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Film Industry Links and Resources

From the Nevada Film Alliance. Click here to go directly to their web site. (at your own risk)

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Film Social Networking Websites
Indy Mogul

Castings, Auditions, Gigs, Etc.
Craigslist (Las Vegas)
Craigslist (Reno / Tahoe)
CallBack News (Las Vegas)
Rocky Mountain Breakdowns (Fee-based)
Breakdown Services (Fee-based)
Now Casting (Fee-based - Las Vegas) (Fee-based - Mainly shows)
TinselNet (Las Vegas - Popup ads)
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Workshops, Classes, Seminars, Etc.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Course prefixes: ART, FIS, JOUR, MUS, THTR)
University of Nevada, Reno (Course prefixes: ART, MUS, THTR)
Nevada State College (Course prefixes: ART, FIS, THTR, VIS, VMT)
College of Southern Nevada (Course prefixes: ANIM, ART, BT, GRC, INTD, MUS, PHO, THTR)
Western Nevada College (Course prefixes: ART, GRC, THTR)
Sierra Nevada College (Course prefixes: DART, PHTG, THEA)
Truckee Meadows Community College (Course prefixes: ART, GRC, THTR)
Great Basin College (Course prefixes: ART, COM, FIS, GRC, JOUR, THTR)
The Art Institute of Las Vegas
Las Vegas School of Film 
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Groups, Forums, Boards, Etc.
Other film-related Meetup Groups
Underground Vegas Film's Forums
Get Cast In Vegas Forums
Las Vegas Link Forums
Talkin' Broadway's All That Chat Forums (Las Vegas - Theater)
48 Hour Film Project: Las Vegas (Seasonal)
Las Vegas Media Guild

Events, Mixers, Screenings, Etc.
Cineholics (By invitation)
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Film Festivals, Competitions, Showcases, Etc.
Dam Short Film Festival (February 11-14, 2009)
NeonFest GLBT International Film Festival (February 12-15, 2009)
Las Vegas International Film Festival (April 9-12, 2009)
The Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project (April 17-19, 2009)
Xanadu Las Vegas Convention (April 17-19, 2009)
CineVegas Film Festival (June 10–15, 2009)
Reno Film Festival (June 17-21, 2009)
High Desert Shorts International Film Festival (Last: November 6-8, 2008)
Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival (Last: January 17-31, 2009)

Nevada Film Office
Screen Actors Guild (Nevada)
IATSE Local 720 (Southern Nevada)
IATSE Local 363 (Northern Nevada)
Women in Film Las Vegas
Underground Vegas Film
Las Vegas Film Critics Society
Las Vegas Videographers Association
Whirlygig (First Friday organizer)
Media Guilds International
Vegas Imagination Players
Television, Film Producers & Artists Association
Neon Venus Art Theater

Production Directories
Nevada Film Office
Butterfly Directory (Las Vegas)
ProductionHUB (Nevada) (Nevada)

Filming Locations
Nevada Film Office

Sound Stages, Backlots, Production Facilities, Etc.
DreamVision Studios (11,160 sq ft sound stage, 40-acre backlot, supporting facilities)
Mojave Studios (Under construction: 7 sound stages ranging from 1,000 to 8,500 sq ft, supporting facilities)
Action Sound Stage (5,400 sq ft sound stage, supporting facilities)
DK Productions (2,900 sq ft sound stage, supporting facilities)
D A V Productions (1,600 sq ft sound stage, supporting facilities)
Levy Production Group (2 insert stages ranging from 800 to 1,540 sq ft, supporting facilities)
Media Underground (1,500 sq ft insert stage, supporting facilities)
702 Productions (1,120 sq ft insert stage, supporting facilities)
Vegas Vision Studios (4 photography and TV studios ranging from 320 to 840 sq ft, supporting facilities)

Special effects (optical and mechanical)
Flying by Foy (Stage flying)
Explosive Personality Special Effects (Pyrotechnics)
Kerby Brothers Productions (Stunts)

Acting: In Person and In Style (by Jerry Crawford)
Anatomy of a Screenplay (by Dan Decker)

Frank Klepacki (Electronica / Rock)
John Goforth (Acoustic / Classic Rock / Fusion)
3DT Productions (Classical / Ambient / Other)
These are just a sampling. For more Nevada composers use the following string in a Google search: "top artists" Nevada

Global Resources

Creative Commons & Free Audio
Owl Music Search
International Dialects of English Archive (Free to listen)
Live Music Archive
Audio Archive
More (cc) audio sites

Creative Commons & Free Video
Moving Image Archive
More (cc) video sites

Creative Commons & Free Image
More (cc) image sites

Creative Commons & Free Text
Text Archive
More (cc) text sites

Open Source & Free Software
Blender (3D content creation suite)
Celtx (All-in-one media pre-production and collaboration)
Audacity (Audio editor and recorder)
GIMP (Image manipulation)
Inkscape (Vector graphics editor)
Scribus (Desktop publishing)
Other open source multimedia software
Other open source graphic software
More open source & free software for Windows
More open source & free software for Linux

InkTip (Connects producers to screenwriters)
ReelGrok (With Production Files database)
Film Budgeting (Yahoo! Group)

Without A Box (Distribution network)
ipEX view (Free blog, fee-based listings)
Worldwide Distribution for Films (Yahoo! Group - Invitation only)
Do It Yourself Media Distribution Field Guide
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Reviews (Prosumer camcorders, digital) (Professional video cameras, digital)

Movie Making Manual
Internet Movie Database
Internet Movie Script Database
Action Cut Print! (Over 1500 filmmaking resources, tips, tutorials, etc.)
FilmLinker (Thousands of filmmaking links)
How to find work in the film industry
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Who Represents

The Nevada Film Network (NFN) represents the most professional members of the Nevada Film Alliance (NFA).

NFN Members are truly accomplished film professionals living and working fulltime in Nevada.
This site will be developed into a channel for professional filmmakers pursuing the highest ideals of filmmaking in Nevada.

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