Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida and Dave Corey supports a fighter, Art Lynch for SAG Board

Sister and Brother Screen Actors Guild Members/Nevada Branch,

My name is Dave Corey, and I have proudly served on the SAG National Board with Art Lynch for several years.  I’m probably the only one on the Board who doesn’t look up to Art.  Well, not height-wise; we’re both well over six feet!  But, when it comes to looking up to Art in the sense of admiration, that’s a different story.

This guy is a fighter. 

Art is a man full of passion when it comes to looking out for Branch members. Some would cower from those who “sit across the aisle”, but I have never seen him back down from a good, healthy exchange of opinions.

Art represents you all with integrity and courage, and I will certainly join all the others who ask you to once again elect Art as your SAG National Board member.

Dave Corey
FL Branch National Board

Thank you to Brother Corey, a fighter himself from our east coast Right-to-work sister branch. His integrity has never been in doubt. I take this endorsement seriously and with pride. Please join Dave Corey and cast your vote to reelect Art Lynch to service on the SAG National Board of Directors.

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