Sunday, June 30, 2013

SAG National First VP Ned Vaughn urges Nevada to Re-elect Art Lynch to the National Board

“Art Lynch is the kind of leader all SAG-AFTRA  members should be proud to have in the boardroom, and it’s a privilege to serve alongside him. He asks the tough questions, and doesn’t act until he gets the answers. Nevada SAG-AFTRA members who want a smart, dedicated, and proven leader looking out for their interests should give Art their full support.”

Ned Vaughn
SAG 1st Vice President

A major advocate of change, Hollywood and National leader Ned Vaughn knows that there are times when change should wait. For Nevada this is one of those times. Experience is needed now more than ever to guide the Guild and protect the membership.  Union leadership and Nevada's future depend on experience, respect and support to bring the Guild to a new level in today's rapidly evolving industry environment. Support Art Lynch for reelection to the SAG-AFTRA National Board of Directors from Nevada. This is a time where experience and the respect of leadership is needed to protect Nevada while moving the union into the future. Vote to re-elect Art Lynch.

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