Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organizing work for all actors

SAG-AFTRA's On-line Signatory Application process is working and being refined. To date (10/21/11) over 2255 applications have been through the process. Of those 45% are new media, plus a significant number of student and short projects, plus growth in ultra low budget and a few industrial. The process is still in Beta testing, but is there for all potential employers to use. It simplifies the process and helps make a SAG contract far more easy to obtain than most producers who advertise “no SAG” realize. 

So, SAG-AFTRA members should audition for all work, and encourage the producer to contact SAG for increasingly accessible contracts that will allow them to use you and your talents. Rule One applies, so union talent may not work non-union. The exception is theater and live convention or show work, provided those particular projects are not being organized by a sister union, such as AGVA or AGMA.

You may audition, but may not take the work unless the producers provides a union contract.

Screen Actors Guild members are professionals, or should be working to be as professional as possible We offer the quality and guarantee of work competence that hiring SAG-AFTRA members ensures.

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