Monday, July 8, 2013

Nashville's Cece Dubois endorses Art Lynch for National Board

Dear members of Nevada’s SAG Branch,

For many years I have worked closely with your national director, Art Lynch. He is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for each of you. 

Art has your best interest at heart, and is the only real choice to bring you through these changing times in our Industry. 

I heartily endorse Art Lynch, and encourage your vote for him!

Cece DuBois

National Director, TN

National Chair, Right to Work Task Force

Cece was the first president (3rd National Vice President) of the Regional Branch Division of the Screen Actors Guild. She has championed the fight against the Right-to-work legislation we deal with every day in Nevada, for organizing in RTW states including Nevada, and for a strong truly national union. We have worked together countless times. Cece can speak to the value of your helping in my reelection to the SAG National Board. - Art Lynch

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