Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The nuts and bolts of preparing for an audition

Auditioning: basic preparaton when you arrive for your audition

How To Prepare For Your Audition

Ensure that you have all the important information you need:

Audition time
Type of audition
What to wear
Any other necessary information as specified by the agency
Questions to Avoid Asking Your Agent

How do I get there?
What is the job paying?
Who else from ENT1 is going?
How many people are they looking for?
How did I get this audition?
Note: Please have a map of your city and surrounding areas as well as the telephone number for your local transit service.

At The Audition

Arrive at the casting 10 minutes early, an hour in LA
Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the person in charge "Hi, I'm Jen Doe for Virgin Mobile for 6pm." 

Sign in for your audition, be sure you put the time.
Wait quietly in the casting waiting area
Be selective with the topics of conversation you choose
There should be no gum chewing or eating on the premises
You should have your portfolio book, comps and resume handy unless otherwise instructed
You will be given an information form. Please complete it correctly. 

Information Form

Include: Your name, measurements, agency information
Always put down the agency phone number as your contact number.
Most people are non-union when they first begin modelling/acting
Complete all information and hand back the form
You will be asked to pose for a Polaroid
You will then be called by your name
The Audition Exercise

You will be called into the audition room with others where you will be instructed on what is expected. Please listen carefully.

You will be asked to "slate." This means you must say your name (first and last) and your Agency as "Hi, my name is Jan Doe, and I'm with ENT1."

The casting professionals will let you know what else you need to include in your slate

They may ask you to turn your right and left profile to the camera

You may have to interact with other contenders.

Remember to get into your character as much as possible and have fun!
After the Audition

Politely say thank you and then leave

Contact your Agent! Reasons to call include:
-we need to hear of any changes that happen while you are at the audition
-we need to hear your feedback
-we need to document our records
Once the audition is over, do not dwell on it

If you're to be used the Agency will contact you

Do not call the Agency to check up on the job, because it is impossible for the Agency to give an account to every Model about every individual audition

The Clients do not usually call to give feedback (only in special cases), however if there is something you should know, then the Agency will tell you
When You Get the Job

Make sure you have all information you need

Anything you are unsure of should be addressed with your Agent
Release Forms and Payment

A release form is a document which outlines the job you have performed as well as the use details

You will need to sign the release form. If you are under 18 years of age, then a guardian must sign for you

You need to hand back the release form form once it is signed

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