Saturday, September 10, 2011

Will Lyman, "William Tell", says reelect a fighter, Art Lynch to the SAG National Board

Although I am now retired from Board service, I worked alongside Art for many years. 

I can say unequivocally that Art has worked tirelessly to represent the Nevada membership. His sometimes prickly style has let no one forget the often-different needs of his branch. 

As the Guild begins once more the attempt to find an equitable resolution to the problems stemming from our multiple-union representation, the continuity of service and the familiarity with Guild history that Art has will be invaluable, not only to Nevada members, but to Guild members nationwide.

Will Lyman

A tireless champion of the Branches Lyman this spring received the top award the Regional Branch of the Screen Actors Guild can give to a member, the Howard Keel Award. He knows what board service is all about and knows how hard I fought to bring a branch office and executive to Nevada, expand the background zone and protect our interests. He also knows about the battles ahead, and how I have the contacts, knowlege and fight to best represent Nevada and our membership.

From Wikipedia: 
William Lyman (born May 20, 1948) is an American actor, perhaps best known for his role as William Tell in the 1987 television series Crossbow and as the polished, resonant voice that has narrated the PBS series Frontline since its second season in 1984. Lyman has made a successful career in television and theater. In addition, he made a movie appearance in Hostile Takeover and, with his distinctive, commanding cadences, narrated the 2006 film Little Children as well as various other films. He appeared on the shows Commander in ChiefThreat MatrixThe West Wing, and Law & Order

Lyman has narrated a series of Dos Equis commercials, revolving around their The Most Interesting Man in the World character. He has also been the voice for BMW


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