Monday, July 8, 2013

Developing a Character (primer)

Character is the words plus you.

Build on who you are. You are cast to be who you are, but professional enough to have material memorized quickly, to make the scene or monologue real and bring life to the script. Remember subtext and meaning, conflicts and resolution.

Always remember that each time you perform it should seem as if it is for the fist time, with the words, subtext and meaning as fresh and real as if it were happening in real life for the very first time.

Put the time in that makes the work sing and shine. Just reading it for a few minutes or even an hour does not make the work have that special shine. Play with it, Make fun of it as you do so, then do it seriously. Find the subtext, the meanings, the places where pace, pauses, unheard responses (even if you are hearing it in your own mind, thinking), the many ways of interpreting the script…and finally you will find and choose what works best for you.

Remember your character is in the middle of life, with other things happening, before, after and even while doing the scene (we think of, feel and are impacted by things other than the current moment all the time).

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Ask these questions many times over and over again about every aspect of your character and your character, scene or monolog, commercial and improvisation.

By Art Lynch

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