Friday, June 28, 2013

Utah and Anne Sward support Work Advocate Art Lynch for SAG Board

Dear Nevada Members,

I fully endorse Art Lynch as your National Board Member. 

As a Utah neighbor and living in a right to work state, we share many issues. Art Lynch has the knowledge and the experience to fight these issues. He is always helpful in the National Board room to educate and bring to light what is needed for the Branches.

Also, with Art’s experience, we need him to help implement SAG’s Branch organizing plans. Please endorse Art as your national board member.

Anne Sward

Utah National Board Member

A film, TV and stage actor, Anne moved to Utah and made it her home. She champions the battle to bring work and organize employers in Right-to-work states, including Nevada and has served with me to help SAG work toward needed simplified contracts to allow small and local producers to use SAG-AFTRA talent.

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