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Acting is what actors and actress perform in theatre, television, and film or other storytelling mediums which portray characters by speaking or singing written text. There are several different types of acting: film, television, commercial acting, theatre and stage acting, musical theater acting, and voice over acting. If you are interested in starting a career in acting, the best thing to do is get educated as an actor. You need to get as much experience as you can. The best way to start an acting career is to try out for school productions, community theatre or student film work so you can experience what being an actor is all about.
Actors who are just starting out should immediately get in acting class. Training as an actor can give you more confidence as well as useful skills that you can use when you are on set or on stage. It can also be an added component to an actor's resume. Training is always looked upon favorably by agents and casting directors, sometimes even more so than credits. It can also give an actor the backbone they need to prepare for a difficult role. Being an actor is like being a magician, it is all about creating an illusion, but the only way to learn new trick is to constantly keep studying. The nest step would be to get headshots taken and start building up your resume. Actors can also join an extras/background casting company or start doing theatre.

The best way to start your acting career is to connect with casting directors in your area. You can start by sending them a post card with your headshot and a small note to consider you for an audition. The more you connect with people the easier it will be to find work as an actor. It may also help you find representation which would be the next step to becoming a working actor. You can start by looking for a talent agent or acting manager that can assist you with getting auditions and furthing your career. If you don’t have anyone who can refer you to an agent or manager you can start by sending out your headshot and resume to a few of them.

Breaking into acting can be difficult so you must network with others in the industry in order to find work. The types of people you should network with include: other actors, casting directors, talent agents, directors, producers, photographers and film students, to name a few. The more people you know in the industry, the better your chances of getting acting jobs. You should always carry your headshot and resume with you because you never know who you might meet that can jump start your acting career. There is no exact formula for making it in the acting business, but these are some tips that will help you along they way.

From Discover Acting (click here to go to this commercial site). 

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