Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Information for Students, Actors, Film Makers

"Tell students interested in learning about acting, theater, the film or television industry, culture or entertainment about this site. Then ask them what else they would like to learn and how to present it."

Advice from a friend that I would like to heed in 2014.

Your help is needed.

I feel that we have a site that is useful for students, entry level professionals, and those interested in or in the industry. Help me make it better.

We are not selling anything, simply providing a service and links to articles, sources and services to help talent stay of top of the industry and their own craft, including beginners.

Read our mission statement: link here.

Tell friends, pass on to your students and above all, have anyone with feedback or entries send them to me.

Thank you in advance.

Art Lynch
(702) 454-1067

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