Friday, June 28, 2013

References and results speak volumes.

I am asking SAG-AFTRA members to support my request to remain on the National Board of our union. There is much to be done. My strong support from members Of all three divisions of the national board an it's leadership, strong support from within our branch in my petition drive, and five members of your elected council. The reason is simple. I do the work of the membership for our Nevada Local.

I fought for us to have a strong local boots on the ground executive and continue to push for a brick and mortar office. 

Previous executives know the work I do and why I continue to be a strong and effective voice for Nevada.

 With the cut of over 80 positions coast to coast, 13 locals lost their executives. I join with those others in fighting for the full restoration of local executives and local offices, and am shoulder to shoulder with the locals in insisting on the full measure of service we came to expect from the two unions we merged last year. Through strength, unity and the networking and friendships I have built, I am in the best postion to fight for full service for Nevada.

I fought for and gained expansion of the Nevada's background zone as well as gains in background numbers and pay. Those who served on the national background committed know how strongly I fight for Nevada and all those who work background. We came close to a statewide and national expansion of background zones.

I have always championed open, timely and accurate communication with the membership. While legal restrictions still apply, great progress is being made in opening the door to all possible methods of listening to the membership and keeping all of us informed.

As past chair of the Nevada Legislative Committee and an active participant in national legislative initiatives I have been a strong part of pushing Nevada closer to being a film production friendly state.

I believe in young talent, and have served along side Nevada SAG officer Kim Renee on the National Young Performers Committee, where I worked hard to launch the Young Performers informational web site and provide support services to parents and the performers themselves.

I fought for and worked as co-chair on committees to simplify contracts and get them on the web in easier to use and interactive ways. The result is already increased ultra-low and low budget production, and will expand into other contracts. This means work and the opportunity for current demo reels.

I am past chair of Communications and serve as the co-chair of the New Technologies committee, keeping on top of how Nevada can benefit from the future of our industry.

I am working on the active organizing of Spanish language production, web production and many other key areas for the membership of the Screen Actors Guild. I have been active in equal opportunity and alternative casting initiatives. I fight against age discrimination as part of several national task forces.

The fact is that I am listened to, know how to work with, and am very effective as a part of the National Board, and Nevada's voice on the board.

References and results speak volumes.

Feel free to contact my references, those who have endorsed me and my fellow national board members to find out for yourself how well I represent Nevada, and the imporatance of my remaining on the SAG National Board of Directors.

SAG-AFTRA is not a club. We are a union and the job you have elected me to involves fighting for strong contracts, overseeing an agressive staff, watching the budget bottom line and representing the best interest of members in a rapidly changing world. 

At this critical time, with the possible creation of a new union, great increases in organizing and the need for strong support from board members and staff, it is important you choose to keep experience on the National Board.

Thank you for the consideration of your vote.

-Art Lynch

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