Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Please provide us recommendation for photographers who do actors headshots that work and get the audition interviews.

For a partial list of photographers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, click on "read more" below.

Casting Call Entertainment
(Las Vegas) My headshots are through Casting Call Entertainment
(702) 369-0400

Charlie DiPinto recommends:

    Head shots by Connie Palen cost $125.00.

    You may have three looks, change of cloths,
    Each additional image is $55.00.

Connie Palen Photoworks
3281 S. Highland Dr. St/804
LasVegas, Nev. 89109    Check out her work at this website. 

Information below is provided by the Remington Agency:

Legacy 10 Photography 

(Las Vegas)

You can also shoot with Ben Hisoler ( Legacy 10 Photography )- (714)2-LEGACY     (714)253-4229


New website is currently up

David Blake Photography
(Las Vegas)

Some other helpful links:

Jill Kirsch Color- There are great tips on what wardrobe colors work for your hair color.

Los Angeles photographers.

Greg Crowder Photography 

Mark Bennington

Kristina Korn

Brad Buckman

Tony Maddux

Dana Patrick

Michael Helms

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