Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On line casting tips (partial)

Kristina Hughes, SAG/AFTRA • I'd like to offer these 2 Articles:

1. Self-Submission Tips (From 2 Production Companies) - Part I
By Holdon Log

Avoid this article to assist you in making the most of your self-submissions!

& this:

2. Self-Submission Tips (From 2 Production Companies) - Part II

By Holdon Log

The two production companies are back to give us performers more insight as to what to do and what NOT to do when self-submitting for projects...

for those of you who are paying to click & submit.

I'd also like to note that not only should the "unlimited submission fee" be considered, but your TIME. Time is money and if all you are clicking and submitting for are no/low pay jobs, and this is a business where you want to earn a living, then perhaps it's time to get out, network (really network), create projects, etc. where you are meeting those in a position to hire you vs. doing what so many others are doing.

Have you ever tracked diligently which service you use and where you are getting called in from for actual auditions? No/pay low pay jobs? How much money has been spent beyond the unlimited, demo reels, driving to the auditions/callbacks/bookings, wardrobe, dry cleaning, parking, hiring an acting coach, etc.,etc. for these possible no/low pay gigs. That will show you in black & white your success rate vs. that of anyone else.

What might work for actor X might not work for actor Y.

There's loads of info and answers in the articles above and at and at (which is free).

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