo donated for the Nevada Branch. She is greatly missed and the branch is worse off for the loss of her time and passion for the membership over over 20 years of service. - Art Lynch

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