Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why work non-union?


PRIDE AND SELF VALUE-  Your time is worth money, and your talent is your signature and yours to add to any project. Your talent is why you are hired. If you do not value you time and talent, then you are not a professional, and what's more you are allowing yourself to be used by whomever you are doing the project for. Do not believe the claims of not having money or the high cost to go union. Both are usually far from true. Value and be proud of who you are.

BENEFITS -  SAG members not only earn a fair base wage, but they are are guaranteed safe working conditions. Much of what you take advantage of on a union set is there only because they union fought hard for talent to have access to facilities, food, water, shelter and to be compensated for any discomfort or hardship. 

Union Plus and direct SAG benefits include discounts or even free access to a wide range of products and services.

Voting in SAG elections and for the Screen Actors Guild are limited to Screen Actors Guild members. The awards includes free screeners or movie passes during the nomination and voting process.

SAG CONTRACTS — If you work non-union you lose the protection of SAG contracts and a voice in your workplace. Your agreement to perform non-union work is between you and the producer. If the producer fails to pay or abide by an agreement, the union’s legal staff cannot help you. For more information on contracts, click here. 

 — Residuals and use-fees are an earned union privilege, the result of union negotiations and hard fought labor union efforts. Non-union residuals are an oxymoron. Most non-union productions do not pay residuals. When you're not working a SAG contract, SAG legal cannot represent you. Furthermore, when you are no longer represented by Screen Actors Guild, you are responsible for collecting your own money. Only SAG members are able to check residual payments online at

HOLD UP YOUR CARD - There is the pride and privilege of gaining the respect of and even envy of those who are not SAG members. As one of the top brands in America, with high recognition by the general public, you stand out as special when you joining the SAG team.

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