Sunday, October 13, 2013

Actors have brains


Contrary to public belief, acting is work and actors need to be intelligent, well educated, well read, observant and skilled at their trade. The best actors make it seem easy, not showing the homework and practice they put in to their performances. Reading, researching, memorizing, practicing, observing others, travel, being open to opposing views and life styles (doe not mean you have to change or do things you feel are wrong), emulating and imitating with commitment and of course, putting your heart and should into work your work is how you work and show your skill as an actor.

While there are actors who you may think are working on less then full wattage, those who build a career and who have critical or artistic success are as into the world around them as the stage or camera and our industry.

It is good to be well read, well informed, observant, questioning and well educated. It gives us the understanding we need when we need it the most.

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