Sunday, February 16, 2014

Support only union agents

Unless you support and go through only union agents our agents may not be able operate anywhere near the nationally recommended practices for the protection of talent.

Agents should not own, run or specifically recommend a photographer, videographer, school or other talent service. Managers, a field where no union protections or direct affiliation, may perform those functions. The truth is agencies are businesses, with overhead and a need to "earn" money.

Local agents face a tough road. The recession (most of us are still feeling it and young adults are finding income harder to earn), a production drought, run-way-proudction, state laws that allow non-union agents to take from 25 to 70 percent as well as double dip from the producers as well as talent for profit and to pay their bills.

We need to support only union agents as a first step.

We also must, no exceptions, work union only!

Every time anyone who is a professional works non-union, union or not, they are keeping talent from earning fair checks, potentially earning a living and protecting all of us as talent.

You can:
Work only union
Help organize more work by insisting on a contract.
Work only through union agents who operate ethically and who do not make money in other ways off of actors.
Work to support legislation that attracts union production.
Vote only for candidates who support union entertainment work.

It is in your hands.

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