Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The experience to protect and grow Nevada SAG-AFTRA membership

We are entering a key period of change as we forge a new union and face major evolution and preparation for the Theatrical and Television Contract negotiations. We are in a period of change that requires continuity and experience to protect the membership of the Nevada Local, background and all performers. 

I bring the connections, experience and respect with national officers and the board, with staff and with professionals we will need to keep Nevada and the union strong well into the future.

Political allies are important.

They helped me, with the assistance of our friends, to bring an office to Nevada and an executive with boots on the ground, to expand the background zone in all contracts, to increase our numbers per production, and to bring simpler contract forms for all contracts to the web. I have fought to maintain communication with the council and membership despite deep national budget cuts, to offer improved on-line services bringing the union into the 21st century.

Change is needed, but not in representation.  I strongly request that local change should wait at least one more election, so that I can put all of my resources into this time of the potential of the formation of a new merged union, major challenges to unions in Nevada and nation wide, shifts in the universe of how production is done and how we as talent market our skills and work.

You are important. You are the union in Nevada.

I ask for your support and your vote.

Thank you;

Art Lynch

I would ask you to consider the political and experience capital built over time as outlined in my near full time unpaid service for the Nevada Branch and now the new union's Nevada Local.


Art Lynch
 (702) 454-1067 •

Screen Actors Guild

Elected Positions:
2009-2012       Regional Branch Division Executive Committee Member (by Division Board)
2001-2012       Co-Chair, National New Technologies Committee (by National Bd, Ntl. President)
2009-2012       Co-Chair, National Website Subcommittee (by Ntl. President, Com Chair)
2004-2008          Co-Chair, National Communications Committee (by National Bd. & Ntl. President)
2004-2009          Co-Chair, National Background Committee, Regional Branch Subcommittee
2001-2003       Chair, Standing Trial Board Committee, Nevada Branch (by Nevada SAG council)
1995-2011       National Board of Directors (by membership)
1999-various   Chair Election Nominating Committee for Nevada (by Nevada SAG council)
1998-2011       National Communications Editorial Supervisory Committee (by RBC)
1997-2001       National Nominating Committee (by Regional Branch Conference)
1997-2001       8th National Vice President Nominating Committee (by RBC)
1995-1996       Nevada Branch President (by membership in Nevada)
1994-1995       Nevada Branch Vice President (by membership in Nevada)
1990-1995       Nevada Branch Council Member (by membership in Nevada)

SAG National Presidential Appointed Positions:
2007-2009       New Media Task Force, co-chair (by Ntl. President, committee sunset 2009)
2006-current   Honors, Tributes and Awards Committee
2005-2009       National Equal Ethnic Opportunity Task Force
2004-2006       National Spanish Language Media Task Force
2002-current   National Right-to-Work Presidential Task Force
            1999-current   Web Oversight and Steering Committee
            1999-current   Editorial Sub-Committee
1998-current   New Technologies Committee, (co-chair 2005-current)
            1998-current   Communications Steering Committee
            1998-2008       Merchandising and Marketing Sub-Committee
1995-current   Communications Committee (co-chair 2001-2004)
1999-2000       National Contract Adjustment Committee
1995-2002       National Conservatory Committee (co-chair 1998-2000)
1995-2002       Young Performers Committee
1995-1996       National Executive Search Task Force
1997-2000          Guild Government Review Committee
2002-2010       Various Indy Outreach, Low Budget, Documentary, Merchandise, New Member Orientation, Steering, Health Care Task Force, Dancers, Global Rule One, New Technology, various as member or alternate (as needed by Guild)

SAG Nevada Branch Appointments:
Various            Chair of Standing Trial Board and Investigative Committees
1998-current   Communications Committee Chair
1996-2003          Wage and Working Conditions (Vice-Chair)
1992-current   Nevada Actor Newsletter Editor
Various            Nominating Committee Co-chair (except years up my seat up)
1993-2001       Chair and Director of SAG Nevada Conservatory Program
1994-1995          Executive Search Committee Chair
Various    Election Committee Chair

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